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Organising an Essex escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

Escorting in Essex

The trouble is when you say that you come from Essex you know exactly what response you will get – 'Essex girl'. This pejorative accusation that you are stupid has a long history. You are a girl from Essex and so you must obviously be an air head, and if you look like the epitome of a hot model escort with long blonde hair and a size six body to die for then that just helps the stereotype all the more! I always think it is actually the other way around – if you are the kind of person who thinks in terms of generalisations then it is you who is the air head, not me! Did you know there is actually a page in Wikipedia about Essex girls? Apparently the phrase was spawned in the nineteen eighties and is used all over the country! In contrast an 'Essex Man' is not seen as dumb in any way and the phrase is used to describe the 'average' voter. It is stereotypes and people who believe in them who are the dumbos! Rant over, LOL.

Actually, quite a few of the escorts at Essex escorts have a very enviable set of credentials, education wise. Just because a girl is drop dead gorgeous, with a full mouth, come to bed eyes and curves just where you want them to be it does not mean that she isn't also gifted in other department, such as the most erotic organ in the body – I mean your brain! LOL. Personally I left school at sixteen and after a couple of years working in beauty salons I decided that I would use my assets for my own betterment rather than someone else's – and so I decided to become an escort. I'm an outgoing type and full of the joys of spring, so to speak, and I've always loved meeting new people. I also happen to be someone who loves intimate and sensual experiences and when I'm with a guy – or a girl – I just love to be full on sexy and sexual. I'm just not very faithful. There, I've said it. I know some people think you should be economical with the truth when it comes to love and relationships but that's not me – I'm as honest as the day is long and it seems to me that calling a spade a spade is the right way to go about things. So, yes, I have broken a heart or two in my time but I'm no femme fatale – I don't set out to crush a boyfriend's heart under my sharp stiletto heels but it is what it is...

Back to Essex. Essex has it all, from green spaces to lively urban areas. From estates to huge mansions. The transport links are unbeatable and that makes my life as an escort even more exciting and varied as I can be in London or even France (!) in no time at all. I had a look on Wikipedia to see what the cultural highlights are – I spend more time in wine bars and nightclubs than I do in museums I'm ashamed to say – and there are loads. I love the look of Hedingham castle with its beautifully preserved Norman keep. (I looked up 'Norman' and it isn't a person, it was some French people who invaded a thousand years ago!) I also like the sound of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club – it sounds so posh! One attraction I have enjoyed is Southend Pier with its old world English seaside resort feel. If it's no longer a 'kiss me quick' vibe, then I would say it still has all of the charm and of course the lovely, magnificent sea views. Just visit when the weather is a little better would be my advice... as currently monkeys, brass, freezing and balls spring to mind!

Returning to things I know more about – wining, dining and giving a great massage I would strongly recommend a visit to the Teriss Bar in Brentwood ( The cocktails are delicious and with a real kick. It's also an over twenty one's bar which suits me. I'm twenty four and I like a mature guy with an air of sophistication. I'm not into young cocky Essex boys! Older men know how to treat a girl in my opinion and I get a buzz out of the envious looks other guys give my date when they see a sexy young woman on his arm. I go out of my way to ramp up the heat – my dates just love it! But then, it's the little frisson of an intimate, yet public, moment that will linger long in the memory don't you think? And I am always determined to ensure that my date gets the very best girlfriend experience possible in Essex – Essex Escorts are famed for our tactile, sexy attentiveness – though if you are reading this then you probably already know that!

Another great wine bar is the Wine Cellar Bar and Bistro in Chelmsford - which is super sophisticated and offers just a fabulous selection of fine wines as well as, again, great cocktails. The ambience is plush, dark and decadent and the food is pretty good too! If you are one of the growing number of people who enjoy gin then you will be pleased to hear that the Wine Cellar has over fifty specialist gins available for you to savour. A final suggestion for a sexy, cosy wine bar where you can impress a girl is Whispers Wine Bar at Halstead. Lots of people like a place with live music and I often make a trip to Colchester to see a band or two at Twisters – Don't worry if you have an eclectic taste in music, at Twisters there are funk nights, indie bands, disco and even punk gets an outing for those of you who remember the seventies. Quite a few of the sexy girls from Essex Escorts visit Twisters to let their hair down.

I mentioned massages earlier. When I became an escort the one thing where I lacked confidence was in how to give a guy a mind blowing massage. Sure, I knew how to give a sensual, erotic massage as many of my ex boyfriends will happily testify but I felt that as a 'professional' I should have a real repertoire of massage moves to excite and delight my clients. To this end I took several courses and I suggest that you do the same if you want to give your partner a wonderful time at your hands. There are classes all over Essex – Essex Beauty Training School is highly regarded ( but if you just want to take a short course then you could do worse than book a training session at Phoenix in Chelmsford or Handz On in Hornchurch.

However, if you'd rather not shell out your hard earned there are plenty of internet sites that are more than happy to help with advice, tips and tricks and even videos to help you perfect your technique. One of my favourites is at 'Your Tango', a site which also offers advice on a whole load of other relationship issues. The page on massages is rather prosaically entitled 'How to give a red hot happy ending massage'... LOL. You can find the page here – The advice begins with how to set the mood – spoiler alert – which basically involves candles and romantic music, through to the laying on of hands and the... well, happy ending! Another good site which also focusses on sexual or erotic massages is at You Queen: Again, it provides advice on setting the right mood and space and also some techniques but the site goes further with its top ten massage tips, including the use of massage toys and evenb a woman's secret 'weapon' – her nails! Sexy!

All this talk of massages and happy endings is making me feel hungry! Thankfully you can enjoy whatever cuisine you like just about everywhere in Essex. There are oodles of low cost restaurants catering to all tastes but as we are discussing intimate moments with a sexy escort then I think you need to raise the bar and take your girl to somewhere sexy and special. So, here's my advice from the horse's mouth so to speak! My favourite restaurants are all fine dining establishments. I just love the Magic Mushroom at Billericay ( It's a fabulous place with exposed beams, a lovely outside terrace and the main attraction is the splendid food. I suppose you wouldn't describe it as intimate though and if that is more to your taste – and let's face it when you are in the process of seducing a hot young woman then of course it is – then you should try the Zenxi, a super sleek, modern Chinese restaurant with a steel and black interior that is oh so sexy and stylish – The food is delicious with a blend of the finest ingredients and the most subtle flavours. But my favourite restaurant for a sexy date has to be Olio on New London Road in Chelmsford. I love Italian food and for a restaurant that boasts such quality dishes the prices are eminently reasonable. You can see a selection of menus at

When I have a day off I sometimes like to indulge my passion for dancing – usually on a table and showing off outrageously – and when you combine this with a penchant for a glass or three of the bubbly stuff into the early hours then the only solution is a nightclub. Thankfully, Essex has a surfeit of nightspots where a girl can kick off her shoes and hit the dance floor. One of the best is The Pink Toothbrush in Rayleigh. At The Pink Toothbrush there is always a special event, a drinks promotion, a good vibe and lots of wild and crazy fun to be had – Another great club is  Evoke in Chelmsford. Evoke doesn't just offer the chance to dance on a huge dance floor to state of the art music systems and featuring VIP booths. It also offers cocktail master classes, themed nights and more. I love the VIP booths because you feel really special and you are in a real prime, highly visible location which is just perfect for checking out the talent on the dance floor or for having some laughs with the girls. I'm hoping to arrange an Essex Escorts night at the club real soon.

If you are just visiting the county, or staying in Essex for business you will have no shortage of choice when it comes to hotels. All of the major players have a presence in Essex from the Hiltons and Marriotts of this world to boutique establishments and budget chain motels. Hotel rooms do tend to get booked up early though so don't delay in getting your accommodation sorted, especially if you are making a special journey to enjoy the many charms of an Essex Escort.

So, Essex is a real happening place and not solely inhabited by air headed blondes with only a slight grasp on facts and reality! The real highlight of Essex is Essex Escorts, far and away the very best Escort Agency in Essex with the sexiest and most eager to please escorts and a service which is personal, attentive and professional. If you want the best girlfriend experience – and come on, who wants to book a beautiful girl chosen from a photograph on a website only to be disappointed? - then you have to make sure that you choose the agency that cares, the girls who never cease giving and an experience that will make you happy you chose to stay in Essex and book an Essex Escort. Didn't you just know that I have to end this blog with a corny line, well I do - “the only way is an Essex Escort!” Have fun!


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