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Welcome to Harlow Escorts where organising a Harlow escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

Please be sure to leave our ladies a review and allow other customers the benefit of a little insider knowledge when they are choosing their Harlow escorts. To leave a review for one of our ladies please just click on their profile picture and scroll down to the review form.

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What follows is an escort's guide to Harlow so expect an emphasis on shopping, wining and dining and basically having fun. I might try and include some stuff for the culture vultures amongst you and I certainly wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression of a Harlow Escort – there's no such thing as a typical Harlow Escort you see, each and every girl is unique and has her own outlook on life. There are sexy girls at Harlow Escorts who just want to have fun and I am one of those! But then there are girls like Eloise who went to university, studied Literature, and then decided that she wanted to see the world and the best way to do that was in style and so she became an international escort. It also helped her to pay off those horrendous tuition fees that young students are saddled with nowadays. Well, anyway, Eloise likes nothing more than to visit a gallery or museum and she is particularly fond of libraries, the old ones, with huge vaulted ceilings and columns of books so high that you need a ladder to reach them!

I often think of Eloise visiting one of those places. I don't frequent libraries all that much. In fact, to be honest my reading matter tends to consist of magazines like Vogue and Red. But getting back to Eloise, I often think about her because she is so hot in heels, with her long flowing blonde hair and her model looks. She is slim and tall and looks amazing whatever she wears. Her going out dress to impress look will often be a dress that stops just above the knee – her legs are amazing, so lithe and toned. She likes bright colours – sparkly gold is her favourite. But when she goes on a culture jaunt she will often 'dress down' and wear a two piece suit, often with trousers. She will also don black framed spectacles (with no lenses... don't tell Eloise I let you on to her little secret) and go the whole academic, intelligent and sophisticated look. Thing is that makes her look even more sexy as far as I am concerned. I'm not bi-sexual but if I was, Eloise in one of her mannish outfits would work just fine for me!

Then there are escorts at Harlow escorts with other interests, sporting or travel based. One of the girls is a gymnast and another could have been a professional dancer if she had stuck at it. Another escort has the most amazing culinary skills – in fact she told me about this site where you can learn how to make 'sexy food'! You will find a link to the site here - Did you know that some food is sexy simply because of its shape? Yes, it's true. Foods such as carrots, oysters, figs and avocados simply because they are shaped like, well, you know what they are shaped like! Ha ha.  And even sexier, if you want to learn about five foods that you can “eat off your lover's body” the site is You'll not be surprised to hear that chocolate is on the list but you may be to discover coconut oils is!

Have I even begun my escort's guide to Harlow yet, LOL? Well, I guess I should get started and what better way to fill a weekend hour or two than to go shopping. In fact, as soon as I finish this blog I will be off with some of my escort friends to the mall to buy some sexy lingerie for our dates this evening. My best friend Jenny is meeting up with a guy staying locally but who is based in London. He's here on business, tying up some deal or other – something to do with engineering Jenny said but the only engineering I'm interested in is a push up bra.

There are two main shopping malls in Harlow, The Harvey ( and the Water Garden ( I'm not particularly fussed about either really though the Water Garden does have the advantage of... water. Yes, it's a waterfront mall. I haven't mentioned yet that Harlow is a New Town, a kind of overspill town that is mostly new developments. I'm not really into history but a guy I dated said it was something to do with the blitz and the urgent need to rehouse a large number of people after World War II. The old part of Harlow, called 'Old Harlow' – now that's original!, is a conservation area as it has lots of Victorian buildings and the like. Harlow is in Essex if you didn't already know, on the East Side of the county. It's easy to get to Harlow as it's only minutes from the M1 (junction seven) and there are plenty of public transport options as well as London Stansted airport not that far away. The town has plenty of bars and restaurants as well as a theatre and various museums. If you like a flutter there is a greyhound stadium in Harlow – It's a real fun night out. I was taken there by a client once and I had a really great time. We were in an executive suite, being wined and dined and then we retired to his hotel suite for an intimate massage. He told me that it was the best girlfriend experience he had ever enjoyed and he promised to call the agency again when he was next in town, and he was true to his word. I don't know why but I just found the atmosphere at the greyhound track to be really sexy – it certainly got me going. I would recommend 'the dogs' to any fella trying to think of something fun and new to do on a first date.

But if you are reading this then I already know what you think is the best thing about Harlow – Harlow Escorts! But man cannot live by babes alone and so the other entertainments of Harlow must be considered as a way to fill an hour or two before the next girlfriend experience!

When it comes to pubs and wine bars you have plenty of choice in Harlow. On a sunny day I like to sit in the beer garden of the Horns and Horseshoe - - with the girls. As we are usually squiffy we can be a little rowdy so you will recognise us when you see us – say 'hi'! We jokingly call the pub the 'Horny Stallion' by the way. The pub features live entertainment but only at the weekend. 'The Dusty Miller' also has live music if that's your thing. Another wine bar I frequent is 'The Hare', a traditional pub in a nice setting which is ideal for getting away from the mad hurly burly of everyday life – But Like I wrote earlier there is loads of choice nearby if you fancy a cold beer, a glass of wine or something a little stronger such as 'The Cock', 'Shark', 'The Golden Swift' or 'The Herald'. And more... Actually, Shark ( also has regular live music events and a great beer garden to boot.

When it comes to a beauty regimen, every Escort knows there is no substitute for a regular session... at the beauticians! Now, what were you thinking you naughty boy? Like any large town you will find plenty of salons. In Harlow there are plenty including Labellezza Within on Bush Fair, Chillax and Avant Garde on The Rows. If you are a very busy lady – and to be fair when the escorts are as stunningly beautiful, hot and sexy like the girls at Harlow Escorts – and I am, then you might want to try out some quick and easy home based beauty tips like the ones I found at Total Beauty, I really like this web site because it doesn't just say use this or that lipstick, this blusher, this foundation. It asks questions about the image that you want to convey. For example does my red lipstick make me look really irresistible and sexy or just a little slutty? I always think it is about two things – the kind of guy I am dating and the time of day. For example a guy might be really turned on by the whole crimson lipstick and rouged cheek thing but not at eleven in the morning. Ultimately of course it is down to you as a woman to decide your look and your intentions. Generally speaking it is up to a guy to decide whether he finds your look a turn on or a turn off and you might take the view that there are plenty of fish in the sea and all that. It's slightly more complicated as an escort. I like to please a man and part of being an escort – a good one – is that you can read your clients. I also think it is crucially important to ask your guy just what it is exactly that he enjoys or likes.

If you are peckish, ravishing or looking for somewhere to enjoy a sexy romantic meal with a hot date then you are in luck in Harlow. I asked around at the Harlow Escort agency and there was a consensus that for a lively, buzzing, lighter meal that wouldn't leave you feeling all stodgy – and that's the last thing you want to feel if you are looking forward to some hot loving – then Mui and Koko is the place to be. This modern feel restaurant features Japanese and Chinese cuisine and I strongly suggest you try the noodles – if you have ever thought that noodles, like rice or chips, is just a bland side dish then think again - they are to die for at Mui and Koko. Coho, on the Old Road, is a pretty stylish place if you like a traditional Brasserie though to be fair the menu is perhaps a little more eclectic that the word 'brasserie' suggest. There are masses of places where you can enjoy a good curry as well as Mexican food and more. Hotels also abound from those for the cost conscious such as The Holiday Inn and a Travelodge to more upmarket establishments. And of course you're not all that far from the great metropolis that is London with all that it offers the well-heeled traveller, from world class shows through to Michelin starred restaurants, through to hot and happening clubs where you can mix with celebrities and enjoy flirting with the many beautiful escorts who love the big city.

But you don't have to leave Harlow to have th every best of times. When you add up all that it has to offer, Harlow is a good choice for a girl who wants to have fun or a guy who is looking to make the most of an afternoon or an evening in the town. You can take in a show, enjoy some live entertainment, sip a cocktail in a stylish wine bar or down a pint in a pub before enjoying a well done steak and then retiring to a comfortable hotel suite. And to top it all you can do all of this in the company of a Harlow Escort though don't waste too much time in the lounge bar or the restaurant when you could be enjoying a sensual massage and intimate companionship one on one in your very own room with your very own super sexy girl. A Harlow Escort will make your day special and you will long live in the memory – though I always say what is so good about memories, book one of us girls again and enjoy the whole thing again! Live in the moment? Carpe diem? That's right, seize the moment and feel the love that only a beautiful model escort from Harlow Escorts can bring.

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Help! I need help! I have just been paid its the end of the month. I decided to book myself a massage I was told by friends head down to VivaStreet in Harlow! so I put viva street into my satnav and it does not come up? so assumed it must be a new address anyway I’ve set off to Harlow. I decided ask around but no one had heard of a street called viva street, not even in Essex. I am in need of a massage it must an experienced masseuse or an escort but whatever the outcome I am looking for a happy ending, is there anybody that can recommend a good massage to ease the street stresses and strains of my past month?

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