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Welcome to Stevenage Escorts where organising a Stevenage escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

Please be sure to leave our ladies a review and allow other customers the benefit of a little insider knowledge when they are choosing their Stevenage escorts. To leave a review for one of our ladies please just click on their profile picture and scroll down to the review form.

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Escorting in Stevenage

We're often asked what it is like to be an escort from the point of view of one of our Stevenage Escorts. Clearly, many of you reading this have already enjoyed the pleasure of a sexy escort's company in your home or hotel room. But what we often hear is, what do the girls think of the experience, why did they decide to provide escort services in Stevenage and do they have any tips that I can pass on to my wife or girlfriend? (...and perhaps in a nutshell that is one of the greatest attractions and dare I say it risks of associating with an escort - once you have tasted the fruits of paradise it is hard to go back to an everyday diet!)

So, we've decided to publish a number of extended edition blogs featuring words right out of a sexy escort's mouth, so to speak. We begin with Helena from Stevenage Escorts - not her real name you understand - who is more than willing to share her story as well as an hour or so of her precious time to give you a little insight into her chosen profession. Each escort will also give a few suggestions as to hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs to make your stay in the area that little bit more enjoyable. To make your stay complete - and what price pleasure? - then you need to book a Stevenage Escort of course! Take it away Helena...

"I'd always wanted to do something glamorous. Ever since being a little girl I have enjoyed dressing up and experimenting with make-up. I'm not being funny but Stevenage isn't exactly the most glamorous town in the world, it's not like it has the bright lights, glitz and glamour of the West End of London, but I like it all the same and if you have the right personality, attitude and looks then you can still enjoy a fun time whilst earning a good living. Let me explain.

When I left University, having studied fashion, I was looking around for something to do. I hoped to be able to combine my love of haute coutoure with a modicum of travel, an opportunity to meet interesting people and with plenty of fun nights thrown into the mix. Of course, as with many graduates it didn't exactly what out like that, at least not to begin with. With bills to pay I began working the pubs and clubs of Stevenage. There are plenty of cool places to hang out in the toen such as the Cinna Bar on the High Street in Old Town. They do great cocktails and there are party nights too:

But it was at Bar and Beyond, a nightclub in Stevenage Retail Park where my life took a turn for the better. ( I was sitting in one of the cool and funky cubicles with some friends when a really hot girl caught my eye. There was something familiar about her but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. She looked stunning, with flowing blonde locks, an elfin face and good bone structure and lovely almond shaped brown eyes. Her lips were plump and inviting and her skin tight dress showed off her superb body. I wasn't the only one looking at her I can tell you - a sea of eyes followed her about the room and she walked in a confident, elegant, almost floating manner like she was surfing the waves of appreciation.

I must have grabbed her attention because she stopped and stared back at me. For a moment I felt strangely self-conscious, and I realised that I was attracted to her and had made it rather obvious for anyone who cared to look. Then she walked over to me!

I wasn't sure where this was all leading but then it clicked. The girl was Catriona, Catriona Lambert from school! She had been a couple of years above me. How could I have forgotten - even back then was the centre of attention and the girl we all wanted to be. When she sat down beside me it was obvious that she had recognised me and within minutes we were chatting away like long lost best friends - even though we had barely known each other in our teens.

Once we had fended off the inevitable approaches from various young lads out on the pull we got down to the serious business of talking about life and of course, about love. Catriona was a little reticent at first and I soon realised that there was something she wanted to tell me but wasn't sure if I was ready to hear it. I wondered if it was to do with her sexuality. When she suggested that we meet up the next night for a meal I just knew I had to see her again. Her secret was killing me!

The next day we met up at 'El Bar de Tapas', a chic, friendly Spanish restaurant on Middle Row, Stevenage ( It's a casual kind of place and somewhere perfect for a good old chinwag. After an hour or so - and plates of various fish dishes, patatas bravas and pollito de pollo we got down to 'business' and what I often refer to as 'the big reveal'. Catriona was an escort. She had been seeing guys out of Stevenage Escorts for six months and she raved about it, about how much fun she was having, about her glamorous and exciting lifestyle, about the freedom it gave her. She decided when she wanted to 'work' - she never referred to it in that way, she always described her bookings as 'romantic assignations' - and she said she had met a lot of really cool guys, many of whom she saw on a regular basis which she liked because you could develop your relationship that way. I was thoroughly hooked and it wasn't long before I was asking her for more detail and information. I realised that my dream of being my own person, meeting people, having fun and looking sexy and glamorous all rolled into one might just be possible if I were to follow Catriona into this lifestyle.

Later that afternoon we went back to her place and - a little tipsy - we inevitably ended up playing around. Catriona decided it would be a good idea to show me how to give a sensual massage. Now, I had been massaged by various boyfriends in the past but I can't say that they had magic fingers or anything. Catriona on the other hand... If you want to try out some sexy massage techniques check out these sites: for me go on over to men's health and discover massage tips that will, according to the site. Leave your girl 'begging' for more - For women I would suggest a different site, one I swear by and which many of my escort friends also visit on a regular basis - My top tip however is not to confuse a massage physiotherapist style with an erotic one! I once had a guy think it was a good idea to start pummelling and stretching and pressuring until I felt like I had gone ten rounds in the ring!

The very next day I contacted Stevenage Escorts. The people I was in contact with were ever so friendly and couldn't have been more helpful. There was no pressurising and nothing sleazy at all. It's important, if you are thinking about becoming an escort, that you have a good relationship with the agency but also that you ignore all the rumours and preconceptions that shadow the industry. Most important of all you need to be the right kind of person to be an escort - outgoing, sensual, loving, friendly, sexy and fun loving just about sums it up for me.

When I met my first client I was really nervous as you will imagine. He was an older guy and he sounded rather sophisticated and confident on the phone. He was visiting Stevenage on business and didn't want to spend an evening alone with the magnolia walls of the only hotel room he could get at the last minute. To be fair I thought the hotel was great - I think he was just used to the flashy and expensive hotels in London where he did most of his business. Anyway, he was staying at the Needham House Hotel on Blakemore End Road ( which is a step above many business hotels as far as I am concerned. It has a lovely little brasserie attached and best of all offers a range of leisure treatments in its wellness centre. Amongst these are the usual suspects like a Swedish sauna but there is also a Hammam with ice water treatment and various ESPA treatment rooms. John, my date, was the perfect gentleman and insisted that he treat me to a massage in return for the sensual massage he had enjoyed from me earlier. As I was leaving he called and booked me for another date the very next day. He said that he couldn't get enough of me and would be making sure that any business in Stevenage his company conducted in future would be handled by him. If he handles business deals as well as he handles his women then no surprise he is so successful!

After such a wonderful introduction to the joys of escorting I just decided to throw myself completely into it. I want to be the best escort and not just the best escort in Stevenage. I want to be the best escort full stop. To this end I am always asking girls for tips, learning from the more mature guys I date and reading web sites about all manner of things associated with providing intimate companionship. I love what I do and I want every guy to feel special when he is with me - I do think that the best escorts are those girls who genuinely enjoying being with a client. I get as much pleasure from a date as the guy does. There are some girls who just see escorting as a job but I am not one of them and I think those girls are transparent - when a guy is with me he knows it is for real and he will have a memory that will last a lifetime. In fact, I know that I'm good at what I do because guys keep coming back to see me time after time. Take John for example. I have met up with John several times in Stevenage but he's also booked me a half dozen times to accompany him on business dinners in the capital. Of course the evening doesn't end there - after business there should also be pleasure and John stays at some fabulous hotels.

So, I feel like being an escort, a Stevenage escort, has given me everything I've ever wanted. I travel, I meet great people, I have an awful lot of fun and I dress in only the very best designer clothing. It just couldn't get any better. If you are thinking of becoming a Stevenage Escort then I say go for it girl! A world of fun, flirting and fashion awaits!"

Well, so says Helena and who am I to argue with such a confident and articulate young woman. She certainly knows what she wants out of life and I think any guy lucky enough to spend any time with her will be forever grateful! But as I mentioned earlier, if you are about to book an escort for the first time just remember that once you have tasted paradise it is difficult to return to ordinary life. The real world just doesn't compare with the heaven offered by the busty escorts of Stevenage Escorts. But then, you only live once and who wants to live a mediocre existence? Not I! Go on, ring that number, speak with your dream girl and live life to the full. Live life the Stevenage Escorts way.

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Help! I need help! I have just been paid its the end of the month. I decided to book myself a massage I was told by friends head down to VivaStreet in Stevenage! so I put viva street into my satnav and it does not come up? so assumed it must be a new address anyway I’ve set off to Stevenage. I decided ask around but no one had heard of a street called viva street, not even in Hertfordshire. I am in need of a massage it must an experienced masseuse or an escort but whatever the outcome I am looking for a happy ending, is there anybody that can recommend a good massage to ease the street stresses and strains of my past month?

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