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Organising a Hertfordshire escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

Escorting in Hertfordshire

Well, I intended this blog today to be all about getting beach body ready, something close to any sexy escort's heart. But instead I am writing whilst staring out of my bedroom window at a freezing blizzard of epic proportions! It's not a blanket of snow that has covered the Hertfordshire landscape but a king sized duvet! LOL. Still, the snow is rather pretty and it does serve as an incentive to work up some body heat and what better way to do that to go on a hot date with some lucky guy in Hertfordshire? Or I could do some 'traditional' gym based exercise I suppose. Just as effective but not half the fun!


The trouble with snow – and I appreciate that there are myriad problems with snow... - is that it gives the impression that summer is a long time away and that there is no urgency to get stuck into a healthy fitness regime. Well that thinking couldn't be more wrong! We are only a couple of weeks from Spring so don't let the 'beast from the East' lull you into a false sense of security. This arctic blast is just Winter's warning that it still has the power to wreak havoc on our daily lives, a last hurricane hurrah of the worst season. The reality is that we are a single season from the highs of summer, with sand, sea, sun  and if a girl's lucky, plenty of sex. Ha ha. And that means being on a cool beach somewhere hot whilst looking hot – it's time to get beach body ready.


There are plenty of sites that you can visit to get tips on how to tone up in a hurry – one of my favourites is - fitness magazine is so hard core and for a hot Hertfordshire escort like me who is all gung ho about looking good it works a treat. For a more gentle and ultra feminine approach you have to go to the ultimate woman's magazine, Cosmopolitan. The page you want can be found at The only problem I have with this advice is that it seems to suggest that there is a quick fix and to advocate that you can achieve a super sexy, slim physique in a mere seventy two hours is a gross exaggeration unless you are already three quarters of the way there. The girls at Hertfordshire Escorts all look stunning and I am sure that none of those lovely lithe ladies would ever suggest that it is possible to look like a model escort in such a short space of time – to look as hot as a Hertfordshire Escort takes time!


One thing I would suggest – once the sun ceases to be such a killjoy – is jogging. It's great cardio vascular wise as well as being a good way to burn off excess fat and get truly toned. All across Hertfordshire we are blessed with lovely landscapes which are just ideal for physical fitness.


If you don't know the county – perhaps you are visiting on business or taking a short break – then you may be surprised to find that despite its proximity to the big smoke it is one of England's greenest areas. Surrounded to the North and West by Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire and to the west by Essex, Hertfordshire is ideally placed to explore and enjoy all the best that southern England has to offer, including the capital which is due South. For history lovers there are the splendid Roman remains of Verulamiam near St Albans. In fact one of the earliest English Christian martyrs was killed here and this act is represented on Hertfordshire's flag and coat of arms by a yellow saltaire on a blue background. There is also plenty of Tudor architecture and plenty of conservation areas. I thoroughly recommend a visit to the fanous Hatfield House – Back to nature – and places to jog – check out Rushmere Park, Lee Valley Park in Enfield - - you can also go white water rafting here, and Thorley Wedge in Bishop's Stortford. I know of at least two Hertfordshire Escorts who go jogging at Thorley Wedge so keep your eyes peeled if you like to admire the form and fitness of sexy escorts! Anyway, these are just a few of the many country parks in the Hertfordshire Region.


If you prefer to get your body ready for the beach by burning calories in a purpose built gymnasium full of the latest cutting edge exercise equipment then, once again, you will be spoilt for blooming choice in beautiful, blooming Heretfordshire! My favouites are Anytime Gym in Hertford as I'm an up for anything, any time girl! LOL. If you like a touch of exclusivity then you can't go wrong at The Chapel Gym - - in Berkhamsted. But there are loads of others across Hertfordshire to suit all tastes – just like hot Hertfordshire Escorts from Hertfordshire's number one Escort Agency, Hertfordshire Escorts of course! - and pockets. It's amazing how little a good, full body work out can cost!


After a good, sweaty, workout, I like to enjoy a full body massage. I find a massage to be one of the most relaxing things and perfect to take away all the stresses of everyday life. As an escort I am no slouch when it comes to providing the perfect massage either and though I have taken some courses to enhance my technique I find I also learn a lot from being massaged myself, sometimes by professionals and sometimes by a client who is enjoying the full girlfriend experience and giving me a rub down. If you want to learn about how to give the most satisfying massage you are in luck as there are loads of courses across Hertfordshire – Global Wellness and Spa in Stevenage, Champney's College ( and the Massage Training Institute in Hitchin –


Right, you've exercised and enjoyed a warming massage given by a professional. You are looking forward to an evening of intimate companionship with a Hertfordshire Escort later in the comfort of your hotel suite. You have an hour or two to fill. What to do in Hertfordshire?


First of all it depends on your disposition! As you can imagine, an area the size of Hertfordshire is replete with things to do. You can go skateboarding, you can visit the theatre, you can enjoy fine dining, spend time at a museum – or eight, watch a sports event, savour a glass or even a carafe of vino in a trendy wine bar, watch a movie, go shopping... Well, actually I do enjoy a bout of shopping! The biggest and best malls are to be found in and around St Albans, the Galleria being my favourite because not only does it boast the big brands, it also has a cinema and plenty of places to enjoy a good meal – Other shopping centres include Intu at Watford and Bircherly Green Shopping Centre in Hertford.


If you are the romantic sort, well, Hertfordshire does not disappoint. You are with a sweet and innocent girl, or a hot and sexy escort who is doing her best to be all sweet and innocent girl next door beauty queen blonde, beautiful and sublimely sensual siren... and you want to take her someplace special, somewhere which has that hint of romance, not cheesy but sexy romantic, not valentine's card but passionate red rose, rouged cheeks, suspender and stocking sexy romantic! Look no further than the tips provided by the Watford Observer which suggests all manner of things from romantic walks to intimate candlelit dinners, or the St Alban's Review which highlights the romantic allure of a hand in hand walk along the banks of the River Colne – just don't fall in, especially at this time of year! Personally, I find confidence the hottest aphrodisiac and I really don't mind any kind of date as long as the guy isn't always prevaricating or apologising or trying to big things up – just be your cool, normal and manly self and that will do for me! Though I do like candlelit meals in intimate surroundings, so...


Eating out in Hertfordshire? Here's my selection of the sexiest restaurants. Auberge du Lac in Hatfield is a stylish, sophisticated restaurant serving French cuisine ( It has a lovely atmosphere, attentive service and food that is to die for. Another lovely, charming, romantic place to enjoy fine wine and fine dining is The Lemon Tree in Bishop's Stortford. British cuisine is on the menu here. There are also live bands playing regularly and a nice courtyard to enjoy al fresco eating and drinking. One modern touch to this restaurant is that you can book a table online, saving the hassle of calling and being in a call queue. Visit - The Tilbury in Datchworth, Knebworth is another funky, cool and trendy place to eat and perfect when the weather is a little more clement than it is today! It has an outside beer garden which is delightful and again has regular live entertainment. The Tilbury is modern, chic and serves traditional cuisine with a twist – You can read reviews of romantic Hertfordshire restaurants at Tripadvisor –


What with all this exercising, massaging, shopping, eating and drinking I could do with a good lie down but there's no rest for the wicked, as they say as I need to get ready for an afternoon date with a gentleman in Hertford. He's a regular client and a really fun guy to be around. He's also romantic and sexy and very generous – he always treats me! I like to make sure that he enjoys some extra special intimate companionship so I like to look my best. Like most of the escorts at Hertfordshire Escorts I take my appearance seriously. I like to wear designer clothes, and I have a particular love of sexy chic, with plunging necklines or slashed skirts. I never combine the two though as that would be trashy. I may be a naughty girl but I am also nice. It's easy to indulge my passion for couture in Hertfordshire as I am only a hop, skip and a jump from Central London and all of the top notch fashion houses. I like to splash out now and again though some clothes can be outrageously expensive – I leave those pieces to the celebrities! If you love fashion and want to treat your special girl to something nice but do not want to have the hassle of hiking to the great metropolis you can still find some amazing outfits in Hertfordshire shops. I just love the Women's Society Boutique in Hertford, then there is Chloe James Lifestyle - - in St Albans. There are many more – just go out and have fun.


It feels as though we have covered everything there is to offer in Hertfordshire over the course of the past couple of thousand words but the thing to stress is the best thing about Hertfordshire is Hertfordshire Escorts, home of the most friendly, beautiful, fun loving and sexy Escorts anywhere in Hertfordshire. It only takes a few minutes to visit the website, find your perfect escort companion and make a booking but you may choose to let your eyes linger a moment on the many beauties on display. Peruse the many pages featuring photographs of hot young Hertfordshire Escorts and take your time if you wish, no need to hurry, go at your own pace... Though I defy you to hesitate for long as the girls are stunning and so eager to please that you will want to meet your dream date as soon as possible.


Your girl will make your day and if there is to be any meaning to life whatsoever it is to create the memories that will stay with you, long after the event. A date with a Hertfordshire Escort is a truly unforgettable experience. So, enjoy your stay in Hertfordshire and enjoy all that this wonderful county has to offer, including the services of a sexy Hertfordshire Escort.

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