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why escorts are more fun
Posted 6 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: why escorts are more fun

Let’s face it you are looking at an escort site because you appreciate hot women. You like the idea of a naughty girl who enjoys having intimate fun. You like the excitement of meeting up with someone knew, someone who knows how to give you a good time. And you appreciate the fact that your time together will be stress free, relaxing and satisfying with no strings attached.

If someone asked me what I liked about being an escort my answer would be multi-faceted I think. For starters I have always enjoyed the effect I have on men. I am slim, petite, with long dark hair and sexy legs. My pout dominates my face though many men have commented on my pale blue eyes. I dress to impress and make the most of my firm and toned body.

Then there is my personality. An escort can’t be downbeat! One has to be effusive, friendly and really, genuinely up for a good time. If I’m ever feeling under the weather or just have the winter blues then I won’t meet up with any clients. When I meet one of my special men I need to be the very special girl they know and love.

Being an escort isn’t for everyone. This goes without saying really. When I walk into a room there is a buzz of excitement. I can feel men’s eyes on me and it gives me a sublime thrill, a feeling of confidence, power and sexual allure. I love being wanted and have no problem with being a sex object – when a guy engages in seduction he soon finds out that I am more than just a beautiful body and he will appreciate my other qualities, especially as my focus is always on physical pleasure. Being educated helps me to engage with a client, sharing intimate and flirtatious moments, conversing about all sorts of things though usually it is a kind of dancing with words, the idea being to arouse and stimulate the other. The average girl isn’t built like me and I don’t just mean in respect of my perfect figure. The average girl is just that, average and mediocrity isn’t my thing. As an escort I stand out from the crowd and I bring pure excitement into the hotel bedroom: men appreciate and value that quality.
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