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the mathematics of sex
Posted 6 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: the mathematics of sex

Before you get your hopes up I am not about to write a blog about the number of sexual partners, marks out of ten for performance, whether size matters or any other numerically linked thing! This is a blog about how to be successful when it comes to hitting on someone. Now, to be clear, I am an escort and I have the looks and sex appeal to go with it and so this blog isn’t about how a super-hot chick like myself goes on the prowl, sharking or whatever it is you men call it. If I want to meet someone for a casual fling then I have to say it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for me. I just put on one of my sexy outfits such as my skin tight satin jumpsuit and I go to the nearest pub. If I don’t have at least three guys chatting me up in the first ten minutes then I don’t consider the evening a success. No, this blog is aimed at men. Basically I am going to give you guys the inside track on how to be successful with women, the mathematician’s way.

When you are out and about and looking for some hot sex on an evening, as you do, what strategies do you put in place? That’s right I said strategies. Because if you are hoping to get lucky without thinking through how to maximise your chances of success then that is poor planning and I bet you are less lucky than you would like to be. According to a recent study if you are an average looking man then you will probably avoid asking out the best looking woman.

Apparently ordinary guys tend to go for women that they think they will have a better chance with, fearing that if they approach the hot babe in the high heels they will get knocked back. But there are two things to think about here. First of all many men will be intimidated and so the girl in question might be open to your advances and give you more of a chance to show you are the kind of guy she would like to make sweet love with. Secondly, if she chooses someone else then you can move on to your second choice girl. The theory goes that everyone will end up with the ‘least bad’ option if they follow this method.

If you use a dating site then the maths tells us that you should play up to what makes you different. We all try to conceal what we consider to be our less attractive features but actually you should celebrate what it is that makes you, well, you! So, girls who follow this rule actually get more men contacting them – see our first suggestion as to why that is. Being quirky can work for a girl and again as a guy you should remember that the prettiest girls may not be getting the most attention – opportunity therefore knocks.

The penultimate suggestion is to speak your mind if you want someone to be interested in you and also if you want a relationship to last. The research is very clear on this: people who talk about issues are 90% more likely to stay together than people who complain about issues.

The final tip – book an escort!

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