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suspenders and stockings
Posted 6 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: suspenders and stockings

Whenever I have a hot date lined up my first inclination lingerie wise is to go for sexy suspenders and stockings. They are not always the most comfortable of things to wear and not the warmest on a winter’s night but I know that they will definitely be a sure fire winner with any lucky guy who gets to enjoy my company in an intimate environment. I’m not sure what men find so erotic and saucy about suspenders though. To me a pair of tiny silk panties and a skimpy brassiere is far more alluring. And whenever I wear a sexy baby doll I feel like sex on a stick. But no, if I ask a man what he likes to see on a woman when she is stripping off for action then invariably I am told suspenders and stockings. I understand the appeal when it involves a striptease. When stripping naked for a man, dancing provocatively to some suggestive track the stockings add an element of delay as I peel them off ever so slowly. This increases the delicious anticipation of my man and makes him fit to explode by the time I am standing naked before him in all my glory. But surely it can’t be for that reason alone otherwise a woman could just wear extra layers of clothing?

Has it got something to do with the idea of bondage and submission? Is it suggestive of some kind of kinky sexual practice involving ropes and control? Is it the fact that stockings give a framed glimpse of thigh? Is it the connection with courtesans of days gone by? That can’t be it because there must have been a reason to dress in that way back then.

Perhaps I’ll never know why my men friends like me in suspenders and stockings, but then who cares? I will continue to give my man what he wants and if that involves the thrill of watching me undress down to iconic sexy lingerie then that’s just fine by me.

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