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Should I Leave a Tip?: Your Guide to Tipping Etiquette for Escorts
Posted 5 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: Should I Leave a Tip?: Your Guide to Tipping Etiquette for Escorts

Should I Leave a Tip?: Your Guide to Tipping Etiquette for Escorts

Should you tip an escort? If so, how much should you tip them? Check out this guide to tipping etiquette for escorts.

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Want to learn more about tipping etiquette for escorts?

Did you know that there is an average of 70,000 prostitutes working in Britain? They make an average of £2,000 a week. That?s approximately £100,000 a year if you include 6 weeks of vacation time.

When you compare that to the average UK salary of £28,677, one begins to wonder about the value of tipping in such a lucrative career. Should you tip, or shouldn?t you?

The answer isn?t as straight forward as you might think. Throughout the sections below, we?ll demystify the proper etiquette for tipping escorts. When you?re ready to get over your nervousness and uncertainty, read on.

Tipping Etiquette: A Primer

To understand whether you should tip your escort, you first need some background on tipping etiquette in general. So, let?s begin there.

Escorts work in the service industry. In the service industry, there are two types of service:

  • Skilled services
  • Commodity services

Commodity-based services tend to be low paying jobs. Virtually anyone can perform these jobs with little to no training. Examples include things like bellhops, waitresses, and valets.

Those who work in these jobs do not make enough to live by their hourly wage alone. It must be buttressed with a healthy dose of tips to be enough for their daily living expenses. In these cases you always tip.

Skill-based services, on the other hand, tend to be high paying jobs. They require a lot of education, expertise, or risk. As such, they?re highly valued and well paid.

Examples of these jobs include accountants, school teachers, and veterinarians. Have you ever heard of a veterinarian being tipped before?

The answer is probably no. It?s not a common practice. Does that mean it never happens? Maybe, maybe not. The import part to remember is that it?s not obligatory like it is with valets or bellhops.

So where do escorts stand? They definitely fall in the commodity service industry, so no tipping is required.


Sometimes it?s a great idea. The next sections will outline when, how, and why.

A Sign of Appreciation

Though there?s no concrete rule about how to tip your escort, tipping is one way to show your appreciation. In a poll of the escorts in London, 90% entered their profession for the money. It follows that money would then be greatly appreciated.

The amount is up to you, but even a modest amount will signify you considered your time together to be something special.

She Goes the Extra Mile

If your escort goes above and beyond the call of duty, you should definitely leave a tip. The further beyond the call of duty, the greater the tip.

It?s not uncommon for an escort to be faced with a request she hasn?t heard before. Entirely new fetishes, kinks, or fantasies. Or perhaps she teaches you to become a great lover. These sorts of things are considered outside escorts? scope of practice.

Anything that makes your escort step out of her comfort zone or requires extra time or attention suggests a tip. It reflects the extra effort she put into your time together.

Long-Standing Arrangements

Whenever you make a long-standing arrangement with a professional, you?re expected to treat them better. After all, you?re going to see them again soon, and you?re counting on their professional services. Escorts are no different.

If you?ve been seeing your escort consistently for a few months, chances are you enjoy your time together. To continue building repour and make sure she continues being available for you, tip her. In that respect, it?s much like tipping your massage therapist.

She?ll make sure to make room for you in her calendar and treat with care when she sees you. A massage therapist might spend that money on fragrant oils or soft sheets. An escort would more likely spend it on flattering attire or something else you can both benefit from.

It?s a win-win in either situation.

Impress Her Agency

It doesn?t always have to be about the escort, either. If you plan to continue using a particular escort agency, you may want tip regularly. It?ll help you in two different ways.

First, it tells the escorts what they can expect from you. Escorts compare notes just like employees in any other industry. If you treat them right, they?ll tell their friends about you. If not, their friends will hear about that too.

They are humans and act according to human nature, just like everyone else on the planet. If you treat their friends right, they?ll treat you right. It?s common sense.

The agency itself will also respect you. They?ll be more likely to send you higher-ranked escorts, or ones which they think will better suit your particular needs. They?ll always fit you in and make certain you have everything you want.

They?re a business after all. They thrive when their employees thrive, so it?s in their best interest to watch your back.

Giving a Present

To make an impact, you don?t have to give your escort money. Presents can actually mean a great deal more to the woman you?re seeing.

First, it requires a level of intimacy beyond that of cash. You must know your escort well enough to understand what she might like. Would she appreciate a nice bottle of cabernet or tickets to the opera?

What kind of woman is she? You must determine that before you can purchase something that you?re sure she?ll like.

To buy a present also means more work. You have to look for the right gift. That usually requires a fair bit of time and sometimes travel.

If you get it right, your escort will greatly appreciate all your extra effort.

Are High-End Escorts Different?

High-class escorts are no different than the rest. Tips are not obligatory.

The difference with high-class escorts is that they usually make it to those ranks because they?re extraordinary. They have qualities which make them stand out. The nature of these qualities lends to an extra special experience.

As such, people let the escorts know how much they appreciated the experience. And they do this by leaving money or a gift.

What?s Next?

Now that you know about proper tipping etiquette, how will you show your gratitude with your next escort? There?s no right or wrong answer. Just remember the cardinal rule: tips are never expected but always appreciated.

Did you find what you were looking for in the article above? If so, come and browse our tantalizing library full of other escort related articles. You?re sure to learn some new.

So long and good luck!

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