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Impulse247 Blog: lipstick

Why do women wear lipstick? The whole make up thing is a mystery to most men but actually it’s very simple why girls put on lipstick and blusher – to attract a man. The psychology of make-up is all wrapped up in the idea of finding a mate and procreating. In primitive times a man would be interested in finding a sexual partner who could bear his children and perpetuate his genes. That was more likely if the man had sex with a younger, ripe woman of child bearing age. It’s simple biology really.

Of course nowadays it is not all about having babies. Sex is fun and having sex for the sake of it is perfectly normal. But subconsciously women still feel the need to send out the same signals to attract a man and that includes the appearance of youth. Even when we appreciate the talents of a more mature woman – mature escorts can be very popular – the appeal of looking young still has a firm hold on our psyches.

But why wear bright red lipstick? Well, that colour is popular because when a woman is sexually aroused the blood flow to certain parts of the body increases, including the lips. Bright red lips are a sign that a woman is sexually interested! Of course the trick fellas, is to know if it’s just the lipstick or if indeed her actual lips are bright red! No one said seduction was easy!

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