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how to make a woman orgasm
Posted 6 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: how to make a woman orgasm

Male friends often ask me about how to make a woman orgasm. And I think straight away there is the problem. If a man has to ask then he hasn’t put enough effort into finding out by trial and error what it is that makes his girl tick in the bedroom.

Part of the problem is that some guys think only of their own pleasure when it comes to sex. Then there are other guys who think of themselves as studs and just assume they are doing it right. Yet others will have watched a trailer load of erotic films and will mechanically run through a litany of positions and moves and think all is well. I once had sex with a guy like this and I could almost hear his thoughts as he ticked off one sexual position and another from some list in his head.

The thing is there is no right or wrong way to make a woman come. There are a variety of things a man can do to get a woman in the mood to orgasm and in fact some of them have nothing to do with sexual contact at all. Begin by making sure that the moment is right. I love it when a man seduces me in an unusual situation, such as in a lift on the way to a hotel room. I love it when a guy shows me that he is desperate to have me. I love it when a man whispers naughty things in my ears. But you see, that’s me and another woman will be entirely different. The thing is to know your girl, to listen to her, and to ask her what it is that turns her on. Don’t be afraid to talk to your lover when having sex – in fact that can be a big turn on in itself. A confident guy who takes the time to please is very attractive.

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