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how to dump a grump
Posted 6 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: how to dump a grump

Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel trapped and unable to breathe? With someone who grinds every time they open their mouths. A relationship where you feel stifled and where the last drop of fun has long since fallen onto a sandy floor? Where your companion is a real grump and the honeymoon period is a distant memory?

There will be some readers thinking what’s the problem, just split up, move on and go swimming in that heavily populated sea. But what if you are too timid to call it a day? There’s always the Dear John letter (probably an email in this day and age) but it lacks class. And one should never ditch a lover by text message! That would be seriously sad! So, you are the sort who struggles with confrontation: how can you dump a grump and make them feel it was their idea?

Well for starters you have to pick the right moment. Telling someone you hate the sight of them and want to separate in the middle of a blazing row is never a good idea. But, if you wait for that chilled moment, say the right things, and even spend the night you can be amazed at how easy it is for a girl to dump a guy without him even realising it. What to say? Well, this is all about growth, moving on, going in different directions.

This is all about how you are holding him back, have no more love to give, and the classic it’s your fault and not his… Before you think I am one duplicitous so and so remember that I am the kind of girl who likes a single life. I am an escort because I like no strings attached encounters with men who make me laugh, who appreciate my sense of fun and adventure and who love to enjoy intimacy with someone who is not going to nag, moan about their day or who see the whole thing in economic terms – you know what I mean, those individuals who ‘reward’ their man. I like intimate experiences as much or more than any guy and in any physical encounter I give as good as I get.

There’s a reason why I am a much sought after escort and if you are ever lucky enough to have me give you a sensual massage you will no doubt join the list of admirers.

Right, one last piece of advice and this time for my male readers – if you want to split with your girl just let her catch you ogling an escort on the web – there’s nothing like a sexy escort to make a girl feel she can’t compete. She will then dump you – job done!

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