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candlelit dinners
Posted 6 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: candlelit dinners

Boyfriends often ask me why women find candlelit dinners so romantic. To be honest I hadn’t really given it much thought. When I started to intellectualise my instinctive responses I realised that the question isn’t as straightforward as it at first appears. I mean, there are lots of situations that are romantic so is it the situation, the companionship or the fact that what all of these moments have in common is that they are a prelude to sex and as such there is an intrinsic excitement.

Think about it. An evening with a hot young woman in a luxurious hotel suite, drinking champagne and eating strawberries on a fur rug in front of an open fire, frolicking in the surf on holiday at an exclusive singles resort, having a picnic on the banks of the Thames – all of these examples are romantic in their own way. So, a meal at a nice restaurant, eating gourmet delicacies and listening to a waiter serenade you is sexy, but why should it be any sexier than any other hot and sexy encounter?

I mused over this for a while and even did a little reading up on the psychology of romance and what I discovered was quite interesting really. The thing is, eating and drinking are associated with sex. More specifically it is about a mate providing sustenance. In our primitive minds there is a link between eating and feeling that someone is capable of providing for us. So, there actually may be something in the idea that a meal is a more romantic activity.

Think about that next time you are wondering where to take a girl on a date! (I still haven’t worked out the candle thing yet, unless it is as simple as making a prospective partner look more attractive as the room is in shadows and the candle casts a warm glow.)

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