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Welcome to Walthamstow Escorts where organising a Walthamstow escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

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If you were to ask me about the typical male, whether he be in Walthamstow, Watford, the West End or just about anywhere around the Western World then I would suggest that his life is dominated by three things. I know I am straying into sweeping generalisation territory here and there may even be a sensitive soul out there ready to accuse me of being a little on the sexist side of things but I feel I can be confident in my assertion –  women, beer and sport! LOL. Well the women part is easy to understand, especially in summer when there are so many hot women wandering around looking a million dollars in their flowery, figure hugging summer dresses. And in this heatwave we are experiencing a cold glass of beer really does go down easily. But the third – well, for most guys right now there is something competing for their attention that will trump women and beer – almost, and that is the World Cup. Yes, the carnival of competing football nations. Thirty two of the best teams from around the entire world vying to be top dog and to hold aloft the wonderful World Cup and revel in the glory!

World cup fever has gripped Walthamstow and the nation in general and the question on everyone’s lips is how far will England go! Well, actually that’s not the question on my lips as I am wondering how far Dani will go to keep her boyfriend on Love Island but that’s another story. All the bars in  Walthamstow, like the Goose ( have been jam packed with footie lovers and revellers enjoying every last moment of penalty shootout madness, last minute equalising tension and Hollywood quality play acting from th elikes of Neymar and possibly the entire Columbian team. I watched that particular game at Ye Olde Rose and Crown on Hoe St – The atmosphere was electric. If yo're not a footy fan but love a cool jazz vibe then the Nags Head is for you. It has a lovely walled garden surrounded by fairy lights!

Anyway, I’ve been following the World Cup in Russia with interest. In particular, I have been looking out for snippets of information, fashion and human interest stories related to something even more important than what goes on, on the pitch – the WAGS of course. How I long for the days when the tabloids were full of tales of WAG excess, distracted footballing husbands and whether Moschino can be paired with Jimmy Choo. But there has been little of real interest this time around.

The big WAG story has centred on Russian smears. Apparently they have dubbed our stunning footballer’s wives slags and ugly! You can read about it here - What an outrage – though to be fair the current crop are not a patch on the best of the past. Victoria Beckham, Colleen Rooney, Mrs Gerrard, Frank Lampard’s Spanish girlfriend – they were the days when style, glamour, sexiness and sartorial elegance were at the zenith.

The girls here at Walthamstow Escorts are much prettier of course, and you don’t have to be on a Premier league pay packet to enjoy their delicious, enticing and exotic company.

Looking around the other WAGS parading their wares at the World Cup there is one girl who really stands out and I don’t mean Pique’s other half, Shakira. No, I’m talking about the girl with the name that would make any Bond beauty proud – Lovekaty. Yes, the gorgeous Helga Lovekaty, a thing of beauty, a woman with a perfect body and a face so pretty it hurts. I don’t know how she compares in the brains department, but to when it comes to boobs she reigns supreme. The Russian born model is dating James Rodriguez of Columbia. She has over four million followers on Instagram – check out this page and you will see why:

Many of the girls at Walthamstow  Escorts work part-time as models and some, like Helga, pose for racy lingerie snaps. When you have a gorgeous body like many of the hot and sexy escorts at Walthamstow Escort Agency then it makes sense to capitalise on it. Dating a model is a dream for most guys but all you have to do is pick up the phone and a super stunning, sexy siren will soon be on her way to your door!

If you are a sexy woman and reading this but thinking you will never be able to have a body like Helga or like one of the amazing model  escorts here at Walthamstow then the good news is there is a guaranteed way to lose the excess pounds and tone the flesh and all in under three weeks! Head over to fitness magazine’s website where you will see their three week beach body ready exercise and nutrition programme that aims to get you and your body just where you want to be, and in only three weeks!

It’s never easy looking this good and I know the guys who date the busty beauties of XXXXXX appreciate the girls’ efforts to stat trim, toned and sexy. Having to be careful what you eat over an extended period of time is quite a challenge. Having to work out doing cardio and strength exercises every day of the week over an extended period of time is daunting. (By the way, watch out for that Bulgarian split squat – it’s a killer!) But when you look at the hot escort in the escort gallery at Walthamstow Escorts you can see the results of the beautiful XXXXX dedication.

Before the World Cup started we had a sweep with a difference at the agency. The English girls had a draw to see who would get England and European girls then had their home nations. The English girls left over had a draw from the remaining teams – mostly Latin American. We decided the girls who got through to the final would go on a double date with a couple of very lucky guys! It’s so great that England are still in the competition, especially because I got them!

If you are interested in WAGS from other nations then you can see them in all their stunning glory at There are some absolutely stunning women featured. Neymar’s girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine is a special favourite of mine but I think you will agree that Yoo Soo-jung is also something of a sexy seductress and Andrea Durro who is the squeeze of Javier Hernandez is also a real babe. But to be fair there are girls at Walthamstow Escorts are every bit as sultry, sexy, sweet and scantily clad!

There’s something about a heavily tattooed girl that shouts sexy thing! England face Sweden on Saturday and the Swedes have a secret weapon in the form of Josefin Lustig. Check her out, along with her edgy, girl with a  dragon tattoo, style on Instagram where she has garnered almost as many followers as the number one escort here at Walthamstow Escorts. In contrast, if you prefer your partner pretty, demure, sophisticated and understated in her sexual appeal then take a long and hard look at Maja Lindelof. The girl is gorgeous but unfortunately for you guys she has just got hitched to Victor Lindelof! Plenty more fish in the sea… you wish!

There should be a WAGs World Cup finals! There would be no need for balls… It would be all about beauty and style. I think on the whole Sweden would have the upper hand – head on over to you will see where I am coming from. Brazil might give them a run for their money however. Natalia Becker is an amazing looking woman as is Larissa Pereira. Carol Cabrino has the kind of looks that can stop a guy dead in his tracks. Mind you, if there was a WAGs World Cup then Germany would still be in it – have you seen the Victoria’s Secrets Model Izabel Goulart? Wow, wow and wow. whilst Izabel is a heart breaker if ever I saw one.

You could date an escort based on the progress of their team at the World Cup! Now, how much fun would that be to combine all the best of the football with the busty best of the beautiful and glamorous girls of Walthamstow Escorts? I can’t think of anything better, but then like the other girls at the agency I am fun loving, free spirited and a flirty minx. For the very best intimate companionship, a world cup winning level of quality, a girlfriend experience like no other – look no further than  Walthamstow Escorts.

So, why not think post footie and how you intend to celebrate England's victory over Sweden? You could call Walthamstow Escorts, having selected a lovely lady from the escort gallery, and book a couple of hours of bliss with a busty babe! If you wanted to combine the intimate, sensual, loving experience with a glass or two of bubbly and your hotel bar doesn't cut the mustard then I would suggest you have a wander over to the Orford Saloon Tapas Bar on Orford Road ( You certainly wouldn't be scoring an own goal... OK, cheese alert! LOL. There's something really sexy about tapas, don't you think? And the whole vibe at this place is just so chilled and carefree. One of my favourite places to eat in Walthamstow.

If sport isn't your thing and you have had about as much beer as you can manage given it is World Cup Madness month then you might prefer a spot of culture. Those in the know will head to the William Morris Gallery. If you are not arty you may only know Morris for his wallpaper designs. But actually he was a prolific artist and a founding member of the arts and crafts movement where form and function must combine. He was also involved in a menage a trois but that is another story! (If you do not know what that is, it is when there are three people in a sexual relationship and live together. In this case it was Morris, his wife and another man. Saucy!) I quite like the idea of breaking away from the norm of monogamy. I guess I am just not the settling down type of girl. I'm always looking for the next adventure, the next flirty experience, the next red hot romance. It's pretty easy to light my fire but a lot more difficult to keep the flame burning brightly! The idea of only being able to enjoy one other person for the rest of your life terrifies me. That's not to say that I don't give my all when I am in a relationship or when I am dating a client of the escort agency, because I do and I can say without fear of contradiction, without a hint of irony and with no little pride that when a guy enjoys my company he doesn't forget all that easily. I guess that's why I am a popular girl!

Other activities to be had in Walthamstow include a local park, a stroll around the Walthamstow marshes, playing with small balls at Jurassic Park crazy golf and more for the culture vultures at various other museums, galleries and libraries. So, plenty to do to while away the hours, especially if you are only passing through and staying over just for business. None of these activities can live up to the ultimate girlfriend experience of course. There is nothing better than being with a truly sensual, loving, friendly and sexy woman, especially when she is an escort. Escorts are special ladies, they are girls who know the secrets of sexiness, how to have and give a good time, how to allow themselves to experience and enjoy new sensations, new friends, good times. And Walthamstow Escorts are as good as it gets.


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Help! I need help! I have just been paid its the end of the month. I decided to book myself a massage I was told by friends head down to VivaStreet in Walthamstow! so I put viva street into my satnav and it does not come up? so assumed it must be a new address anyway I’ve set off to Walthamstow. I decided ask around but no one had heard of a street called viva street, not even in Greater London. I am in need of a massage it must an experienced masseuse or an escort but whatever the outcome I am looking for a happy ending, is there anybody that can recommend a good massage to ease the street stresses and strains of my past month?

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