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Like any girl I have made my New Year’s resolutions. And, yes, I have opted for ten, which I believe is the ‘done’ thing, the traditional number. For someone who lives on another planet, rather than here in Romford, a resolution is an action that you commit to taking during the twelve months ahead. They are usually connected to health or to doing something that you have never done before. As a Romford escort you can imagine that my resolutions include some that are rather more wide ranging and require an open mind and a healthy attitude to relations between the sexes! If you know what I mean! LOL. Well I am an Essex girl through and through you know! (Romford is in Essex if you were wondering...)

So, without further ado, just what resolutions has this busty escort beauty lined up for herself for 2019? Well, let’s start with the more conventional ones shall we? I resolve to get in perfect beach body shape by the summer. Now, I couldn’t be a sexy escort if I didn’t already possess a nubile and voluptuous figure. I can say without any arrogance or ego that I already look good in a bathing suit! I am a size eight, five foot five, slim and busty. But I want to be super sexy and for me that means a little more toning. Toned abdominals and arms are in and I want a piece of that action. Now this resolution is easy as there are many health clubs and gymnasiums in and around Romford, such as the Nuffield Gym, LDG Gym (which boasts that it builds people hard – the mind boggles!) And then there is the Romford Gym Fitness First. And if a formal gym setting is not for you then there is always the option of simply going for a jog each morning before work.  We are blessed with may parks in Romford such as Raphael Park which advertises itself as a recreational retreat. There is also Lodge Farm Park, Rise Park and many more.

By the way if you are following a diet and worried about your alcohol intake – who isn't? - then I would also suggest rose wine as it has the fewest calories of any drink other than champagne I believe, and certainly without the champagne price tag.

Another area I want to improve on is my cooking skills. Now, there is Havering College in Romford and I know some of the girls at Romford Escorts actually took courses there but not cooking. But personally I prefer learning things by myself which certainly avoids the embarrassment factor and the internet is the invention for folks who think like me! Similarweb ( lists the top fifty cookery websites in the world if you like to search by popularity. I'm not sure that really works though as many people are interested in a certain type of cuisine or even food based on lifestyle choices such as vegetarianism or veganism. My favourite vegan website has to be you can find loads more at sites like

Of course, no self-respecting hot model escort can make any self-improvement list without wanting to hone up on her massage skills. A sexy massage from an escort is not to be missed and I get a lot of pleasure from giving pleasure and a massage is right up there when it comes to physical fun and intimacy. There are lots of places where you can learn the art of a sexy massage but if you’d prefer to practice in the comfort of your own home then there are numerous websites which can help. My favourite massage sites include RomfordXX and RomfordXX and RomfordXX. Another way you can learn how to give your man, or woman a hot massage is to book a beautiful escort and learn from a professional. I would seriously recommend that route to anyone!

Fitness and stamina are important qualities in any walk of life but as a Romford Escort I like to ensure that I am fit, flexible and flab free. Yoga and Pilates are the perfect way to hone and strengthen your muscles and increase your cardio-vascular powers! Yoga sites such as Yogitimes - have revolutionised our attitude to fitness. There was a time when people believed that you had to throw heavy weights around and run twenty miles a day to improve your power, endurance and stamina but not any more. Pilates too, is growing in popularity. Shefit is a great website/blog -– and this page gives great advice for beginners along with featuring some pictures of ladies almost as sexy as a Romford Escort. Almost.

Is it just me or do French women sound super sexy? I would love to be able to speak French and so learn a foreign language has to be on my resolutions list. The problem is it is probably very difficult indeed. I can't say I was at the top of the tree at school when it came to modern languages. But, if I can be as hot as the French women on this website it may be worth the pain! -

Learn a musical instrument? OK, I am definitely being too ambitious at this point. I have no musical ear whatsoever and bar some fiddling with a fiddle when I was a kid I have little or no experience, talent or even basic understanding of music to think that this would be a good idea in any shape or form. Let's ditch that particular idea then, shall we? Instead let's visit a topic that is much more dear to my heart: making sweet love!

I know this may be hard to believe, coming as it does from someone who likes nothing more than physical intimacy but I have never read a sex guide book. The daddy of them all would have to be the Kama sutra I guess. This ancient text which originated in the far east over two thousand years ago was a manual for the wealthy covering all sorts of sexual positions. It is basically a visual feast of erotic and empowering images, which can liberate your sensuality and bring a great deal of joy into a relationship, especially where the sex life of a couple has begun to wane or become a little too predictable and humdrum. A really hot site with loads of illustrations is sex club - – which graphically pictures the erotic coupling that the kama sutra encourages. It also tells you much more about this amazing tome including its origins, contents, history, author and more. Basically, if you are short on time and need this naughty escort to get even naughtier by talking about the sexy sutra, as I call it then read on.

The Kama Sutra is divided into seven sections. It begins with an introduction. Then it goes on to describe the art of kissing before moving on from this prelude to th elove act to sexual positions themselves. This is the best bit. I am sure you would agree. Especially when I tell you that the book goes on to explore how a man may acquire a wife. After this it gets even more dull because it deals with how a wife should behave. We have moved on... thankfully. But then it gets quite naughty and erotic as it begins to consider how you might seduce another man's wife before dealing with the spicy subject of courtesans. And if a man has never enjoyed the intimate companionship as afforded by a sensual, sexy and sublime Romford Escort then you need to study hard at this point! Oh, of course you could just call and book a Romford Escort. A sultry minx or a beautiful blonde could be knocking on the door of your hotel room within the hour. Just imagine how that would improve your afternoon or evening? The final chapter deals with aphrodisiacs: substances that improve the sensation, the feeling, the warmth of hot sex. The cliches in our modern world would probably be oysters and strawberries and champagne.

I also want to socialise more. I know, that is hard to believe given my hectic, fun packed escort lifestyle but even a Romford girl can 'get out more'! Thankfully, there are plenty of trendy, hip, cool, exciting, radical wine bars and pubs in Romford and surrounding areas. My favourite haunts in Romford are The Shepherd and Dog gastro pub on Shepherd's Hill - the Teriss Bar on Hart Street – The Teriss has a great beer garden and is an ideal place to hang out with friends, just like I do with the glamorous girls from Romford Escorts. If you like to feel special you can also visit Kosho Bar on South Street. Kosho ( has cocktails, VIP areas, resident DJ's and is always packed to the rafters with really hot and sexy girls – I know because I am one of them! LOL. There are also loads of traditional bars if that is your preference!

Romford is actually quite a big place with a population just short of one hundred thousand. It is situated to the North East of Greater London and is about fourteen miles from Charing Cross Station.  The conurbation dates back all the way to the twelfth century. The name derives from an old English word for 'wide' which is the 'rom' bit. So, a wide crossing of a river. There is a theatre, a greyhound stadium, a bowls club, an ice rink and much more. It is a friendly enough place, though that may have at least a little something to do with the fact that the hot girls of Romford Escorts sprinkle a little sexy stardust on the town. Whatever Romford offers the regular or irregular visitor nothing can compare to the delicious, daring, delightful, devilishly sexy girls of Romford Escorts. You will return time and again to spend precious, quality time with a Romford Escort. Model escorts do not come any better than the stunning escorts at Romford Escorts.

So I have come to the tail end of my New Year's blog. I have listed nine New Year's resolutions, though technically speaking I have only covered seven as I discounted learning a musical instrument. I could have added be better with money but frankly life is too short and I enjoy shopping. What's the point of working if we do not enjoy the fruits of our labours eh fellas? I have a wardrobe full of sexy outfits, high heels and of course lingerie aplenty. My favourite lingerie usually encompasses stockings and suspenders, a black basque corset or a baby doll set up with suspender straps. My men usually do not complain! I suppose I could resolve to add to my underwear collection? Would that count as a resolution? A bit of a cheat I accept but it is me vowing to do something, not without effort. I mean, having to trawl all of those hot undies sites to find the very sexiest of garments to grace my silky skin is hard work! Would it then count as another resolution to add stiletto heeled shoes and designer handbags? Don't go thinking that I am shallow or anything: a sexy girl just has to be herself!

So that seems to me that I had seven genuine New Year's Resolutions and I added buy more lingerie, more shoes and more handbags. That makes ten! And as far as I am concerned that is a mighty commitment for a girl as popular as I am at Romford Escorts. When I see the other girls tomorrow I think I will challenge them to match my efforts, though I just know for a fact that Lucy – a blonde busty bombshell with an anything goes attitude and a lust for life will surely find some way to trump my list. Perhaps I will have to play with her a little and suggest that one of my resolutions is to give a guy the greatest night of his life. On second thoughts I think I will do that anyway – and by my reckoning that now adds up to a whopping eleven New Year's resolutions!


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