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Welcome to Harrow Escorts where organising a Harrow escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

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A day in the ever so hectic life of a very special Harrow escort... me! Well, what a night. I didn't get in until three in the morning and even then I was more buzzing than beat! It was just such an amazing time and the girls were on top form! I think the guys in the Harrow pubs we passed through on our hen party to end all hen parties had just as much of a blast as we did, revelling in our saucy antics, not to mention our sexy attire!


If you don't know Harrow it is a borough of London, to the North West. I guess it is famous because of the public school with its sky high fees and famous old boys. You probably know that among the famous alumni of Harrow there are such luminaries as Winston Churchill and Robert Peel and modern day acting favourites like Benedict Cumberbatch, Cary Elwes and James Dreyfuss. Even James Blunt went to Harrow! Apart from the school the borough is also known for having lots of absolutely splendid listed buildings. One fun fact about Harrow is that the singer Peter Andre was born here. Yes, that Peter Andre, the Australian hunk who married Jordan after meeting in the jungle. Amazing, huh?


We began the night with a quickie at The White Horse pub and then another at The Castle. The locals couldn't believe their eyes when a dozen scantily clad girls appeared, ordering multiple glasses of prosecco and getting all girly and giggly. I suppose it didn't help that we were all dressed in very sexy outfits – the theme for the night was the film Burlesque. I'm a petite size six and I actually struggled to find an outfit to hire so I simply decided to adapt my old ballet gear along with a very hot basque from my lingerie drawer and six inch stiletto heels. I thought, with my long blonde hair, toned legs and pert bosom that I would hog the limelight but I wasn't about to be outdone by the bride to be – Charlotte. Charlotte is a fun loving escort, a girl who wears her heart on a sleeve and little else!! At least that's the rumour... LOL. Charlotte is quite tall and has just the longest legs and she always makes the most of them.


We were impatient to hit the more lively spots and so we headed off to bar on the High Street. There are always plenty of guys here to flirt with and what is a hen do if you can't let your hair down and have one last taste of freedom? After some delicious cocktails and some good music – not to mention outrageous behaviour (what happens on a hen do stays on a hen do) we moved on to Hundred Degrees where we had booked tables, for some food as spicy as us sexy escort girls!


I forgot to mention that it was my friend Jenny arranged the hen party. When she first started organising things she confided in me that it was an absolute nightmare. There is just so much to think about and I don't think Jenny would be insulted if I suggested that logistics isn't her strong point. Trust me she has lots going for her – she is sex on a stick hot and the guys calling the agency who have been on an intimate date with jenny always want a second helping of her particular kind of companionship fun – but dates, times, arrangements... well, let's just say she needed help. Thankfully just the help she needed was at hand at and at


One fab day has loads of great ideas to make your hen do really memorable. But before you get to the fun you have to sort out the important arrangements. Some of the top tips on the site include giving everyone plenty of notice and booking all your venues or at the least contacting them to make sure that large groups of wild and wanton women are allowed entry! No surprise that every venue wanted us... we must have been man magnets last night. I estimated twenty lads following us from pub to pub over the course of the evening, all hoping to get a little piece of the wild night time action! I'm not into kiss and tell but I will say that I did enjoy some frisky moments of my own towards the end of the evening but for the life of me I can't remember the guy's name and I don't think I even bothered to get his phone number!


We then went on to Trinity Bar - - which is a lively place and gave us the chance to get on our feet, climb onto tables and basically let it all hang out, which is exactly what Sandrine did but that's another blog for another day! (You owe me for saving your honour Sandrine! LOL.) We stayed at the Trinity for the rest of the evening though Sacha, who is a very naughty girl, wanted us to jump into cabs and head off to the strip bar in Watford – She figured that this would be a fitting end to a hen do and that Charlotte would take it in her stride. A few of the other escorts disagreed, thankfully, and pointed out that Charlotte's husband to be might not see the funny side. Sacha disappeared a few minutes later and when I received a Wattsapp from her just after one in the morning she shared on eor two very sexy pictures of herself and a girl she had met at the Watford Club! Like I wrote, Sacha is a very naughty girl indeed! If you wanted to book Sacha on the escort agency website by the way, that's not the name she uses when dating clients. I won't reveal her pseudonym here but I will say that she is blonde, pert, petite, with stunning eyes and a body to literally die for! Enough written.


Anyway, today's blog was supposed to be about a day in the life of a hot Harrow escort and here I am writing all about what happened last night. Well, to be fair it is mid afternoon so it wouldn't have been the most exciting blog to tell you that I was sleeping on my bed, even if I was sprawled across the top of the duvet naked...


So, what about the rest of my day. Well, as you can imagine I have quite a head this morning. I make the same mistake time and time again – mixing drinks. If I stick to just one drink – ideally champagne – then I am usually right as rain. But if I mix drinks, and especially if I mix more than one drink, then I am really for it. A friend suggested hair of the dog as a remedy. This basically involves drinking more alcohol when you wake up to take the edge off from the detoxication that has begun while you are sleeping. Personally I prefer to address the dehydration experienced overnight first and so I immediately drink a bottle of spring water from the fridge. An ex-boyfriend would then swear by a good old fashioned fry up as a way of soaking up the alcohol but as someone who likes to stay in shape – and I think I speak for all of my clients here – and stay as toned and sexy as I can be, the idea of greasy food just does not appeal. Instead I eat some dry toast and then later I will have some muesli. If I am up for it I will then go for a walk. Harrow is blessed with green spaces and my place is close to Newton Park West and it is a delightful place to take in the pretty sights and enjoy fresh air.


I'm going on a date tonight so the next part of my day is to decide on what I am going to wear. He's a regular client from the escort agency. He's a little older than me, about ten years I think, and he is very educated and urbane. I shouldn't complain but the one problem with a regular client who likes to go out and about before retiring to the comfort of an elegant and upmarket hotel suite is that you need to have a good wardrobe. I think that means a trip to the shopping centre in Harrow this afternoon. I don't tend to go to Mall harrow but instead with stop off at St Anne's shopping cejtre or St George's. I particularly like St George's - - because along with shopping there are also restaurants and fast food eateries and even a cinema if you want to combine experiences. Shopping wide the mall features all of my favourite stores including Krisp, Full Stop, Monsoon and Body Shop. There's also a Deichmann and a Boots so all of my needs are catered for.


I think I will treat myself to a sexy black dress and some new lingerie. I imagine David, my client, will want to take me to a wine bar or two. He likes to show me off I think and you can see just how jealous the other guys are when David walks in with his sexy little thing on his arm, and I have to admit I play up to the whole naughty little minx thing by being overly tactile and flirty. David laps it up and to be honest, I thoroughly enjoy myself too. After a glass of bubbly or two I imagine we may enjoy a meal. I hope that we go to Incanto restaurant on the High Street ( Incanto is an Italian restaurant but unlike any other Italian restaurant I have been in before it does not serve pizza! Instead you get some absolutely mouth watering dishes which originate in Southern Italy. The ambience is laid back, sexy and intimate and I always look forward to getting up close and personal with my man. By the time we leave the restaurant we will be desperate for some quality time alone together in a luxury hotel room and David never disappoints with either his choice of hotel or his own company. He is an active, passionate and fun loving man and I like to exceed his expectations. I've never had any complaints, let's put it that way. Ha ha.


And that will be the rest of my day. Tomorrow I'm not doing anything much. I plan to relax and lounge about in my comfy silk pyjamas all day, munching on nibbles, surfing the web, avoiding social media – my Monday detox! - and probably channel surfing and lapping up the awful yet incredibly addictive day time television. I do have an offer on the table for a meal out – at the exclusive Miller and Carter restaurant in Harrow – It's a steakhouse but don't let that fool you in to thinking it is all about huge t-bones and basket loads of chips! The food is as beautifully prepared and served as it tastes. A good choice for a second date I think, once you know if your potential lover likes meat or not!


So, will I go out yet again tonight or stick to my Monday regimen of me, me, and then some more me... It's adifficult decision as my prospective client sounds like a lot of fun and he is a bit of a jet-setter which is also sexy in its own right. He travels on business but his libido is such that he just must enjoy the company of a sexy girl whenever he gets the chance. That is quite a turn on for me. It is really something when you know a man really wants to be with you.


Temptation, temptation: the life of a model escort summed up in one word, or two!

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Help! I need help! I have just been paid its the end of the month. I decided to book myself a massage I was told by friends head down to VivaStreet in Harrow! so I put viva street into my satnav and it does not come up? so assumed it must be a new address anyway I’ve set off to Harrow. I decided ask around but no one had heard of a street called viva street, not even in Greater London. I am in need of a massage it must an experienced masseuse or an escort but whatever the outcome I am looking for a happy ending, is there anybody that can recommend a good massage to ease the street stresses and strains of my past month?

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