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Welcome to Enfield Escorts where organising an Enfield escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

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Winter is coming and I do not mean the fictional, dystopian, nightmarish kind as represented by the white walkers of Game of Thrones! I mean the real deal, a good old fashioned, cold British winter. I was chatting to my best friend forever at Enfield Escorts about this the other day and as usual she was all upbeat whereas I was all down in the dumps thinking about the negatives. For me winter equals freezing nights, bitterly cold crawls between pubs, lots of layers and no chance to wander about half naked in my skimpies, which is something I'm well known for and quite proud of actually! But no, for busty escort Emma, a girl with the most amazing curves, long legs, a rear to die for and a lovely shapely back, a girl who should love summer time and the chance to show off her not inconsiderable assets! For Emma Winter is the season of possibilities, of exciting opportunities, of adventures. Let me explain.


Emma says that we should embrace the seasons. She is a cup half full kind of girl which probably explains why she is so popular with clients of Enfield Escorts. We were sitting at a table in Zaza restaurant on Chase Side ( enjoying some lovely, fresh, authentic Italian cuisine lunchtime yesterday and the wonderful medittteranean food reminded me of my summer holiday in Italy. I was going on and on about the beaches, the men, the sand, the sea, the sex... as a girl does and that got me into something of a melancholy mood. My harping on eventually even frustrated Emma, known for her patience and charm as much as for her sex on a stick body and try anything once attitude. Emma pointed out to me that we were in fact enjoying that moment (as we shared some freshly served pasta and some chicken from the in-house grill for lunch) and that I should try living in the moment. I replied it was all very well her spouting some Zen nonsense and the like but no one can just 'live in the moment'. She pointed me to a website called Psychology Today and specifically a part of the website which covers the six steps to living in the moment -– which she said she had found invaluable in creating a positive mental attitude.


The six steps seem really simple actually. To begin with you have to clear your head of thinking – no jokes about busty blonde bimbo escorts if you do not mind! - and a way to do this is just to concentrate on some action such as rotating your shoulders or stretching. This element is called body awareness. The second step and the one that applied to us as we ate lunch was to 'savour' the moment. In other words, instead of thinking about my holiday abroad and the hunky guys on the beach and in the bedroom I should focus solely on my glass of chilled wine or my pasta plate, enjoying each and every mouthful. I won't bore you with the other four steps but I do recommend that you check out the site – along with Enfield Escorts site of course because if there is one sure fire way to live in the moment it is to enjoy the most lovely, sexy, intimate companionship as provided solely by Enfield Escorts menagerie of blonde and brunette busty escorts!


Another plus for Winter, according to Emma, is the chance to enjoy fashion. I kind of get what she means. In the summer I will usually gallivant about in a crop top and tight cut off denim shorts to make the most of my pert boobs and tight derrière. I like to show off my hot body but actually that in itself is a limitation to expressing my personality through fashion. Winter allows a girl to dress up. And given that I like clothes, putting them on almost as much as stripping them off, then I can appreciate the benefits of the winter months. If you, like me, want to be on trend I suggest that you avoid the standard middle of the road fashion magazines and instead pick up on what the fashion bloggers have to say. A good summary of this year's Winter fashion trends can be found here: Basically it is the old staple of knee length boots, big coat and warm patterned sweater but with a stylish twist. What's not to like about thigh length boots? Very sexy I say. Brands like Vera Wang, Christie Ferrari and Lauren Johnson head the way. We are not exactly overflowing with high end fashion retailers in Enfield – there is Sage Clothing and a New Look – but the big old metropolis that is London is right on the doorstep! There is a River Island at the Palace Xchange shopping centre mind and I do like the Forever Unique range. They have also got some sexy seasonal clothing in too. But, as I say, you are only a short ride from one of the world's greatest cities and one that verily doth overfloweth with fashion boutiques and high class malls. Not to mention high class girls.


If yiou don't know Enfield – perhaps you are visiting for business (and why not have a little pleasure whilst you are at it? Enfield Escort anyone?) - then let me fill you in on the many and varied highlights this former market town has to offer. First of all it is north, North London. Second of all it has only existed as an entity in itself for around 50 years, being an amalgamation of a number of small towns and boroughs to form thirty square miles with a population of around a third of a million people. There is plenty to do if you like to shop, enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, fancy a romantic stroll in a park or watch a movie, go bowling and the like. There is also plenty of nightlife to enjoy nearby such as Playaz in Brixton or Syeel Yard in Finsbury Park. Visit more information. Food wise I like the aforementioned Zaza but I am also very fond of the romantic Beautiful South restaurant on Windmill Hill ( They serve traditional British food but also Mediterranean staples amid modern décor and with the added bonus of candles – OK, I am a cliché but this girl is a sucker for candles. Keep that in mind if you book me at Enfield Escorts Agency!


As our conversation continued, Emma began warming up, in more ways than one. Her mind and body turned to naughty thoughts of the flesh as she pondered all of the intimate, romantic, sensual possibilities of Winter. For a start there is the old chestnut of an open fire. I know it sounds corny but an intimate massage with scented oils in front of a raging fire really does something for the libido. It's an instant turn on in my book and that view is shared by many a gorgeous girl at the escort agency I can tell you. Of course if you can also supply snow outside and a really plush sheepskin rug then I am all yours baby!


One girl at the agency swears by an outdoor jacuzzi. Whenever she talks about going away for a dirty weekend we know, ironically, that it will contain lashings of soap subs, bubbles of both the spa bath and the champagne variety and a good rub down, if you know what I mean! She can't get enough of jacuzzi time, especially an outdoor one. She is a bit of an exhibitionist I think though I can see the appeal of warm, bubbly water on your skin whilst the temperature plummets all around you.


Emma's ultimate fantasy is to be in a remote log cabin with a raging fire and a hot man. She undresses seductively in front of the fire, lies face down on the sheepskin rug and completely relaxes her body as her beefy hunk begins to caress and massage her soft skin. I am beginning to see the attraction of sub zero temperatures! It may seem corny but then I guess what we consider 'corny' is popular for a reason. The meme of the lumberjack, the log fire and the sexy sweetheart waiting by the fireside is a meme for a good reason – girls are turned on by it. But not everybody will be able to organise a lumberjack at short notice and so we turn to other forms of entertainment!


When the Winter weather hits one is encouraged to find one's entertainment indoors. The best 'entertainment' is companionship and if you are in Enfield, alone and in need of some intimate flirtatious fun then Enfield Escorts are at your bidding. For me, that would be enough but some people may crave a variety of experiences! First on your list of Enfield must dos is a visit to the Intimate Theatre on Green Lanes. Named for its size rather than the nature of the entertainment on offer – shame – the Intimate Theatre has gone through an extensive process of restoration and now features regular performances by “Saint Monica's Players”, an amateur troupe of enthusiastic actors. If you are a culture vulture and theatre is your thing then you can also watch the thespians treading the boards at the Millfield Theatre, a centre which also hosts musical performances by the likes of 'Genesis Connected' - as well as all manner of conferences. If you love a good old-fashioned pantomime then it is Beauty and the Beast this year with the show running from November through to February. For more information about what is going on in Enfield visit


If dancing the night away or smoking on a shisha pipe takes your fancy visit Club Azure on Silver Street – This is a really trendy, hip, cool, mood lit place to hang out featuring a club, a shisha bar on the rooftop and a restaurant. Me and the girls are often to be seen at Club Azure, letting our hair if not our guards down! LOL.


A final delight of the cold Winter nights is that you can snuggle up and enjoy some Netflix and a chill! Who doesn't like a cuddle under a warm throw and who knows what that cuddle will lead to? I usually treat my man to something else to warm up his cockles, and I don't mean me, well at least not to begin with. I'm talking about a warm drink with something inside to pep it up. Mulled wine, Irish coffees, mulled cider... Lovely. But you know those traditional drinks are not the only hot toddies in town! You can make a warm gin punch, add hot honey lemon to vodka or create a 'boozy pumpkin white hot chocolate'! For the recipes for these colourful cocktail creations and more visit So Feminine – While you are at it you can also check out their advice on all things girly such as fashion, cosmetics, keeping fit and more.


So, all in all Winter isn't all that bad and I am finally beginning to see the frosty season as one of endless possibilities for romantic encounters, fun times, great days and nights out and a chance to wear my favourite fashions. Perhaps I will never be quite as optimistic as Enfield Escort Emma but I have at least begun the journey with a few short steps beginning with buying a sheepskin rug, some scented candles, silky smooth massage oil and a recipe book for intoxicating toddies. Now all I need is a log cabin and a beau to join me so that we can share bodily warmth as we beat off the winter chill! If you are the man of my dreams then make it a reality and book a hot girl from Enfield Escorts, the very cure for Winter's blues, the authentic antidote to Jack Frost's freezing fingers and the epitome of a passionate, red-hot experience that will burn long in the memory.


Emulate Reg Varney (famous for his role in the popular ‘On the Buses’ television series)and use the Barclays cash point on Enfield High Street. Reg made the world’s very first withdrawal from an automatic telling machine (ATM) in 1967. If that’s not quite enough excitement for you call Enfield Escorts and aks to be united with a sexy young lady instead!

Enfield will always hold a special place in my heart because it was at Forty Hall manor where I enjoyed a spontaneous liaison with a busty blonde beauty in the large, manicured and secluded gardens!  My only regret was not getting her phone number. Another reason why I love Enfield is Enfield Escorts, the best escorts in the London region by far. It’s not just that the girls are beautiful and always up for fun, it’s the vivacious personalities, friendly manner and sensual skills! I’ve never had a massage as good! If, like me, you can’t resist a busty blonde escort then you are in for a treat, though don’t ignore the many charms of the brunette escorts either!

Wondering where to rest your head? There are plenty of hotels to choose from whatever your budget. If work is footing the bill you will no doubt be booked into the Travelodge at Enfield or perhaps the Premier Inn. If you are hoping for some romance or looking for somewhere comfortable to entertain a busty escort from Enfield Escorts then there is the Comfort Hotel or Royal Chace though we recommend that you dine at the family run La Caverna which specialises in Italian and Spanish dishes. You could even take an Italian Escort along with you? Chez Tonton or La Mexicana are good alternatives. La Mexicana is also a good place to enjoy a chilled glass of wine or a cocktail.

Another stylish wine bar, perfect for using your charm to woo and win a hot Enfield girl is Rattlers on London Road. And of course being such a thriving area of North London you will find all of the shopping, entertainment and services you may need or desire, including the very best, high quality and low cost escort service – Enfield Escorts.

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Whatever you decide to get up to in Enfield, make it the best of times by enjoying the company of a ravishing Enfield Escort.

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