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Welcome to Edgware Escorts where organising an Edgware escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

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As you can imagine, all of the girls at Edgware Escorts are really excited about the latest series of Love Island on ITV. We know a thing or two about seduction and it is interesting to watch the girls on the programme and recognise the various techniques they are using to entrap the alpha male, who is clearly Adam from the North East. He’s a strapping six foot five hunk of man flesh, photogenic and something of a flirt and as any sexy girl will tell you there is nothing like a confident guy with a twinkle in his eye to get a girl in the mood for hot loving. The programme is actually a good synopsis of the main lessons in love and can act as a kind of instruction manual for viewers. So, what can we learn from Love Island?

One of the techniques being used by the girls on the show to get a guy to like them is to cavort semi-naked on screen, displaying the ‘goods’ for all to see. The girls, just like the model escorts here at Edgware escorts are all in wonderful shaped, toned, pert and firm. The sexy sirens on the show all look sex on a stick hot in a bikini or a swimsuit. Of course the use of physical appearance is only one of the ways in which the girls hope to lure in a beefy boyfriend but it is clearly the most obvious. Let’s face it, we all start by coveting what we see and the visual sense is always the most important when it comes to sex and sexual attractiveness. Anyone denying the power of beauty as a major aphrodisiac is either fooling themselves or in deliberate denial lest they be accused of sexism or of being shallow. Men like hot women, end of. But being hot can also involve other attributes than breasts and bums.

Being shy is often seen in a negative sense but I think it is a real tool that can be applied to love and in particular to attracting a mate. There are lots of websites such as How to Find True Love and magazine articles such as this in the Huffington Post that deal with finding true love and there are also plenty of websites such as Ask Men which focus on finding a casual sex partner but few of them tap into my secret for great sex – shyness. There are lots of guys – and girls – who are attracted to the more reserved person. Have you ever heard the adage that it is the quiet ones who are having the wildest sex? That’s true in my opinion. I like to play submissive and you would be amazed just how much of a turn on that can be for the average guy. Being brash and bold and ‘ladette’ may do it for some men but in my experience most guys like a passive, attentive and ultimately submissive female. Again, not something the ultra-feminists will want to hear but a lot of sex and sexual encounters can involve role play and as long as all parties are consenting adults then game playing can be great fun.

Intelligence cannot be over rated when thinking about seduction. For many, the intellect and making a deep and meaningful connection are really important if you want to have a fulfilling, sensual and truly sexy time. Having watched Love Island, I have to admit that the girls are not attempting to make any great strides in this department. In actual fact they are playing the opposite trick in the single girl’s school of seduction techniques, allowing the man to think he is more intelligent. Some men are intimidated by a thoughtful, educated and confident women who can articulate an argument and sustain a position in a debate on an esoteric subject. The girls on the show know this and so they are conforming to a stereotype of what they think the guys want from them. Not all of my busty escort friends at the Edgware escort agency agree with me on this point but in my opinion those who do not agree don’t have the option of holding an intense debate with an intellectual equal – not everyone is college educated, though you would be surprised how many students work as escorts.

Being tactile is quite important if you want to establish chemistry with a potential partner. That can involve nudging knees, brushing a hand across his sleeve or even running your fingers through your own hair. One girl at the Edgware agency is an expert in this field. I have seen guys go weak at the knees when she is chatting to the and it is not the honey words dripping from her luscious lips that are doing the trick – it’s the way that she casually caresses her own body. She will run her palm down the side of her cheek, allow her fingertips to slide down the contours of her body, cross and uncross her legs – all with an expertise that the average girl can only dream of. She makes it look all so natural, all so perfect, and I defy any man who sees it not to want to make love to her on the spot.

So, we have covered a whole range of seduction techniques from flaunting your assets, being submissive or more confident and intellectual depending on the man you want to seduce, use of body language and generally being sex on a stick as hot as an escort. What else do girls do when attempting to enchant a man? Of course there is what you wear. The semiotics of clothing are varied and complex. Let’s take a simple example. I used to date a guy who would get all hot and bothered if I dressed up as a stereotypical hot Swedish au pair. He used to book me from the escort agency on a regular basis to give him that extra special girlfriend experience and on one date he asked if I ever thought about dressing up as part of a flirty encounter. To be honest I am quite the exhibitionist and have often dressed up to please my man, though I was taken aback at first when he explained his particular taste in all things Swedish. But, I am blonde, I am fun loving and I will try anything at least once – and much more than once if I find myself enjoying it – and so I decided if it would bring him that extra special pleasure that was missing from his everyday life then I would give it a go. I happen to have a Swedish friend and she is a really liberated and sexual women who is up for anything and she suggested that we play the Swedish twins scenario. Well you can imagine just how turned on the lucky guy was when we turned up at his hotel room. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

But back to semiotics. Dressing up as a busty barmaid will send a whole range of signs and signals. Dressing as a secretary in the whole silk blouse, pencil skirt and high heels uniform will also carry with it a range of ‘messages’ and connotations. So, clothes are important and it is often not about how much flesh is on show but the deeper meanings associated with particular garments. Just ask yourself this question – do you like stockings and suspenders or a baby doll on your girl? Do you like to see cleavage or are you more of a leg man? It would be interesting to study why different men find different clothing more or less exciting.

Communication is probably the most important thing in a relationship and it is also crucially important when you book an escort. If you need to know more about how to keep a relationship hot and sexy through the power of talk then check out this website – psychology today - I always think honesty is very important and when I am with my boyfriend we are very open about what we like and what we do not like. Keeping things locked up just leads to resentment and bitterness and will ultimately destroy a relationship or a date. The girls and guys on Love Island are very clear about what they want.

Having an agenda is also important. Are you looking for love or just a casual fling? Wanting to have fun or something far more serious. This can determine all sorts of things related to the above such as how you dress to impress, the level of flirtatiousness, whether or not you decide to go all the way on a first date and of course where you meet. Going to the local pick up joint is not conducive to finding a soul mate!

So, a final point relating to all of this is surely location. Sitting in Edgware library and reading the Financial Times is not a sure fire way of meeting a hot date! You have to be around people with a similar agenda. The obvious places are pubs and clubs like Erins Hope, a Sports Bar on Edgware Road or on Kensington High Street street. These are hip, lively, trendy places where the ‘it’ crowd hangs out. And where the ‘it’ crowd is you will find the beautiful people, the horny people, the hot and sexy people like the beautiful, stunning, sexy girls from Edgware Escorts. Once you have made a connection you will need to decide on next steps. For something serious then a romantic dinner for two. For pure ‘fun and games’ you may decide to hook up in a hotel room and order room service. A bottle of bubbly goes a long way… If you really want to be sure of seduction, then you will have the evening planned out and will leave nothing to chance. Just going with the flow can work but more often than not the person with a plan, a strategy is far more likely to win the prize! So why leave anything in the lap of the gods when you can control your own destiny? I guess that is why many men in the know will deliberately choose to have a dating experience with a beautiful, bubbly, blonde escort from Edgware Escorts. As Paddy says on TV, ‘the power is in your hands’.

So, the summary of seduction would include being in great shape for summer, choosing attire that projects the particular sexy image you want, being clear when it comes to communicating your desires, being a fun loving, friendly and flirty individual and being able to read a partner’s preferences when it comes to physical interactions and responding in a way that produces the desired effect. We all discussed intelligence but decided that sometimes it is more effective to play the ‘dumb blonde’ or the submissive brunette – the little woman or girl next door trope is popular for a reason! I suppose what all of this has in common is that conscious decisions can be made alongside natural, chemical driven responses. Being ‘knowing’ and utilising womanly guile is not a sin, it is a strategic approach that should lead to success when it comes to identifying, hooking and keeping a sexual partner. Just leaving things to luck, happenstance or chance is no guarantee of love, loving or even a sexy one-night stand or casual encounter or holiday romance. Be decisive, girls and go for it. You can have your cake and eat it! Just like the sexy Love Island girls you can have a whole lot of fun and be sure to capture the heart of the guy who gives you goose bumps.


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