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Welcome to Slough Escorts where organising a Slough escort to visit your home/hotel, is very simple and totally confidential. All you have to do is dial our main switchboard number 01707 647777 and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you. There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact number is destroyed.

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The older I get the more I notice that nothing changes. Easter eggs are already on sale and I haven't even taken down the Christmas baubles yet! And if you haven't got that song about how nobody loves you better than TUI in your head then you must be living on another planet. Every advert is about summer holidays and I can see why. Outside the wind is howling, the rain is coming down like a jungle waterfall and the air is bitterly cold. On television there are images of young, sexy, healthy people leaping from boats into the warm waters of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. I've just been itching to pick up my tablet and book some sunshine.

This year I am going away with some of the girls from Slough Escorts. The last two years I went on holiday with a male friend but he's now in a serious relationship and I think his girlfriend is a little bit jealous. I suppose I can't blame her ? I'm a hot escort after all and a petite size six with plenty up top and a nice pert ass! Guys often comment on my elfin nose, baby blue eyes and sexy pouting lips. Oh, and my long blonde hair doesn't go unnoticed either. John's girlfriend is a little plain in comparison, pretty enough but nothing special and it must be hard for her to see me around her beau. It's not like I am interested in him, though we did have a drunken fumble one night after revelling in Slough Town centre ? do you know the Moon and Spoon on the High Street? The cocktails are fabulous and being a Wetherspoon it is great value too - just like Slough Escorts! Another pub I visit a lot is the Long Barn, which not only serves a great Chardonnay but you can also get a pizza whilst you are at it!

Anyway, back to holidays. One of the girls - a busty beauty called Janine - is adamant that we should go to Ibiza. Thing is, I have been to the party island a bunch of times and I'd really like to see something different. I'm actually thinking of somewhere where you can combine culture with sexy times in the centre. Is that because I am getting old? I'm twenty four now and I think that my tastes are becoming a little more sophisticated. In fact I have noticed that I am particularly enjoying spending time with older guys I meet through Slough Escorts - though to be fair it's not like the guys I date from the agency are slowing down, far from it - older guys just go crazy for a hot young escort!

So, I've been thinking Croatia or perhaps one of the Greek islands. I can see myself now in a tiny bikini getting an all over tan whilst some guys flirt outrageously with me and the other escorts! But then I can visit some of the local attractions, historic places and cultural centres. It seems like the best of both worlds to me but I can't say it will be easy convincing Janine!

In the meantime I am going to join a gym. Yes I know, a total cliché! Signing up to a gym is on everyone's New Year's resolutions list, along with lose weight, stop smoking and drink less champagne. Well, I don't smoke, I'm not overweight per se and it would take an awful lot to persuade me to cut back on the bubbly. But I would like to just shed a couple of pounds and get toned. All the fashion magazines I've been reading have featured hot girls with beach ready bodies and I'd quite like a rock solid tummy myself. There are plenty of gymnasiums in Slough to choose from - there's Easy Gym which has a no fee January sign up offer and I'm also interested in Buzz Gym because it's right in the town centre which makes it really convenient for me and my active lifestyle. I may even treat myself to some personal trainer sessions to get me off and running ? so to speak! This is also the time to take advantage of the January sales and Slough has an excellent shopping centre called Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre. In fact Easy Gym is based here. You will find any kind of thing you are looking for (except Slough Escorts ? call the number on the website) here including a T K Maxx, a Debenhams, a Primark and an H and M.

I guess thinking about and booking holidays gives one something to look forward to during the cold and grey winter months. But I keep reminding myself that it is not all bad. It's not like I am an office worker who has to drag themselves to work each day, be stuck at a desk staring at a computer screen, inputting all sorts of immaterial data into some faceless back office systems. Or a shop worker, pounding the floor on your feet all day, back aching and soles of your feet throbbing. I did work in a shop for a while and let me tell you men reading this that there is an unwritten rule about wearing sexy shoes and whilst they look good the reality isn't all that glamorous at all!

Being an escort is so much fun. I get to dress up, go out, meet fun and interesting people and basically have a good time. I know some people will not look favourably at me but I'm a fun girl who likes to have a good time. I don't mind using my pretty face and sexy body to make my way through a hard world. When I meet up with a guy and I see a saucy twinkle in his eye it stirs my soul. Who doesn't like to flirt and play sexy games with another fun loving individual? I suppose it's also important to be confident ? you certainly would struggle as an escort if you didn't have confidence and not just in terms of meeting up with new people and in new situations. You can't be withdrawn, moody or shy when you are with a guy who is looking to enjoy an evening of intimate companionship. As an escort you ned to light up the room, bring a sexy spark and make an instant connection with your date. It can't be a genuine girlfriend experience if you are introverted and unable to make a moment special right from the get go.

Working as an escort in Slough I have met up with guys in their twenties but also guys in their fifties. What they have all had in common is a lust for life and a need to spend time with a hot and sexy young woman who knows how to party. I've met guys at hotels in Slough and nearby areas but also at a man's own home. I don't mind, it's whatever makes the guy comfortable. I've never met up with a couple or with a girl. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that opportunity has never come up. Personally I think it would be very exciting to meet up with a married couple for an intimate experience, perhaps a sexy massage or more. The closest I have got to that kind of experience was on holiday actually. I mentioned Ibiza earlier and that's where it happened. It was last summer and I was partying hard. My male friend was off somewhere ? I think he had met a girl from London and they had decided to go down to the beach for a moonlit dip ? and more if I know him! Anyway, I was on my lonesome and this guy started chatting to me and offered to buy me a drink.

I was under no illusions. I was dressed in a very sexy short skirt and a tight fitting top with string straps. I wasn't exactly undressed but I was showing enough flesh to get plenty of attention. Strappy high heels in a sliver colour completed my look. So, this guy began chatting to me and I immediately noticed that he was wearing a wedding band. He noticed that I noticed but wasn't at all flustered. In fact he openly acknowledged that he was married and in fact his wife had just gone back to their hotel room to change her outfit ? a breeze had picked up and the temperature had dropped a few degrees. It turned out the couple were from Slough and so we talked about our home town and our favourite hang outs and the like. We;d never met before which is unusual given that he was suggesting that he and his wife were party animals and would hit Slough Town Centre every Friday and Saturday night.

Our conversation was increasingly becoming flirty and he was repeatedly complimenting me on my looks. He could hardly take his eyes off my body and I wondered if his relationship had gone stale ? I have dated many men in their forties who have told me that their wife no longer understood them or that the physical side of the relationship had become predictable and dull. But then his wife returned and I have to say that she was an absolute stunner. She was in a figure hugging dress with a cashmere cardiagn wrapped around her shoulders. The dress was low cut and made the most of her pert breasts ? it was clear to me that she had undergone an enhancement. She was very beautiful and even her wrinkles served to add to her allure. If I'm honest I was instantly attracted to her.

The conversation soon turned to sex and whether I had ever been with a couple. I'm not shy and retiring so I played along, even hinting that if I were to join them in their hotel room it wouldn't be a first for me. And it was clear that it certainly wouldn't be a first for this horny couple. But the reality was that I had never had a threesome and the complication was that I had my eye on a barman, a Spanish guy with whom, I had been flirting for the last three days. He was in a relationship but his English girlfriend had just flown home and so I knew I had him to myself and it wouldn't be hard to break down his defences ? even if her were to put up any kind of struggle anyway! So, I politely declined their advances whilst suggesting that perhaps we could meet up the next night. That wasn't going to be possible as they were flying home.

You know, even as I pen this I'm thinking that Ibiza may not be such a bad idea after all. I often regret not having succumbed to the sexy couple's seduction and they did give me a phone number. They also said that they stayed in the same hotel every year. Perhaps I will drop them a text and suggest a meet up. Janine will be more than happy that I have come round to her way of thining and as for culture ? well, there are parts of Ibiza that are said to be historic, educative, interesting. Apparently not all of the island is about having a full on party. At least that's what Janine said to me in her efforts to persuade me to holiday once more on the Spanish Island. Well, I will tell the Slough Escort to book ? though actually I will tell her to book once I know when I am free. Or more to the point, when lusty John and his horny wife Jacqueline are free and able to travel for their annual swinger jaunt! So, perhaps I can have my cake and eat it after all! Ibiza prepare yourself, lock up your men and stock the bars - the sexy escort girls from Slough Escorts are on their way.

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Help! I need help! I have just been paid its the end of the month. I decided to book myself a massage I was told by friends head down to VivaStreet in Slough! so I put viva street into my satnav and it does not come up? so assumed it must be a new address anyway I’ve set off to Slough. I decided ask around but no one had heard of a street called viva street, not even in Berkshire. I am in need of a massage it must an experienced masseuse or an escort but whatever the outcome I am looking for a happy ending, is there anybody that can recommend a good massage to ease the street stresses and strains of my past month?

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