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Walking the Line: The Difference Between Hiring Escorts vs Prostitutes
Posted 4 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: Walking the Line: The Difference Between Hiring Escorts vs Prostitutes

The Difference Between Hiring Escorts vs Prostitutes

Hiring escorts and hiring a prostitute are two very different things. Learn the difference between the two so you get the exact experience you're looking for.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hire a professional sex worker?

Just under 40% of men fantasize about having sex with a prostitute. Little do they know that a call girl can show them a much better time.

If you're not sure how hiring escorts differs from paying prostitutes for sex, don't worry. We'll tell all in this post.

From the way they look, act, and service you to how much they charge you, there's a world of difference between these two professions.

What to Expect When Hiring Escorts

Find out whether a call girl or a prostitute is more suited to your needs by exploring the many differences between them.


An escort has a much more glamorous look than a prostitute.

Escorts put more effort into their appearance. They invest in makeup, hair treatments, and lingerie, all in the interest of making themselves more attractive for their clients.

A prostitute isn't obliged to put in the same amount of effort, and it shows. That's why many men consider escorts to be generally classier.


A prostitute offers a straight-forward service. You pay, you have sex, and then you leave.

Men who hire escorts are often looking for a more romantic, sensual experience. You can relax, have some conversation, and let things flow naturally.

Many escorts offer a 'girlfriend experience', in which they act more flirty, playful and affectionate. This allows men to feel more at ease, as though they're with a down-to-Earth girl they know, rather than a sex worker from the street.

There's also a 'porn star experience'. This service is all about having wild sex and making your kinkiest fantasies a reality. You can expect to have more rough, passionate sex with this service.

Let your escort know what you're looking for, and she'll cater to your needs. However, each girl will have a list of things she is and isn't comfortable doing. Be sure to go over this beforehand.

With an escort, you can let them know in advance exactly what kind of experience and what kind of sex you want to have. Whether it's a girlfriend experience, a porn star experience, BDSM, a naughty role play, or group sex.


Some men who hire escorts do so purely for sex. However, sex isn't always part of an escort service.

Believe it or not, many men begin hiring escorts simply for the pleasure of their company. Some find it therapeutic to be able to talk to someone completely anonymous, who has no connection to their personal or professional life.

Since an escort is getting paid at an hourly rate, they're happy to spend time having conversations with clients. Prostitutes are much less likely to do this, as they're paid per service. Generally, they aren't as willing to chat before, during or after sex.


An escort doesn't have to be just a woman you have sex with. She can be your date, too. Invite her to join you at any social gathering, and you can enjoy having a gorgeous woman on your arm.

An escort can be hired to accompany you on a night out, a weekend away, or even on a long vacation. Of course, you'll have to negotiate these trips with the right girl, first.

Prostitutes don't offer this kind of service. They're simply there to have sex.


A prostitute advertises sexual services at a price, with different rates for different things. For example, they might charge a certain amount for oral sex, but full intercourse would be more expensive.

When hiring escorts, this isn't the case. Escorts charge simply for their time. What you do during that time is entirely up to the both of you.


You can expect to pay more for an escort than you would for a prostitute, since you are getting a better, more inclusive service.


You won't find an escort on a street corner looking for customers. You can't visit them at a brothel, either.

They often operate out of hotel rooms or apartments, so they have their own private space to work. They can also come to you, if you prefer. Just ask for an outcall appointment.


One of the most important differences between hiring escorts and a prostitute is the law.

It's not illegal to buy or sell sex in the UK. However, there are laws surrounding prostitution that make sex work a criminal offense under certain circumstances.

For example, pimping and running a brothel are both illegal. These laws are intended to reduce abuse and human trafficking in the industry. However, some sex workers have argued that they make their work more dangerous, as they restrict them from working together in groups.

Certain ways of advertising sex are also illegal. This includes posting ads in phone boxes and soliciting sex from passing cars on the street, which is also known as 'kerb crawling'.

Before hiring any sex worker, make sure you understand the laws for escorts, prostitutes and Johns.


When you hire an escort, you have more of a choice. You can take your pick from a selection of girls, browsing through photos and descriptions of each one. Different girls offer different special services, and will list what kind of things they can and can't do.

Have the Time of Your Life with an Escort

While you'll undoubtedly enjoy mind-blowing sex with a call girl, there are numerous other benefits of hiring an escort.

As well as exploring your sexual fantasies, you can enjoy the company of a beautiful woman and push your boundaries to try new things, all with no strings attached. With an escort, there's no romantic commitment whatsoever.

At Impulse 24/7, our escorts can come to you. That means you can enjoy all of these benefits in the comfort of your own home!

Depending on where you are, an escort can be with you within just 45 minutes of booking. Browse available girls in your area and see what they can do for you.

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