Kiss And Tell


I had this friend who spent a night with a celebrity and then went public with a kiss and tell tale in a tabloid. She got well paid but I was mortified and even angry about it. I mean, how can you be intimate with someone and then betray them like that. Worse still he was married. I say was because when it all came out in the papers his other half upped sticks and left him. I didnt think of her as a friend after that. I mean when do guys do kiss and tell stories? When I have been intimate with a man I treasure the memory and move on. Even on those rare occasions when a boyfriend has dumped me I have never been tempted to try and humiliate him. I think being discrete about your love life is important. And actually my former friend has suffered because shes not welcome at the high class clubs she used to frequent any more. The guy was a celebrity he had friends!

If you are wondering what a kiss and tell story is, it is when a woman has sex with someone famous and then tells a reporter about it. It will usually have lurid headlines and the girl will have given the guy a mark out of ten for his performance in bed. In the really sleazy ones she may even mention the size of his equipment. Its bang out of order in my opinion.

Escorts are the soul of discretion. What happens on one of my dates is between me and him, or me, him and the other girl which happens now and then. The details of any sensual massage stay secret. I guess this is why you will find a lot of men who are very loyal to their favourite escorts. I actually meet up with two celebrities myself and I am sure they are happier being with a professional escort than meeting some random girl in a club and not knowing what she is like and whether or not she has an ulterior motive.