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7 of the Hottest Night Clubs in Essex to Take Your Escort
Posted 1 year ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: 7 of the Hottest Night Clubs in Essex to Take Your Escort

Do you want to experience the Essex nightlife with an escort? There are tons of night clubs in Essex to choose from. Thus, it can be tricky to find the right one where you’ll get the most fun with a lady friend.

Worry not, for we’ve compiled a list of the best nightclubs to visit in Essex. 

According to a report, nightclub-goers in the UK spend around an average of 69 GBP. If you're going to spend that kind of cash, you want to be sure you'll have a great time. 

The clubs we’ll discuss are all going to be worth every penny and more. Keep reading to find out which one of them will best suit your tastes.

1. Talk Nightclub

Before Talk became what it is today, it was once known as Tots 2000. From its first years, Tots already built up a recognizable reputation. In the early 2000s, the nightclub ensured a fun night out for those who wanted to party in Southend.

In 2002, the club had got a new image and a new name. Still, its reputation as a high-end nightclub remains. Even now, when you say Talk, people think of the unique party rooms, luxury booths, and excellent music.

Let’s not forget about the state-of-the-art LED graphic display that it's known for. You can even choose from a variety of VIP packages. All packages include VIP entry, a VIP waitress, and cloakroom service.

2. Sugar Hut

The Sugar Hut is a nightclub with global acclaim. People from far and wide aim to visit the restaurant and nightclub. It’s a great destination especially if it’s your first time hiring an escort.

It sits in the heart of Brentwood High Street, offering glamour and quality. It has a fine dining restaurant, bars, a courtyard, and a night club. You and your date could enjoy the early evening dining before dancing the night off.

Like Talk Nightclub, the Sugar Hut Brentwood’s history is rich yet somewhat forgettable. Its old name was White Hart and it was quite a historic pub in the town. 

3. Ravens

Right in the heart of Southend-on-Sea, Ravens is one of the newest night clubs in Essex. It offers a lavish Function Suite, Roof Terrace, and Basement Bar. It also has ample parking space and public transport.

Ravens’ Basement Bar is on the tamer side of the spectrum. However, it’s great for having deep conversations or a quiet night of companionship. The area offers a very relaxing vibe with its cozy ambiance.

It’s a great place to stop by for dinner, cocktails, or bar snacks. Like our first two entries in this list, Ravens has quite an interesting history too. Before it debuted as one of the newest party event spaces in the area, it was a 125-year-old department store. 

4. Project

With over 73,000 escorts in town, you'll want to make sure you bring your choice of companion to the perfect places.

Faces Nightclub, an iconic, Ilford-based nightclub, finally closed its doors this year. It was the hotspot for celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Lindsay Lohan. There had also been nights when the English football team and the cast of The Only Way is Essex went to part in Faces.

With Faces gone, where else can you go? Fortunately, there is a new nightclub in town: Project. You'll find popular DJ's guesting here, including DJ's Sammy Porter, Charlo, and Billy the Kid.

5. Chinnerys

If you’re the club-goer who’s in it for the music, Chinnerys is what you need. It’s a part-pub, part-night club on Southend that showcases premier live music. Enjoy the seafront with an escort dancing and/or singing along to their retro, rock, and live music.

In the past, talents like La Roux and Bowling for Soup have performed in the club. Local talents also get their chance to showcase their music to the partygoers. 

The bar has two areas. The front is the seafront pub with milder music, good alcohol, and amicable staff. In the back, you have a live music venue, a fun and livelier atmosphere, and staff that are as cordial.

6. Reids Bar

Finding bars and clubs that stay alive in most nights of the week can be challenging. At Reids, you’ll find it offers more than wild weekend parties. However, that’s not to say that its weekend antics are not notable and enjoyable goings-on.

Reids in Billericay has six bars and a spacious dance floor with strobe lighting. It has several VIP areas for those who want a bit of privacy in their time in the club. The bar’s modern and sleek aesthetic makes it seem like a high-end spot.

In the day, the bar offers a relaxed atmosphere with coffee and a variety of dishes. It keeps its menu open with a wide range of cocktails and alcohols for the daytime visitor.


The CTZN is an all-in-one venue type. By day, it’s a bar and grill. At the turn of dusk, it becomes a nightclub. Its night activities involve hosting great parties for patrons meeting new people and dancing the night away.

The interior leans on the shabby, chic aesthetic. It has over two floors, each with a different music variety from the other for club-goers to choose from. Switching from an energetic House party mood to a chill RnB atmosphere is quick and easy.

You can find the lavish CTZN in Chelmsford. You’ll find that the venue is often busy and enjoyable. The staff and door staff are pleasant and approachable.

Visit the place during the day and you can expect great food as well.

Enjoy Your Night Clubbing With an Escort

That’s it for our list of the seven hottest night clubs in Essex. 

Was this post on the top night clubs in Essex helpful for you? If you want to see more posts like this, check out the rest of our blog. 

Now, you know of the best nightclubs to spend your Saturday party nights in. Are you looking for an escort service that can help you make the best out of the evening? Connect with us and we’ll help you find the perfect companion. 

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