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First Date Fashion: What to Wear on Your First Date with an Escort
Posted 3 years ago, by Admin

Impulse247 Blog: First Date Fashion: What to Wear on Your First Date with an Escort

First Date Fashion: What to Wear on Your First Date with an Escort

Are you nervous about your first date? Learn what to wear on your first date with an escort. We'll give you outfit ideas for 3 different venues.

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Most people judge you within 7 seconds of meeting you. Make a great first impression on an escort by knowing what to wear on a first date.

How you dress is one of the biggest determinants of somebody's first impression of you. Sure, your smile and conversation matter, but so does your appearance. By improving your style, you're leveling up to become a better date.

More women will be attracted to you if you dress well. That includes your escort.

Here's what you should wear on a first date with an escort:

The Importance of Grooming and Dressing Well

Some men think, "Since I'm seeing an escort, I don't have to dress up. I already paid her to like me."

This thinking is incorrect. If you're dressed sloppily or not showered, an escort might refuse to see you. By grooming yourself and dressing up correctly, you're communicating you're considerate of the escort on your date.

This leads to the question, "What is a date?"

Google defines the term "date" as "a social or romantic appointment or engagement." Meeting with an escort counts as a date, so you should put your best foot forward.

Wearing the right male outfits can make you feel more attractive. These kinds of outfits accentuate more masculine features such as your jawline, shoulders, chest, and more. Many women are attracted to these attributes.

Plus, wearing attractive clothes will boost your confidence. That means you're more likely to say and do the right things on your date. Your escort will appreciate the extra charm.


If a man is going on a date with an escort, he needs to dress in the date's context. Casual dress for men applies if you're going out to a bar, restaurant, or another casual setting.

Relaxed fits are most proper for casual dates. Your clothing shouldn't be too baggy or tight. The clothes should look flattering on your body.

Don't bother with ripped or tattered clothing. This will give off the vibe that you don't care about making a positive impression.

If the setting isn't formal enough for a button-up shirt, wear a polo shirt with clean jeans and nice shoes. This is a good first date outfit.

Polo shirts aren't just for dads. Make sure your polo shirt looks trendy by choosing a slimmer cut in a non-traditional colour.

You can only wear a T-shirt on a casual date if it's nice. Don't wear a stained, wrinkled, or otherwise inappropriate shirt.

Whatever you do, don't wear sweatpants unless you're going on a date to the gym. Sweatpants and sneakers simply scream, "Minimal effort!"

Only wear sneakers on casual dates if they're stylish.

Boots also work in most casual date settings.


Dress formally if you and your escort are going to a fancier setting. While many formal settings don't necessarily call for a suit, you still have to dress with class.

You can't go wrong with a button-up shirt for a formal date. Wear a tie if it flatters your outfit.

Avoid bold colours and patterns. Anything too flashy will not only turn off your date, but it will attract negative attention.

Formal dates call for formal dress pants. Khakis work too. Jeans have no place in a formal date.

Always have a pair of dress shoes ready for formal events and dates. Showing up in sneakers will make you stand out in a bad way.


Choose a jacket that makes you look and feel good. However, certain jackets go better with particular settings.

For example, a blazer goes well with more formal outfits. This includes events that don't require a suit, but still necessitate more formal fashion. Only wear a sports jacket if you're on a casual date.

If you're going to a nightclub, consider wearing a leather jacket. Women love leather jackets. A leather jacket will give you an edgy look.

Most bomber jackets work with more casual outfits. Don't wear any jackets that are too bulky. Wearing baggy clothes hides your frame and looks disproportionate.


Wear plaid if you're not sure what to wear. Plaid looks good in many different settings. Plus, it makes you appear more masculine.

Short sleeve plaid shirts work well with summer outfits. Long sleeve plaid shirts (including flannel) are better for winter.

Flannel has been going strong since the '90s, and it's not stopping any time soon. Rocking flannel makes you seem more bohemian, creative, and down-to-earth. It also gives your look a vintage appeal.

Flannel helps you do the following:

Dress in Layers and Accessories

Dressing in layers is beneficial if you're not sure what kind of weather/temperature you'll be exposed to on the date. If your escort date involves walking around outdoors in the cold, dress in layers to play it safe.

Wearing layers lets you offer your jacket to your escort in case she gets cold. If you do this, you'll impress her with your empathy. Politeness is especially important when interacting with an escort.

If you get too hot, take off layers as needed. This can also apply to the bedroom.

Unless it's especially cold outside, you should only have three to four layers of clothing. Feel free to wear a watch with your outfit. Save your dress watch for a formal date.

If you wear a pendant necklace, make sure the pendant isn't too big or flashy. It will steal attention from the rest of your look. Avoid wearing too much jewelry or mixing up different metals.

What to Wear on a First Date? Now You Know

The men's fashion market exceeds $419.4 billion. There's power in knowing what to wear on a first date.

More and more men are becoming interested in style. Men are the fastest growing consumer population in fashion. If you dress in style, your escort will appreciate it.

Get ready for a good time and meet our lovely escorts. You'll love every second of it.

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