A Sexy Striptease


A good striptease is all about timing. OK, I know what youre thinking male readers! that a good striptease is all about the hot young woman getting her kit off but youre wrong! As someone who has often pleased a man by undressing in a provocative, erotic and beguiling manner I know exactly what it is that makes undressing more than the sum of its parts careful rehearsed movement, anticipation, satisfaction delayed to the point of frustration to the point of and never beyond mind.

Another element of an erotic dance that cannot be overlooked is the lingerie. I mentioned earlier that rehearsal is an important part of a good striptease. There is nothing sexier about getting your panties caught in your high heels! So, its important to know your moves and to choose your sexy undies well.

Getting in the mood often involves mood lighting and mood music. No man is going to get all hot and bothered watching a girl dance silently under a bright fluorescent tube though with my body I might just be able to get away with it! Being an escort means I stay in great shape and I often work out by pole dancing its a fabulous way to tone and when I am feeling horny I might even treat a guy to a naughty performance. Anyway, soft lighting in sexy tones, purples, pinks and reds work best along with the right choice in raunchy music and a man will definitely be in the mood!

So, weve covered moves, mood and lingerie. Is there anything else to consider? Well I like to add a few accessories to the mix. This can involve fantasy role play dressing up as a saucy secretary complete with black rimmed glasses for example. Add a riding crop or if dressed as a French maid a feather duster. A pair of handcuffs will always do the trick.

You add all of these elements up and you come out with an experience that most men would die for. Just dont get your clothes off too quickly, take your time and watch him rise to the occasion.