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7 Social Situations Where Mature Escorts Fit Right In

7 Social Situations Where Mature Escorts Fit Right In

According to Psychology Today, recent interviews indicate that many younger men prefer older women†because mature women are self-confident and good at conversation. Mature escorts will bring you to a world of pleasure that only older women can give you access to.

A mature beauty's charm transcends her physical appearance. She knows how to make clients of all kinds feel comfortable. Her calm, cool self-assurance†is a turn-on in and of itself.

However, bedroom activities aside, what will you do with a mature escort? The activity you pick will determine whether or not she'll be impressed by you.

Fortunately, there are an abundance of social situations where an older escort woman will fit right in. Here are 7 social activities that make for a perfect date with a mature escort:

1. Parties

Going to a party is a popular escort date idea. Here, you get to show off a mature escort to your friends and have some mature fun afterwards.

When you bring a regular date to a party, you can't predict how she'll react. Being around a lot of people might†make her feel self-conscious and become silent.

On the other hand, years of lived experiences have endowed a mature escort with†more social graces. She'll know how to handle conversations and make a good impression while being discrete.

It's even better if the party has a sex or kink theme. Then your mature escort can really flaunt her personality and skills! Afterwards, she can tell you some mature wife stories that will rock your world.

2. Business Events

Being seen with a mature escort will do wonders for your reputation in the business world. Even better, it's likely that nobody will know she's a mature escort unless you personally disclose that fact yourself.

The older a woman is, the more time she has to work on her social skills. That's why older women know how to make an impression that sticks.

Your colleagues will remember the beautiful woman you brought with you to dinner and think more positively about you. They'll assume you must've done something impressive in order to deserve her company, but escort work probably won't even enter their minds.

If you want an escort with truly amazing social skills, hire a high-end escort.†These women have mastered the social etiquette that business-related social settings require.

3. Attend a Live Show

Take your mature escort companion to see a live performance of some kind! She'll†be†a perfect date for the occasion.

Go see a live band perform at a local venue. If it's your friend's band, it's a golden opportunity to be seen with a beautiful woman. It'll boost your reputation big time.

You could also keep it classy and see a play at a theater. Seeing a play is much more fun when you're in good company. It's even better when that company is sexy, charming, and experienced with providing pleasure.

4. Restaurant Date

Have you been curious about that new restaurant in town? Your mature escort friend would probably love to go there!

Yes, restaurants are a rather social atmosphere. Still, being alone at a table together allows you both to get to know each other.

Keep in mind: Any chemistry you develop during your date will pay off later. Take advantage of this opportunity to flaunt any escort date etiquette you've learned.

For bonus points, ask the escort what kind of food she likes or if she has any allergies beforehand.

5. Wedding Date

Need a plus-one to a wedding? Never fear?mature escorts are here!

Bringing a beautiful older woman with you is the best way to stand out†at weddings. The other wedding guests will be wowed away by her beauty.

Make sure you book a wedding date with an escort in advance. That way, the escort can prepare for the wedding to make the best impression.†

If you want the escort to pretend to be your girlfriend, you'll have to pay extra. But the confidence boost you'll get is worth the price.

6. Wine Tasting or Bar Hopping

A mature escort makes an ideal companion for a night of bar hopping.†Bar hopping is one of the most fun things to do in London, so she'll definitely have a fun time.

You could also take a mature escort to a wine tasting. She'll appreciate the classy atmosphere and rich smells. She might even have a glass or two herself.†

Being tipsy will only heighten any fun you have together. Don't be self-conscious about the booze inhibiting your ability to "perform." One of the best things about older escorts is they're non-judgmental and experienced with meeting a client's needs than younger escorts are.

Pro tip:†Always ask a woman what kind of drink she wants before ordering. She'll appreciate the consideration and attention.

7. Take a Class Together

There's no class that teaches you how to become an escort, so taking an escort to a class with you makes the learning experience even more interesting. This also gives you the opportunity to create chemistry by bonding over a shared activity.

Pick a class that's both interesting and engaging. For example, you could take a cooking class or dance class. If you're a kinky kind of guy, consider taking her to a BDSM-related class like a rope-tying class.

To be safe, make sure the escort knows you're going to a class in advance. This will give her time to prepare an appropriate outfit, look, and attitude. Her appeal will be so intoxicating, she'll distract the other students by simply being in the same room as them.

Mature Escorts Do It Better

The popularity of mature porn on PornHub is evidence†that many younger men desire older women. Mature escorts can help you fulfill that cougar fantasy you've always had.

A†mature escort can teach you things you'd never learn from a younger escort.†Plus, next to nothing you request will surprise her because she's seen it all.

Be good to yourself -†browse our escort profiles and see who you're attracted to. Sparks will fly when you finally meet.


Escort Safety Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Escort Safety Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Staying safe as an escort is very important. Read on to learn about the top escort safety tips.

Keyword(s): escort safety

One of the biggest misconceptions about escorting is that it's extremely dangerous.

While there are risks, they're easy to manage if you follow the rules.†

Like any profession, being an escort comes with a set of safety regulations and recommendations. In this post, we'll tell you what they are.

Get to know these escort safety rules, and you won't have any problems.†

10†Escort Safety Rules to Live By

Follow these golden rules to make your work as safe as possible.††

1. Use a Website

The safest way to advertise yourself is to use a website.

You don't have to be tech-savvy or hire a web designer to do this for you. Thanks to online website builders, it's easy to create a professional website†by yourself.†

On your site, you can control exactly how much information about yourself you disclose. You can also take it down whenever you need to.†

If you're you're working with an agency, they'll advertise for you†on their existing site.†

2. Always Screen New Clients

It's absolutely essential that you screen your clients before you see them.

The first way to do this is to set up a form that†they can fill in on your website. There, you can collect names, contact details and any other information you'd like. Then, you can choose whether or not to reach out to them.

Many escorts cross-reference new clients by checking with each other before they see them. Ask other escorts if they've seen them before. If they have, they'll be able to tell you whether or not you should see them, and what to expect if you do.†

After exchanging emails or other online communication with a new client, it's best to contact them by phone. This way, you can have a conversation and get a feel for them and take it from there.†

Some escorts also ask for social media accounts, formal identification or proof of employment, so they can verify the identity of their clients, too.†

3. Keep a 'Do Not See' List

When you do your cross-referencing with other escorts, take note of any clients they warn you against seeing to make sure you can avoid them.

Add this to a 'do not see' list, along with the names of any previous clients that you don't want to see again. This will help you to protect other escorts as well as yourself.†

4. Set Ground Rules

To make sure every client experience runs smoothly, have an iron-clad set of rules that you follow for each one.††

Make your boundaries clear before you see a client, letting them know exactly what you are and aren't willing to do. It's important that you're both on the same page and that the client has realistic expectations.†

Misunderstandings can sometimes result in difficult or even dangerous situations for escorts, so be clear from the start.†

5. Arrange Your Own Transportation

If you're going on an outcall, the client may offer to pick you up. Never accept the offer.†

Make your own way there, either with a personal driver or using public transportation. It's ideal to have someone you trust drop you off and pick you up after a specified amount of time.††

If you can do this, make sure your client knows that you have someone waiting for you outside.†

6. Don't Disclose Personal Information

Disclosing personal information to your clients can be dangerous. That's why most escorts operate under aliases.

If a client knows your identity, address or personal contact information, they may get a little too close for comfort. To avoid this, don't carry your ID when you're seeing clients. Otherwise, they may take a peek while you're not looking to find out your real name.†

7.†Have Your First Meeting in a Public Place

Don't jump straight into an appointment in a private place. First, set up an introductory meeting somewhere public so you can get to know each other.

Coffee shops are perfect for this. Sit down with them and spend some time learning about their expectations. At the same time, you can clearly lay out your requirements.†

At the end of these meetings, make sure the client doesn't follow you home.†

Refuse to meet any clients who insist on you going to their home, hotel or workplace straight away. This is often a warning sign of a police sting and should be avoided at all costs.†

8. Let Someone Know Where You Are

Before you head out to see a new client, tell someone where you're going. This could be another escort, a close friend, a family member, or anyone else whom you trust.

Let them know where you're meeting and how long you expect your appointment to take. Then, give them some instructions on what to do if they don't hear from you after a certain amount of time. They can check-in to make sure everything went to plan, and call for help if it didn't.†

9. Take†Sexual Health Precautions

Escort safety isn't just about avoiding violence, exploitation or arrest. It's also about sexual health.

Always using a condom is one of the unwritten rules of escorting. Some clients will try to work around this rule, but it should be non-negotiable.†

As well as using protection, get regular sexual health checks to make sure you stay on top of things.

10. Have a Payment Policy

The easiest and safest way to accept payment from clients is by cash.†

If you use cards, online transfers or any other payment methods, things get more complicated. If you take cash, all you have to do is use a banknote tester pen to check for counterfeit notes.†

It's best to get your payments up-front at the start of your appointments. If you wait until the end, some clients may refuse to pay.††

Be Your Own Boss

When you're first starting out, all of these escort safety rules may seem overwhelming. However, they quickly become second nature.

One of the best things about escort work is that you can be your own boss. That means that you get to set your own rules and boundaries for your work.†

To find out more, read our post on what it's really like to be an escort.†


How to Become an Escort: Your Complete Guide

How to Become an Escort: Your Complete Guide

One escort in the UK famously earned over £4,000 a week offering her services as an escort.

The woman also noted that it's not all about sex, as most people tend to think. She said that more often than not, she ends up getting paid to sit and drink wine in luxurious hotel rooms with mature, single men.

Sounds like the life, doesn't it? If you think so, then keep reading. We'll tell you everything you need to know about how to become an escort and begin earning your way to a better life.

What To Know About How to Become an Escort

Becoming an escort is like deciding to pursue any other career path. This means that you'll want to ask yourself some questions before committing to pursuing the job.

Because people tend to view escort services as out of the ordinary and perhaps even "dangerous", you'll first want to ask yourself if this is a career you feel comfortable with.

Are you going to feel okay telling your friend and family what you do for work or will you feel the need to keep it a secret?†

Being an escort is actually pretty safe. You could suffer an injury working a construction job or pursue an actual life-threatening job like becoming an astronaut.†

This is important to understand, as you might find that you have to do some convincing of others who don't quite understand what it is you do.

Now, as yourself a few questions:

  • Do you genuinely enjoy the company of others and do you like the idea of getting paid to spend time with people?
  • Are you emotionally prepared to handle the impact that this job might have on you?
  • Are you looking or a more thrilling lifestyle or are you actually interested in the job for what it requires of you?
  • What are you looking to get out of being an escort?

Answering these questions will help you truly understand whether or not it?s the right job for you.

If you're outgoing and love to be around people, then it?s a great way to spend a career earning pretty decent money.†

Perhaps your zodiac sign leaves you feeling hot all the time and you think this is a great way to get your energy out.

If you're naturally shy and quiet and only after the money, though, then it's going to be hard to make it work.

Browse a Safe Escort Agency in Your Area

Still think it sounds like a good fit? Great!

Your next step in becoming an escort is to browse a safe escort agency in your area. There are likely plenty, but it's best to look for the top-ranked ones in the UK to ensure you're in good hands.

Working for a reputable agency gives you a stronger sense of security, and it also makes it much easier to meet clients.†

Some other benefits of joining an escort website or agency include:

When you're an escort for an agency, i's likely that they'll inform you on a few things.

These include learning what to do when a client starts to ask you to do something that you're not comfortable with and understanding the etiquette of escorting.

It?s best to speak with a few agencies before deciding which one is best for you.†

If you know that you?re looking to be an escort for only mature men, for example, then you'll want to find an agency that caters solely to that demographic.

Create Your Escort Identity

One of the best parts of being an escort is the freedom it gives you to pretty much reinvent yourself.

Yes, you get to choose your escort identity. Not only is this part of protecting your real identity, but it can allow some escorts to let themselves let go of their inhibitions.

Have you always wanted to be a hardcore Russian spy type of a woman but haven't had the guts to? Create an escort persona around that woman.

Perhaps you're naturally dominant in your everyday life and want to give over the control to someone else for a while. Create an escort persona that is quiet, shy, and super submissive.

The options are endless, but the more variety that you can add to your profile, the better!†

It's best to come up with a super memorable name. Check online escort profiles to see that nobody else in your area is using the same name. This will help you stand out amongst your clients.

Oftentimes, the more of a backstory that you can create, the more involved you will be able to get with your clients.

Use your escort name across all of your profiles and advertising platforms. Remain consistent and ensure that you don?t give away any information that you don't feel comfortable giving away.

It's worth noting here that you're totally free to be yourself as an escort as well. You can give a client as much personal information as you want.†

It's not illegal or prohibited to form a genuine connection with a client, so long as it doesn't interfere with your other clients or work in general.

Begin Escorting with a Free Escort Website

Now that you've got your escort persona and you know how to enter the business safely, it's time to sign up with an agency.

Learning how to become an escort is the hard part, now all you have to do is create a profile and begin to enjoy providing company to others in your area.

Ready to start your journey and begin building the life that you've always dreamt of?†

Come work for us at Impulse 24/7. We have over 15 years of experience serving clients in the UK.†

As one of our top escorts, you can enjoy superb earnings, guaranteed work, comfortable surroundings, and even free transport and security services.

Go ahead. Apply today. You know you want to.


Life of an Escort: What It's Like Being a High End Escort

Life of an Escort: What It's Like Being a High End Escort

You may not realize what the life of an escort is like. Click here to find out about the lives of the higher end escorts.

Keyword(s): life of an escort

Getting paid to have sex. That is the idea most people have when they think of working escorts.†

This idea, while true in some cases, isn't the whole story.†

Whether you are a woman looking to enter the industry or just curious about the daily life of an escort, we are here to help.†

We're going to delve into what actually happens when a woman is paid for her time and the effects of working this type of job on her personal life. Keep reading for more information!†

It's Not Just About Sex

The first thought that likely comes to mind about escorts is that their end game is to meet men who want to pay for sex. This is true to an extent, but it isn't a complete view of the profession.

While there is nothing wrong with the standard, street-level prostitution, it is quite different than the dealings of a high-end escort. Many women who do not work with an agency offer their services in exchange for money--no frills, no extra experiences.†

High-end escorts aren't just paid for sex. They are paid for their time, their companionship, and making their date feel special. In fact, their dates don't always include heavy physical intimacy.†

Dates may include shopping trips, long weekend getaways, or simply laying in bed and watching a movie.†

Fitness & Healthy Eating

In order to maintain high client satisfaction, repeat business, and attract new customers, escorts often focus on their figure. This usually means that their day starts with a trip to the gym.†

Of course, working out is only part of the battle when it comes to keeping a great figure. Women working for agencies also watch the types of food they consume and portion size to ensure their great aesthetic appeal.† †

This also allows them to splurge when they are out for dinner dates and meet any agency requirements regarding appearance.†

Education & Work

Believe it or not, high-end escorts do not choose this profession because they lack options. Most women in the industry are well-educated or still attending college. Additionally, they may hold mainstream 'regular' jobs.

The life of an escort often includes attending university classes as she may not plan on this line of work forever. Classes in psychology are particularly useful as escorting is all about making an interpersonal connection.†

However, there is not necessarily any major or field of study that is more popular than another. Just like any other person, they may have interests in computer programming, engineering, law, or medicine.

As far as having a 'regular' job, some women choose to keep one, while others do not. These jobs vary as greatly as their degrees and women who choose to keep a day job and escort often have reasons for doing so.†

Family Relations

Because of the stigma that is associated with escorting, many ladies choose not to tell their families the nature of their work. This doesn't mean they are ashamed, but instead, choose to keep their professional life private.†

Although many working women do not disclose their work life, some are completely open about it. Their families support their choice and love them regardless.†

You should take note: women who escort full-time, or as their sole means of income, typically have more free time to spend with their loved ones. This often means attending events that they would otherwise miss, and developing deeper familial ties.†

Boyfriends (or Girlfriends)

While high-end escorts often lead a relatively normal life, the distinguishing factor is that personal relations are difficult. It's not to say that escorts do not have significant others, but some find it hard to separate their professional and private lives in this regard.†

If an escort chooses to date someone exclusively, work is usually spoken about a bit less than in other relationships. Otherwise, as long as jealousy stays at a minimum, these connections are normal in every other aspect.†

The High Life

If sex work and escorting were legal in all parts of the world and accepted as a 'normal' job, these ladies' lives would be no different than many other people's. The key difference is the amount of income versus the number of hours spent working.†

Escorts tend to make above-average hourly rates, making their financial lives much more stable. This enables them to live a life of luxury, buying the things that middle-class workers can only dream of.†

Although their income is higher, many choose NOT to purchase items on a whim and instead choose to invest their earnings in property, their education, or global markets.†

The Life of an Escort is Only Slightly Different Than Yours

It is difficult to describe the daily life of an escort due to the fact that each escort is a woman--as different and varied as any other person in the world. As you can imagine, there is a lot of discretion when it comes to their profession, but no more so than a therapist or an attorney.†

In reality, a high-end escort can be seen as a saleswoman. They wake up, work out, attend to family and personal needs, and work hard for their money. These ladies just happen to have more fun while they earn.†

If you are still curious about the life of an escort or would like to spend some time with a beautiful lady, review our ladies' profiles. Once you find your match, contact us for a date!†


9 Things You Should NOT Do When Getting an Escort

Escort Rules: 9 Things You Should NOT Do When Getting an Escort

If you are planning on hiring an escort, you should know the escort rules. Click here to find out more on what you should not do when getting an escort.

Keyword(s): escort rules

If you are planning on hiring an escort, then you should know the escort rules. †
Some men hire escorts regularly for various reasons. Hiring an escort is beneficial in several ways.

First, it helps in saving time, effort, and money. The process of courting a woman can be tedious. It takes a lot to impress a woman and take her out. All this is intended at sleeping with her and fulfilling your sexual desires.

Second, it does not need special skills to sleep with an escort. Impressive social skills and good looks are required to get a woman.

Third, escort services are essential in fulfilling your sexual desires. It is difficult to get a woman who can fulfill your fantasies without being judgmental.

Fourth, you can access a wide variety of escorts and services. You can hire an escort to sleep with or an event. You can also select an escort based on character or looks.

We have compiled a list of the nine things that you should not do when getting an escort:

Escort Rules: 1. Don't Be Disrespectful

All women deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Paying an escort does not give you the right to be rude and disrespectful.

Good manners prove that you are worth the time spent on an escort date.
Good manners also boost the morale of the escort, encouraging her to give her best service. Good services lead to customer satisfaction.

Respectful people are also candidates for future dates. Cruelty can force an escort to work out on a meeting before its completion.

2. Don't Ask for Favors

Escort dates are agreed on a set fee. Just like other jobs, the escorts are paid for their time. This is how they generate income to meet their obligations. It is unfair and impractical to ask for freebies.

You do not ask for free services when visiting your doctor or seeking legal services. You should also not expect free services from an escort.

The biggest motivation for any work is profit maximization. If an escort decides to give you free time or service, then the quality will be low. The escort will give much attention and effort.

No one wants low-quality services, especially after hiring an escort and spent extra money paying for a hotel room. †

3. Don't Invite Your Friends When Hiring an Escort

An escort appointment is for you only. The fee is agreed on the time spent on you and not your group. If you are planning to bring your friend, then you should make this request early. If the escort is comfortable, the price will be agreed upon.

An escort has the right to deny you services and leave if you bring your friend or group. This is because you are exploiting her. You are also violating your agreement with the escort service if you bring a friend without their consent.

Some escorts do not prefer group sex, while others are scared of groups because of their safety.

There are numerous stories in which escorts have been raped, physically abused, or even killed. An escort will only agree to give her time and service if she is comfortable, and her safety is guaranteed.

4. Don't Be Nervous

It is normal to nervous in an escort date, especially if it is your first time. Always try to relax and let the escort make you comfortable.

It is the job of an escort to make a client feel comfortable. This is what they are paid for.

An escort cannot do the job you are paying her for if you are nervous. Relaxing creates a perfect atmosphere to engage with the escort in meaningful conversations.

Do not be shy when talking to the escort. You are not the first person to talk to her or ask questions. Feel free to ask an escort any question, but always be respectful and sensitive.

Questions are good because they initiate conversations.

5. Don't Cancel an Escort Date without Notification

Nobody likes to be stood up for a date or an appointment. Do not do this to an escort. They spend a considerable amount of time and effort preparing for the meeting.

If something happens that will prevent you from meeting your escort, then call early and let her know.

It is disrespectful and rude not to show for a date.

6. Don't Forget to Set Boundaries

Always have a set of guidelines and stick to the. Also, remember to respect and abide by escorts' rules and requests.

7. Don't Lend an Escort Your Phone

Mobile phones carry a lot of personal and confidential information. Giving an escort your phone can lead to privacy breach and irreversible consequences.

8. Don't Loan Money

Lending escort money creates a personal relationship outside the normal agreement. You may like her so much but it is never a good idea to lend escorts money. †

9. Don't Forget to Watch Your Belongings

Not all escorts are trustworthy. Some may steal your valuables if they are out of your sight.

End Note

Learning escort etiquette improves the experience with an escort. The most important when hiring an escort is to have fun.

Abide by these nine simple escort rules the next time you are on a date with your escort. Other than these nine rules, make sure that you protect yourself if you decide to sleep with the escort. Always practice safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies or contracting diseases.

Not all escorts offer sexual services. Some just offer clients a good time. Do not force her into any sexual contact.

Before selecting an escort service, make sure that you peruse their customer reviews and ratings. Otherwise, you may fall victim to the usual pitfalls of online advertising.

You should also arrive for your escort meeting clean. This is a normal date; the difference is that you have paid for her time. You can carry some flowers or a gift to make her happy.

Please explore other parts of our blog to find out more insightful information on hiring an escort.


What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Sexual Style

Having regular sex can lower stress, reduce pain, increase intimacy, and even help you live longer. And let's not forget that it feels great!

But what if we told you there may be a way to make your already-great sex feel even better? Everyone has their own sexual style, and learning how to identify it can go a long way to making sex more pleasurable.

As sexual preferences are often be related to your personality, it makes sense that your zodiac sign can say a lot about what you enjoy in bed.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover what your zodiac sign says about your sexual style and preferences.


Aries are full of passion, but they also tend to be quite impatient. This translates into sex that gets straight to the point instead of spending a lot of time on pre-sex activities.

Aries can also be aggressive in bed. For women, this means that being on top and being in control is best.


A Taurus is the complete opposite of Aries. They enjoy being romanced from the beginning of a date until the very end. Nice dinners, sensual candles, and lots of kissing are what really elevates a sexual experience for a Taurus.

It should come as no surprise that they also like their sex to be slow and long-lasting. Shower sex can be particularly fun for a Taurus, especially if you add a little sensual lathering into the mix.


With a relaxed and confident personality, Geminis aren't afraid to say what they want during sex. They're comfortable with dirty talk and are usually willing to experiment with their partner.

Since Geminis enjoy trying new things, there's no one best position. Instead, switching positions and trying adventurous things in bed is what helps a Gemini climax.


Sex with serious partners is always preferable for Cancers. They enjoy feeling connected and intimate with the one they love. So, when they have sex with their partner, it's passionate and intense.

There can also be a lot of pre and post sex cuddling as they crave being close to their partner. During sex, Cancers enjoy any position that involves a lot of eye contact and touching.


Drama and passion are what sets a Leo apart from the rest. They have a high sex drive and an adventurous streak when it comes to trying new things. They also like to learn about their partner?s sexual preferences to ensure both parties leave happy.

While switching things up with a unique position is a good idea, Leos tend to enjoy the intense climax they get from doggy style.


People tend to view Virgos as innocent, but that's not always true. In bed, Virgos prefer passion and romance. Massages, laying close to each other, and playing with their hair are all ways to get a Virgo ready for amazing sex.

Virgos don't prefer aggressive sex or use the use of handcuffs and other types of bondage. Instead, try positions that keep both partners as equals, like side to side, instead of having one dominant and one submissive partner.


Libras are hospitable and believe in equality and fairness. However, they can also be a little vain.

When it comes to sex, this means a Libra will reciprocate what you give them. They also like to hear compliments and may prefer to be on top so you have the sexiest view of them. Fantasies can also be a big part of a Libra's sexual preferences, so don't be afraid to try some role-playing.


If there's one zodiac sign that already knows exactly what they want, it's a Scorpio. They are inherently independent and observant, and they like to be in control to ensure both parties get the most amazing climax.

Since Scorpios like to be the boss, they enjoy any position that makes them the dominant partner. However, they also like to climax as many times as possible, leading them to switch positions as needed.


Much like Scorpios, the Sagittarius is independent. However, whereas the Scorpio enjoys being in control during sex, a Sagittarius often takes control by pleasuring themselves.

Their adventurous spirit and need for freedom often lead them to have multiple sexual partners instead of committing to one person. They enjoy trying new things and having sex outside the bedroom, especially if there's a risk of getting caught in the act.


Capricorns are known for being consistent and reliable. During sex, they'd prefer to stick to the positions they know work instead of trying new things.

The classic sex position with the man on top is where the Capricorn thrives, and they keep things interesting by enjoying sex on the rougher side.


As the complete opposite of Capricorns, an Aquarius loves pushing boundaries and being inventive in bed. Even their fantasies and fetishes are daring and unique. Because they're always up to try new things, they don't judge their partner for their preferences.

During sex, try whatever position strikes you, even if you?re not sure it'll work. Toys, fantasies, and threesomes with escorts are also great ways to keep things interesting in the bedroom.


Out of all the zodiac signs, a Pisces is perhaps the most emotional and nurturing. Similar to a Cancer, they love feeling connected with their partner, so positions with lots of touching is preferable.

However, the Pisces? nurturing side also means they make sure that their partner is satisfied, and they often put their partner first in bed. Romantic fantasies and positions that keep partners close together are what a Pisces enjoys the most.

Sexual Style and Zodiac Signs

Don't settle for sex that's just 'good' any longer. Instead, follow our guide to zodiac signs and sexual style to discover more about you and your partner's preferences in bed.

Are you looking to explore your sexual side with a beautiful woman? Then check out our escorts available in North London today.


The Gentlemen's Guide to Being the Quintessential Romantic On a Date With an Escort

Roughly 10% of British men have paid for sex at some point in their lives. If you're about to go on a date with an escort, you can take solace knowing you're not alone.

Although there are plenty of people who use escort services, how to act when meeting an escort isn't common knowledge. What do you say? How do you go about paying her?

Luckily, there are a few easy tips that can help ensure your date goes well and you act like the perfect gentleman.

Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out!

Discuss Expectations Beforehand

Do you plan on having sex with your escort at the end of the date? Do you have some special fantasy you'd like to play out? Make sure this is all communicated with her before your big date.

Not all escorts have sex and the ones who do often have limitations on what they're comfortable with. Make sure you read her profile to ensure she is the right match for you. Then, discuss how you?d like the date to go.

You don't want to surprise her with these big expectations halfway through the date or right before you head towards the bedroom and ruin the mood. Instead, everyone will be a lot more comfortable if sexual preferences are discussed beforehand.

Pick the Right Location

In many ways, you should treat a date with an escort the same way you'd treat any other date. This means you should take care in picking the location.

While you may immediately think of a nice restaurant, that's not your only option. You could also meet in a quaint cafe, take a walk in the park, or explore a local museum together.

Dress to Impress

You wouldn't show up to any other date in sweats or a stained t-shirt, and your date with an escort should be no different. Dress in attire that's appropriate for your date, and take extra care to ensure you look date-ready.

This means that you should also be sure to shower and make sure your fingernails are trimmed.

Know How to Handle Payment

One unique aspect of dating an escort is that you?ll have to settle the matter of payment. You want to make this as normal and discrete as you can.

The best way to do this is to have the exact amount tucked into an envelope. You can place in on the table and call it a 'gift' at the beginning of the date to get it out of the way.

Once the payment is taken care of, don't bring it up again. Saying things like 'I paid for?' throughout the date will only make things awkward and may even cause the people around you to stare.

Start a Good Conversation

Nothing†ruins a romantic mood like awkward silences. If you're nervous, you can prepare a few topics to discuss ahead of time in case there's a lull in the conversation.

But be sure to keep the topics light. An escort may be wary about giving out personal details, so stick to questions regarding things like hobbies and interests.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

It's only natural to feel nervous before a first date. But drowning those nerves in alcohol is never a good idea.

Of course, having a drink or two with dinner is okay. Just make sure you know your limits, and don't drink to the point of being disrespectful or sloppy.

Take Your Time

So, you've discussed your expectations for sex beforehand and your date is absolutely beautiful. You may feel tempted to go straight to bed, but don't rush out of the restaurant before the entrees even arrive.

Remember, you want to act like you would on any other date. So, take your time at dinner and make polite conversation with your†escort.

Also, be sure to listen to her cues when you do suggest moving the date into the bedroom. Don't try to push your date if she's not comfortable yet. She likely has a method of assessing whether a situation is safe or not, and you want to make sure she feels safe before going any further.

Be Respectful and Be Yourself

Nothing is more romantic than a man who is respectful. It's important to be polite to your date, and avoid treating her like paid property.

This simply means you should respect her boundaries and talk to her like you'd talk to your female friends and coworkers. Leave the dirty talk for the bedroom, and don't discuss her profession or the fact that you gave her money.

Of course, you don't have to go to a 5-star restaurant and bring her a dozen red roses to be respectful and romantic. The best way to ensure the date goes smoothly is to be yourself. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable, chances are, your date will too.

So, if you usually go on casual dates, then take her to a more relaxed restaurant or even a cafe.

Going on a Date with an Escort: Wrapping Up

If you have a first date with an escort coming up, it's only natural to feel a little nervous. But by following the tips above, you can be a real romantic and ensure the date goes smoothly.

If the night goes well, you may even want to leave your date a tip to show your appreciation. Check out this guide on tipping etiquette to decide if a tip is in order.


Feeling Lonely? Check Out These Tips on How to Find an Escort...

Feeling Lonely? Check Out These Tips on How to Find an Escort...

If you're feeling like you could use a little companionship, don't settle for being alone. Check out these tips on how to find an escort that'll rock you!

Keyword(s): how to find an escort

Love is complicated, and dating can be hard. Sometimes we all get a little lonely, and you shouldn?t have to try to navigate the complex world of romance to find a little company. Hiring an escort can be a great way to fulfill your needs and get some companionship.

But if you?ve never hired an escort before, you may not know how to find an escort. It can be a tricky world to navigate if you haven?t done it before. Read on to learn how to find an escort and what to do to arrange your encounter.

Decide What Your Needs Are

The first thing you?ll want to do before you start researching escort services is to decide what it is you?re looking for. Are you looking for a date, a hookup, and that?s all? Or are you wanting to hire someone to be your escort for the weekend or even a week?

Decide ahead of time what you?re looking for in an escort, both in services and in appearance. Are you looking for a man or a woman, someone younger or older, thinner or thicker? Knowing what you?re looking for will help you find the right escort service to meet your needs.

Set a Budget

You should also decide how much money you want to spend on your escort service. This is very much a ?you get what you pay for? sort of industry, so it?s better to have more money budgeted ahead of time. And, of course, how much you spend depends a lot on what services you?re looking for.

If you?re looking for a single encounter, you should plan to pay between £450 and £900 an hour. Longer experiences can run upwards of £1,500and up to £4,500for a whole night. If you?re looking to spend a weekend with an escort, you should be prepared to pay around £23,000.

Make a List of Reputable Agencies†

As we mentioned, this is a ?you get what you pay for? industry, and there are some obvious risks that come along with it. This doesn?t mean you should avoid it, but it does mean you should be careful. You want to hire an escort through a reputable agency that provides protection on both sides.

A good place to start is running a Google search for escort services in your area. Rule out the ones that don?t have a website or that have websites that look like they haven?t been updated since the nineties. You want a service that?s willing to shell out the cash for a quality website design.

Read the Reviews

Once you?ve found a few escort services who look good at a glance, it?s time to start going deeper. A beautiful website design is a good indication, but you don?t want to bank on that alone. Instead, start researching the service and see what sort of reputation they have.

Read about the services the company?s escorts offer and make sure they line up with your needs. If they have prices listed, make sure they fit in your budget. And most importantly, read reviews from previous clients, both from their website and from third parties.

Find an Escort You Like

Once you?ve found a service you trust and which meets your needs, it?s time to select an escort. Most services will have lists of their available escorts on their websites, complete with photos. You can often sort these escort listings by body type, hair color, availability, and more.

Find an escort who appeals to you on multiple levels. You obviously want them to be someone you?re physically attracted to, but read their profile and use that information, too. You want to find a person who has personality traits that fit your needs, too, whether they be bold or more laid back.

Do Some Research

Once you have an escort in mind, it?s time to do some research on that person in particular. You want to confirm a few things: first of all, that they are who they say, and second, that they have good reviews. Start by Googling their professional name and seeing what results turn up.

If possible, read reviews from previous customers of theirs; if there are bad reviews, see what the complaints were. You also want to try to find a few different pictures of them. If only one is available, run a reverse Google search on that photo to make sure it isn?t from another site.†

Make a Phone Call

Once you?ve settled on an escort service and a specific escort, it?s time to arrange your encounter. Call either the service or the escort and tell them what it is you?re looking for. In some cases, the escort service may pass along your contact information to the escort.

When you speak to the escort, be clear about what you?re looking for and ask what her charges are. Do not try to negotiate prices; escort services are not up for haggling. Arrange when and where you want to meet and any other details you need before the encounter.

Discover How to Find an Escort

Finding an escort should be an exciting, enjoyable process. It?s a treat to yourself, and while you should be smart and careful about it, have fun with it; this experience is about your pleasure. Do your research, find a service you can trust, and find an escort who can fulfill your needs ? and desires.

If you?re unsure about how to find an escort, check out the rest of our site at Impulse 247 Escorts. We employ beautiful women of all ages, body types, nationalities, and personalities waiting to fulfill your fantasies. Check out our list of escorts and find one who catches your eye today.


First Date Fashion: What to Wear on Your First Date with an Escort

First Date Fashion: What to Wear on Your First Date with an Escort

Are you nervous about your first date? Learn what to wear on your first date with an escort. We'll give you outfit ideas for 3 different venues.

Keyword(s): what to wear on a first date

Most people judge you within 7 seconds of meeting you. Make†a great†first impression on an escort by knowing what to wear on a first date.

How you dress is one of the biggest determinants of somebody's first impression of you. Sure, your smile and conversation matter, but so does your appearance. By improving your style, you're leveling up to become a better date.

More women will be attracted to you if you dress well. That includes your escort.

Here's what you should wear on a first date with an escort:

The Importance of Grooming and Dressing Well

Some men think, "Since I'm†seeing†an escort, I don't have to dress up. I already paid her to like me."

This thinking is incorrect. If you're dressed sloppily or not showered, an escort might refuse to see you. By grooming yourself and dressing up correctly, you're communicating you're considerate of the escort on your date.

This leads to the question, "What is a date?"

Google defines the term "date" as "a social or romantic appointment or engagement." Meeting with an escort counts as a date, so you should put your best foot forward.

Wearing the right male outfits can make you feel more attractive. These kinds of outfits accentuate more masculine features such as your jawline, shoulders, chest, and more. Many women are attracted to these attributes.

Plus, wearing attractive clothes will boost your confidence. That means you're more likely to say and do the right things on your date. Your escort will appreciate the extra charm.


If a man is going on a date with an escort, he needs to dress in the date's context.†Casual dress for men†applies if you're going out to a bar, restaurant, or another casual setting.

Relaxed fits are most proper for casual dates. Your clothing shouldn't be too baggy or tight. The clothes should look flattering on your body.

Don't bother with ripped or tattered clothing. This will give off the†vibe†that you don't care about making a positive impression.

If the setting isn't formal enough for a button-up shirt, wear a polo shirt with clean jeans and nice shoes. This is a good first date outfit.

Polo shirts aren't just for dads. Make sure your polo shirt looks trendy by choosing a slimmer cut in a non-traditional colour.

You can only wear a T-shirt on a casual date if it's nice. Don't wear a stained, wrinkled, or otherwise inappropriate shirt.

Whatever you do, don't wear sweatpants unless you're going on a date to the gym. Sweatpants and sneakers simply scream, "Minimal effort!"

Only wear sneakers on casual dates if they're stylish.

Boots also work in most casual date settings.


Dress formally if you and your escort are going to a fancier setting. While many formal settings don't necessarily call for a suit, you still have to†dress with class.

You can't go wrong with a button-up shirt for a formal date. Wear a tie if it flatters your outfit.

Avoid bold colours and patterns. Anything too flashy will not only turn off your date, but it will attract negative attention.

Formal dates call for formal dress pants. Khakis work too. Jeans have no place in a formal date.

Always have a pair of dress shoes ready for formal events and dates. Showing up in sneakers will make you stand out in a bad way.


Choose a jacket that makes you look and feel good. However, certain jackets go better with particular settings.

For example, a blazer goes well with more formal outfits. This includes events that don't require a suit, but still necessitate more formal fashion. Only wear a sports jacket if you're on a casual date.

If you're going to a nightclub, consider wearing a leather jacket. Women love leather jackets. A leather jacket will give you an edgy look.

Most bomber jackets work with more casual outfits.†Don't wear any jackets that are too bulky. Wearing baggy clothes hides your frame and looks disproportionate.


Wear plaid if you're not sure what to wear. Plaid looks good in many different settings. Plus, it makes you appear more masculine.

Short sleeve plaid shirts work well with summer outfits. Long sleeve plaid shirts (including flannel) are better for winter.

Flannel has been going strong since the '90s, and it's not stopping any time soon. Rocking flannel makes you seem more bohemian, creative, and down-to-earth.†It also gives your look a vintage appeal.

Flannel helps you do the following:

Dress in Layers and Accessories

Dressing in layers is beneficial if you're not sure what kind of weather/temperature you'll be exposed to on the date. If your escort date involves walking around outdoors†in the cold, dress in layers to play it safe.

Wearing layers†lets†you†offer your jacket to your escort in case she gets cold. If you do this, you'll impress her with your empathy. Politeness is especially important when interacting with an escort.

If you get too hot, take off layers as needed. This can also apply to the bedroom.

Unless it's especially cold outside, you should only have three to four layers of clothing.†Feel free to wear a watch with your outfit. Save your dress watch for a formal date.

If you wear a pendant necklace, make sure the pendant isn't too big or flashy. It will steal attention from the rest of your look.†Avoid wearing too much jewelry or mixing up different metals.

What to Wear on a First Date? Now You Know

The men's fashion market exceeds $419.4 billion. There's power in knowing what to wear on a first date.

More and more men are becoming interested in style. Men are the fastest growing consumer population in fashion. If you dress in style, your escort will appreciate it.

Get ready for a good time and meet our lovely escorts. You'll love every second of it.


Should I Leave a Tip?: Your Guide to Tipping Etiquette for Escorts

Should I Leave a Tip?: Your Guide to Tipping Etiquette for Escorts

Should you tip an escort? If so, how much should you tip them? Check out this guide to tipping etiquette for escorts.

Keyword(s): tipping etiquette

Want to learn more about tipping etiquette for escorts?

Did you know that there is an average of 70,000 prostitutes working in Britain? They make an average of £2,000 a week. That?s approximately £100,000 a year if you include 6 weeks of vacation time.

When you compare that to the average UK salary of £28,677, one begins to wonder about the value of tipping in such a lucrative career. Should you tip, or shouldn?t you?

The answer isn?t as straight forward as you might think. Throughout the sections below, we?ll demystify the proper etiquette for tipping escorts. When you?re ready to get over your nervousness and uncertainty, read on.

Tipping Etiquette: A Primer

To understand whether you should tip your escort, you first need some background on tipping etiquette in general. So, let?s begin there.

Escorts work in the service industry. In the service industry, there are two types of service:

  • Skilled services
  • Commodity services

Commodity-based services tend to be low paying jobs. Virtually anyone can perform these jobs with little to no training. Examples include things like bellhops, waitresses, and valets.

Those who work in these jobs do not make enough to live by their hourly wage alone. It must be buttressed with a healthy dose of tips to be enough for their daily living expenses. In these cases you always tip.

Skill-based services, on the other hand, tend to be high paying jobs. They require a lot of education, expertise, or risk. As such, they?re highly valued and well paid.

Examples of these jobs include accountants, school teachers, and veterinarians. Have you ever heard of a veterinarian being tipped before?

The answer is probably no. It?s not a common practice. Does that mean it never happens? Maybe, maybe not. The import part to remember is that it?s not obligatory like it is with valets or bellhops.

So where do escorts stand? They definitely fall in the commodity service industry, so no tipping is required.


Sometimes it?s a great idea. The next sections will outline when, how, and why.

A Sign of Appreciation

Though there?s no concrete rule about how to tip your escort, tipping is one way to show your appreciation. In a poll of the escorts in London, 90% entered their profession for the money. It follows that money would then be greatly appreciated.

The amount is up to you, but even a modest amount will signify you considered your time together to be something special.

She Goes the Extra Mile

If your escort goes above and beyond the call of duty, you should definitely leave a tip. The further beyond the call of duty, the greater the tip.

It?s not uncommon for an escort to be faced with a request she hasn?t heard before. Entirely new fetishes, kinks, or fantasies. Or perhaps she teaches you to become a great lover. These sorts of things are considered outside escorts? scope of practice.

Anything that makes your escort step out of her comfort zone or requires extra time or attention suggests a tip. It reflects the extra effort she put into your time together.

Long-Standing Arrangements

Whenever you make a long-standing arrangement with a professional, you?re expected to treat them better. After all, you?re going to see them again soon, and you?re counting on their professional services. Escorts are no different.

If you?ve been seeing your escort consistently for a few months, chances are you enjoy your time together. To continue building repour and make sure she continues being available for you, tip her. In that respect, it?s much like tipping your massage therapist.

She?ll make sure to make room for you in her calendar and treat with care when she sees you. A massage therapist might spend that money on fragrant oils or soft sheets. An escort would more likely spend it on flattering attire or something else you can both benefit from.

It?s a win-win in either situation.

Impress Her Agency

It doesn?t always have to be about the escort, either. If you plan to continue using a particular escort agency, you may want tip regularly. It?ll help you in two different ways.

First, it tells the escorts what they can expect from you. Escorts compare notes just like employees in any other industry. If you treat them right, they?ll tell their friends about you. If not, their friends will hear about that too.

They are humans and act according to human nature, just like everyone else on the planet. If you treat their friends right, they?ll treat you right. It?s common sense.

The agency itself will also respect you. They?ll be more likely to send you higher-ranked escorts, or ones which they think will better suit your particular needs. They?ll always fit you in and make certain you have everything you want.

They?re a business after all. They thrive when their employees thrive, so it?s in their best interest to watch your back.

Giving a Present

To make an impact, you don?t have to give your escort money. Presents can actually mean a great deal more to the woman you?re seeing.

First, it requires a level of intimacy beyond that of cash. You must know your escort well enough to understand what she might like. Would she appreciate a nice bottle of cabernet or tickets to the opera?

What kind of woman is she? You must determine that before you can purchase something that you?re sure she?ll like.

To buy a present also means more work. You have to look for the right gift. That usually requires a fair bit of time and sometimes travel.

If you get it right, your escort will greatly appreciate all your extra effort.

Are High-End Escorts Different?

High-class escorts are no different than the rest. Tips are not obligatory.

The difference with high-class escorts is that they usually make it to those ranks because they?re extraordinary. They have qualities which make them stand out. The nature of these qualities lends to an extra special experience.

As such, people let the escorts know how much they appreciated the experience. And they do this by leaving money or a gift.

What?s Next?

Now that you know about proper tipping etiquette, how will you show your gratitude with your next escort? There?s no right or wrong answer. Just remember the cardinal rule: tips are never expected but always appreciated.

Did you find what you were looking for in the article above? If so, come and browse our tantalizing library full of other escort related articles. You?re sure to learn some new.

So long and good luck!


Escort Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts of Taking an Escort on a Date

Escort Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts of Taking an Escort on a Date

If it's your first time hiring an escort, it's natural to be unsure about what you should and shouldn't do. These escort etiquette tips can help.

Keyword(s): escort

Imagine if you could go on a date with one of the most beautiful women in the world. Now imagine she's interested in and happy to be seen with you.†

Sound good? All that's standing between that is you calling up our agency. Which of our beautiful girls would you like to spend time with?

If you want to increase the chances of†your escort really liking you, follow our tips below.

Escort Etiquette 101

Want to make sure this beautiful girl likes you? Will go out with you again? Get these things straight.

1. Be on Time

An escort will plan her day around her date. That may mean anything from getting a wax, to getting her hair or nails done. She's going to be on time and you should as well.

If you say your date starts at 7 p.m., be there at 7 p.m. You may even want to be waiting downstairs or plan to arrive at 6:55 p.m. Just like any other meeting or arrangement with a friend, you need to respect the other person's time.

As well as being on time, respect your time boundaries. If you want to extend the date past what you'd planned (and paid for) that's completely up to her.

And if she says no, that doesn't mean she isn't having fun or she doesn't like you. It just means she planned her date to only last so long.

If she says yes, expect her to charge you for those extra hours. Even if you're really getting along, this is her job.

2. Do Your Research

Many of our girls have complex and†complete†profiles on our website. If you want to know what's on the table for each girl, make sure you study her profile.

If you don't know what a term means, you're welcome to google it or email us. Asking an escort to do something she's not willing to†can cause her to leave your date and/or never go out with you again.

3. Don't Discuss Cost on the Date

If you're on your date, don't bring up money or say something cheeky like, "since I've paid for you all night." This is bad taste and will cause eavesdroppers to take too much interest.

What you're doing isn't illegal, but you need to respect your escort. Just like you wouldn't bring up your salary or someone else at a casual dinner.

If you bring her something, it's a gift. Any time you have to refer to money with your escort, call it a gift.

4. Take a Shower

Before your date, you should take a shower and groom like you would for any other date. An escort is a woman and you should treat her no differently than any other.

Shave and wash your face or at least trim your facial hair. Put on some nice clothes that fit for where you're going.

5. Bring a Gift

Flowers or a bottle of wine are a great way to start off the date. Not only is it kind, but it tells your date you thought about her in advance.

It's a good way to start on the right foot and gives you an icebreaker to start a conversation with if you're nervous. Though, you won't be nervous for very long.

Our girls are wonderful conversationalists and will put you at ease with their beauty and charm.

6. Stay Normal

The worst date an escort will go on is the kind where someone thinks they need to treat this date different than any other. Your date with your escort is just like a date with any other woman.

If you'd bring a romantic date flowers, then do so for your date with an escort. You don't have to run around and open the car door or throw your jacket over puddles if that's not usually your style.

Just treat her like you'd treat any other beautiful woman you're interested in, like a lady.

7. Avoid Probing Questions

Your escort has her own life outside of work and if she chooses to discuss it with you, then you're allowed to ask questions. But don't probe about her life with questions in general.

If she has a boyfriend, he almost always knows and is okay with her job. She is there to learn about you and spend quality time having fun, so don't grill her like Sherlock Holmes.

You'll find the conversation flows easily and asking questions she doesn't want to answer to move the conversation along won't be necessary.

8. Be a Gentleman

If you ask your escort if she'd like to go somewhere to get more comfortable, listen to her cues and answers. She will let you know when she's ready to take something upstairs.

And when/if you two are†upstairs together, you need to respect her boundaries. That's why reading an escort's profile is so important. She is not paid to do anything she doesn't want to do.

9. Leave a Review

Most escort women are happy if you choose to leave them a review, but use vague terms when you do. This isn't an erotic novel or a chance for you to brag about your sexuality.

Leave her a review with words like "fun," "beautiful," or "charming." Mentioning her sexy body is fine, but leave the sordid details out. Her next client will have fun figuring those out on their own.

Your Date with An Escort

All in all, a date with an escort is a date with any woman. You want to leave a good first impression, be kind, and respect her wishes.

If you do that and set up a fun date, then you should be off to a rolling good start.

The only thing left is figuring out who to choose.


Date Ideas: 6 Fun Things to Do on a Date With an Escort

Date Ideas: 6 Fun Things to Do on a Date With an Escort

If you're struggling to come up with date ideas for your night out with an escort, then you've come to the right place. Here are some tips.

Your escort is bored of the same date over and over. Drinks, restaurant, then late-night activities. There's nothing wrong with some libations or a nice dinner, but why not mix it up?

You don't have to completely reinvent the wheel. Most of the ideas on this list are variations on the classic date structure. Mixing up your date ideas is something kind you can do for your escort and will make you stand out in her memory.

Make sure you're kind and courteous like you'd be on any date. If you're planning something like a hike or a walk, make sure you let her know in advance.

Read on for detailed ideas.

1. Shopping for a Date Outfit

If your budget allows for it, every girl wants to be taken shopping and have someone else foot the bill. Let your date know that you're going to take her shopping and treat her to something to wear.

Where you take her determines how much you spend. Harolds is one thing, Primark is another. Skip Tesco, that's just bad form.

Make sure that you let her know what you're thinking. Saying something like, "I thought we could go get a nice dress and a pair of shoes" lets her know you're not doing earrings, necklaces, and warmth accessories.

No matter what, she'll feel like a princess. Just play the part and ooh/ahh when she comes out of the dressing room to show you a potential outfit. It takes two to tango (even if you know nothing about fashion).

2. See a Show

There are plenty of shows in London on any given night. Maybe you can't get tickets to Hamilton or Matilda at the last minute, but why not see something small scale?

Being the first to see a show or seeing one that deserved more attention is fun. Then you both can tell your friends all about it and act like a PR guide.

No matter if the tickets were 400 or 49 each, dress to impress. If you're overdressed, oh well. Oscar Wilde said, "You can never be overdressed or overeducated".

Catch some dinner after the show, though it's likely to go late. If you think you'll get hungry during the show, try meeting for drinks and a few bites before the curtain.

It's always nice to plan an activity before dinner, so even if you feel nervous, you have something you know you can talk about.

3. Do a Wine Tasting

Many bars and nice pubs have a wine tasting night once a month or so. Find out which night and bring your date.

You two can learn about the wines and get a bit buzzed, usually for an inclusive price. It's a classy activity and you may actually learn something.

If there weren't enough appetizers at the wine tasting, keep the theme going and find a French restaurant. They may not be our country's favorite people, but they sure can cook!

You could always take a quick flight to Paris and do it there - but we'll leave that up to you, big spender!

4. Take a Dance Class

Another movement before dinner activity that will have you both laughing is a couple dance class. Salsa, tango, Polka - whatever you're interested in. Tell your date to bring their dancing shoes and get ready to feel silly.

Feeling silly is okay, you two will bond over learning something new and maybe even struggling to learn it. You'll get to hold her in your arms and she'll dream about what happens later.

Get some dinner after and then invite her over to practice the dance at your place - or don't, it's up to you (and her, obviously).

5. Pretend You're Tourists

How long have you lived in London? Have you ever done the quintessential London things? The Eye, the tower, etc?

Well, probably not in a while at least. Practice your American accent and take your date on a silly sightseeing tour. You can do all the tourist things and make jokes about America - or whatever country you're pretending from.

Just make sure it's not your date's country of origin, that'd be embarrassing. End the night in the cheesiest pub you can find or opt for good old American McDonalds.

6. Take a Walking Tour

There are plenty of things you'd never know about London, even if you're a Londoner. One of the ways to learn them is to take a guided walking tour. Most don't cost anything more than the tip or a small registration fee.

You may realize you walk past the place where the Queen gets her shoes made every day - or something a little less quaint. There are ghost tours where you can learn some of London's grizzliest stories.

Make sure you let your date know to bring her walking shoes on this one. You may meet some cool people on your tour too, but ask your date before you invite them with you two to dinner after.

Other Date Ideas With Your Escort

An escort is just like any other woman. They like doing something different once in a while and love to feel special. If you follow these date ideas, you'll hit both nails on the head.

The happier she is on your date, the more willing she'll be to go out with you in the future. You never know what will happen!

So take these date ideas and pick a beautiful date to take with you - browse our choices, like Coco, here.


Escort Threesomes: Top Tips for a Threesome with an Escort

Escort Threesomes: Top Tips for a Threesome with an Escort

It's a fantasy for many couples, and using an escort can be the perfect way to make it come true. We take a look at tips for successful escort threesomes.

Keyword(s): escort threesomes

It takes two to tango, but you can have a lot more fun with three...

Which is why a FFM threesome is one of the top fantasies for couples, with both men and women getting off on the idea of a 'menage a trois'.

But, bringing in another woman to your relationship could get complicated. You wouldn't want your partner to feel left out or for feelings of jealousy to arise.

That's why escort threesomes are the best way to make your fantasies come true. After all, when you want something done right, it makes sense to hire a pro. An escort won't present a threat to your relationship, and they have a vested interest in your mutual satisfaction, as well as safe sex.

Here are our top threesome tips for making your couple fantasies come true with the help of an escort.

Consider Your Reasons

Before you start your threesome with escort arrangements, you and your partner need to discuss what you are both hoping to gain.

There are lots of possible reasons why people want to do a trio. Some couples might decide that the threesome will be 'all about him', possibly for a birthday present. Or, it could be that she's bisexual, or wants to explore bisexuality. For him, a threesome is a great way to let her express that side of herself without cheating. And he gets to be a part of the fun too.

Other times it might just be that the couple want to share the experience of a threesome together. It could just be for fun, or to explore in general.

There might not always be one specific reason, but it's important to talk ahead of time. This way you can make sure you're both on the same page.

Discuss Your Boundaries

It's also crucial to discuss what both of you will and won't consent to during the threesome.

Threesomes aren't just a fantasy in themselves, they're also a great way for both of you to explore other sexual fantasies. With three people involved there are lots of combinations to consider as well as host of different moves and roles.

But, it doesn't just have to be about straight up, regular sex. You might want to fool around a little before with oral sex. Or, one of you might get a thrill from watching the other two fool around. After all, 82 percent of men fantasize about watching two women together.

In the moment, it's not uncommon to end up reconsidering your boundaries. The excitement of the threesome might lead to greater sexual liberation, or nerves might get the better of one of you.

But that's why hiring a professional to join your threesome experience is the best choice. Escorts are excellent at assessing boundaries and respecting your relationship. And, they'll want to ensure both of you are comfortable and enjoying yourselves at all times.

Choosing the Perfect Escort for Your Threesome

This is where the fun really starts.

Getting to choose the right escort as a couple is a great way to explore tastes and preferences with your partner. It can also ignite your excitement even more as you both start to imagine exploring the beautiful body of one of our escorts.

To make things fair, your choice of escort should be a joint decision. Whether you are excited by the lure of sexy black skin, a hot blonde or a sensuous brunette, this is your chance to explore and experiment.

How to Have a Good Threesome with An Escort

When it comes to hiring an escort, there are several factors to take into account to make sure that both you and the escort are happy with the arrangement. These include making sure to choose a reputable company, being courteous and arriving on time.

But, when hiring an escort to take part in a threesome, there are additional considerations to ensure that all three of you have a good time:

1. Let the Escort Know It's A Threesome

It goes without saying that the escort needs to know that she's being hired to take part in a threesome.

Not only would it be a shock to find a couple waiting for her if she wasn't made aware, but there might also be an additional charge for satisfying two clients instead of one.

If the escort has extensive experience of working with couples, she might ask about things you had not considered. For example, she may suggest bringing sex toys to guarantee optimum pleasure for both of you.

2. Talk as A Trio

The escort won't want to know all the ins and outs of your relationship, but it's important to explain a little about yourselves beforehand.

This could include whether you have an open relationship or not, what each of you is hoping to experience with the threesome, and your sexual orientations.

This information will help her gauge how to approach the threesome and give you both the experience you've been fantasizing about.

3. Avoid Leaving People Out

One of the most important considerations when it comes to how to do a threesome is to avoid leaving anyone out.

As a professional, an escort can be trusted not to show favoritism. They'll make a point of reaching out to both of you and make sure everyone feels included at all times.

Find different ways to get involved too. Even if you're not taking an active role at all times, another exciting element of the threesome experience is to watch - or to be watched.

4. Prioritize Your Partner

The most important thing to remember is that you're in this together. You made the decision together and chose your perfect escort as a couple. Even if you're not the one doing things to or with your partner, you're both sharing that moment together.

Although the escort will make you both feel included and avoid any actions that might cause jealousy, you also need to make sure that your partner is your primary focus throughout. Use eye contact and verbal validations to remind your partner that they are your priority.

5. Enjoy Yourselves

This is your opportunity to experience the ultimate couples' fantasy with a beautiful escort. Talk it through, go slow and take pleasure in exploring each other's bodies in new and exciting ways. And above all, enjoy yourselves!

Your Guide to Escort Threesomes

For couples looking to experiment, escort threesomes are the best way to ensure optimum pleasure for both of you, as well as a safe and sexy experience.

If you and are partner are ready to select the perfect escort to make your threesome fantasy come true, take a look at our beautiful ladies today.


Are Escorts Illegal in London? 5 Facts You Need to Know

Are Escorts Illegal in London? 5 Facts You Need to Know

Curious about the legalities of hiring an escort in London? This article will answer the question, "Are escorts illegal?" and give you all the details you need.

Keyword(s): are escorts illegal

London offers plenty of great things to do. Museums, restaurants, and of course Buckingham Palace. But what happens when you're in the city on your own? Going out and trying new food isn't as fun without someone to share it with.

So, the question begs to be asked: are escorts illegal in London? If not, how do you go about hiring one? Keep reading to see the ins and outs of hiring escort services during your stay in London.

Are Escorts Illegal in London?

The short answer is no; escorts are not illegal in London. Though there are plenty of rules that keep sex work regulated in the U.K.

Prostitution has had quite a long history in England. Illegal at times, overlooked at others. Though, prostitution has been around through the ages.

It's critical to know the details of which portions of prostitution are legal and which aren't. The legal status of sex work in London isn't blanketed by the term "legal." There are rules everyone should know before trying to hire someone.

One such rule is that you cannot buy sex from someone on the street. The term 'kerb-crawling' means asking someone on the side of the street to engage in sexual acts with you. This act can result in arrest and pricey fines.

Why risk that when you could hire a call girl legally?

Why Hire an Escort in London?

What is the draw of hiring an escort while in London? There are many benefits to hiring escort services.

Keep You Company

Of course, the most obvious reason to hire someone is to keep you company. Who wants to be in the big city alone? Why not hire a beautiful person to spend time with while you enjoy everything London has to offer?

Experts in the Area

Another reason to hire an escort in London is that you'd have an expert in the area. This is especially good if you're new or visiting and don't know what to look for.

An escort could be your tour guide and all around resident expert. Ask them anything about the city, and they'll likely be able to tell you everything you need to know. They'll know all the best places to grab food or the hottest places to party.


It's true that meeting new people in a new place can be daunting. You can never be sure about their intentions or the safety of spending so much time with a total stranger.

You never have to feel that way when you hire an escort. You can rest easy knowing your experience will always be safe as well as fun.

Five things to Know Before Hiring an Escort in London

Here's a list of things to remember before you hire an escort in London. They'll help you make an informed decision and feel good about it.

1. Legal Age

The number one rule before hiring any sex worker is to make sure they are of legal age. Escorting is prostitution, so it's legal. Having sex with a minor is still illegal. Everyone should be well aware of their partner's age before engaging in sexual acts with an escort.

If an escort is under the age of 18, the agency can be in legal trouble for trafficking.

2. Hiring from an Agency

You might wonder if you should hire from an agency. What about the price? What about the reputation of an agency?

Bottom line, you'll need to do your research. Like anything else in life, if you want quality, you have to look for it. The safety of hiring from an agency is one of the top reasons do so. Agencies have their own regulations and standards which can make things much easier.

Because it's their business, they'll be professional and make the process easy for you. They'll have everything you need to know on their website or easy to access.

3. Should you Hire an Independent Escort?

For reasons that are their own, some escorts would rather work independently. Yet, you can be sure a majority of good escorts will have worked for an agency. This means they'll know exactly what to do and will have standards of their own.

The only downside is that you may not be able to find reputable sources about their experiences. You'll have to hope for the best. Though, that doesn't always turn out bad.

4. Check the Website

Always check for an agency website. If they are legitimate, you'll be able to tell from the quality of the site. If you wish to go with an independent escort, try looking for a website and also their social media. It'll give you a clear idea of what to expect.

Not every girl on the agency website is what you'll get. It may not matter what they look like, but don't get cheated because you took them at face value.

5. Read Lots of Reviews

The most reliable way to judge an escort or agency is through reviews. Read them to become familiar with the way they work.

Want to know the good, bad, and ugly? Read indepenent review pages about them. Never look solely at their website because it's rare that agencies will put up bad reviews.

Be sure to listen to reviews, as well. When there are several scathing reviews, chances are you don't want to go there.

Review individual escorts, as well. The best way to make a decision about someone is to know how they acted with other people. Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances. But most will be honest reviews.

London Escorts

If someone asks, "are escorts illegal in London" you'll be to tell them no, they're not. It's legal, and worth doing if you're spending time in London alone. Enjoy companionship and fun while out in the city or in your hotel room.

Are you looking forward to spending some time in the London area? Take a look at some of our escorts and choose the one who catches your eye. There are girls who will suit anyone's preference.


What Do Escorts Do? 8 Things You Didn't Know About Escorts

What Do Escorts Do? 8 Things You Didn't Know About Escorts

Escorts are shrouded in mystery and intrigue, so you may find yourself asking "what do escorts do?" It's a good question. Click here to learn 8 things you didn't know about escorts.

Keyword(s): what do escorts do

Hiring an escort can help you whether you'd like to gain experience and comfortability around women or you simply want to try a new, adventurous experience. A date with an escort is a judgment-free one that doesn't require any follow-ups or commitments.

If you'd like to learn more like what do escorts do or how you can hire one, continue reading this article. We have all the information you need.

What Do Escorts Do?

Escorts are available to clients from all walks of life. Maybe you'd like to spice up your relationship by involving a trusted third party. Maybe you've gone through a recent breakup and simply need a friend to help you clear your mind.

You can find all these services and more when you hire an escort. Here are eight other things you probably didn't know:

1. Some Escorts Go on Tour

Escorts from poorer countries like the Ukraine and Hungary are often taken to Western European cities for a couple of weeks at a time. During their stays, the escorts will meet wealthy clients in expensive, business class hotels.

The practice of "City Tours" is becoming more and more popular, as the tours are quicker and easier ways for escorts to increase their income. This act is also practiced during holiday weekends and summer months when potential clients are traveling and vacationing more often.

2. Escorts Are Often Rated Via Online Forums

In this day and age, it's common to do some research online before buying a product. Especially if you're buying something expensive.
Websites like Angie's List are there to help you make informed decisions when hiring professionals like plumbers and mechanics. But did you know there are similar websites for escorts too?

Before hiring one, you can see the reviews other customers gave a particular escort or the agency she works for as a whole before you ever choose to hire one. While some of these reviews are honest and might even help you, keep in mind that it isn't uncommon for a customer to threaten a bad review to blackmail escorts into performing more services than what was paid for.

3. Agency Standards

Not everyone who tries to become an escort with an agency makes the cut. This is why it's better to find an agency escort as opposed to one who works independently.

This will benefit you because you will have several options to choose from and they will all have gone through a pre-screening process, including a background check.

Additionally, a reputable agency will help match you up with an appropriate escort. For instance, if you have a particular fetish or want the escort to be dressed a certain way, the agency will match you up with the right person.

Escorts who work with agencies are typically given the benefit of a driver to and from dates and security.

4. An Escort's Services Depend on Her Location

The legalities of the services an escort will perform differ depending on the country you live in.

For instance, prostitution is completely legal in Amsterdam. So, being an escort is a normalized and respectable line of work. They even pay taxes and are part of a union.

On the other hand, street prostitution is illegal in many countries, so the way around it is to use escort agencies as sort of an intermediary. These agencies allow for the arranging of a meeting between the escort and her client. The way it is kept legal is no one explicitly says which services will be performed.

5. Because of This, Escorts Have Their Own Language

Escort agencies aren't able to openly advertise sexual acts because of laws. So, there are often lingo and codes, such as abbreviations used on their websites.

Some of the codes you might see are:

BBBJ-Oral sex without a condom.

CBJ- Oral sex with a condom.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)- A warmer, more affectionate experience like that from an actual girlfriend.

The continuous demand for escorts has made it difficult for governments to ban it, although they've tried. This is very similar to other vices like gambling, alcohol use, and drug use.

6. Escorts Are Usually Highly Educated

Escorts are often misrepresented as uneducated or even stupid women from low-income areas. It is also assumed that they are working out of desperation or to support a drug habit.

But the truth is, according to one study from the University of Arkansas, educated women are more likely to become escorts than those without an education. So, don't judge a book by its cover.

Additionally, the career of an escort is rarely one that a woman falls into because she doesn't have options. It's a choice, just as you'd decide to obtain a degree to become a teacher.

For many, becoming an escort is a stable and lucrative career that makes them happy.

7. They Have Repeated Clients

While an escort will often go on dates with new clients to keep business going, they tend to have a few regulars that they see often. In many cases, regulars are unhappily married men who are looking for an escape or additional enjoyment outside of their regular lives.

These types of regulars like to book appointments with the same escort because of the comfort and anonymous factor. An ongoing relationship with an escort is much less risky than one with a mistress.

8. You Might See the Same Escort Listed On Multiple Sites

Some escorts choose to work independently instead of with an agency. This can offer them more freedom depending on their personal and career needs.

In these situations, escorts have to market themselves to find paying clients. Just as you would while starting any other business.

So, if you frequent escort sites, it's likely that you'll see a few repeated profiles.

Use Our Professional Service

Hiring an escort is a great escape from the games and drama that are known to follow traditional dating. You can benefit from the intimacy while also establishing a transparent connection.

Whether you have more questions about what do escorts do or you'd like to schedule a date, contact us and get set up with a companion in your area today.


8 Great Reasons why you should hire an escort

8 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire An Escort

Dating an escort can unlock benefits you wouldn't get from traditional dating. Click here to discover why you should hire an escort and leave the conventional dating world behind.

Keyword(s): hire an escort

The number of unhappy couples out there in the world is steadily climbing past the 80% mark. Not everyone is having a great time with traditional dating and the standard pattern that relationships are "supposed" to follow. If you're looking to try a different approach to dating, hiring an escort could give you everything you're looking for.

Here are 5 reasons to hire an escort rather than date traditionally.

1. You've Got an Unconventional Schedule

Not everyone can work a 9-5 schedule. While this might not be a hurdle for some people, it can be a major conflict when you're first getting into a relationship. When two people can't find time to get together, even the most exciting spark will soon die out.

Thankfully, there are escorts that work every schedule. There are some that work 9-5 to complement the fact that you don't. If you want to go out for lunch at 2 PM, an escort can do that in ways previous partners might not have been able to.

Perhaps you're in the most intense and rigorous part of your career, like working a medical residency or just coming out of basic training. You don't need to be alone just because you've put your career first. An escort can offer companionship that would be hard to maintain with someone who didn't also have a crazy schedule.

Stop worrying about being late for dinner or not being able to make an event because you got a last minute call to come into work. An escort would never feel stood up if you had to work.

2. You're Fresh Out of a Relationship

When the wounds of a recently finished relationship are fresh, you might deeply crave companionship with someone trustworthy and attractive. If you were made to feel unattractive by your last partner, an escort could fix all of that. You could help rebuild your confidence and prepare yourself for your next healthy relationship with an escort.

An escort is by definition a worker. They know the intricacies of a sexual and emotional relationship better than any other professional. If you just need someone to help you to get over what you went through before, they could help.

If you need someone who can help you to get over your ex, that's what they get paid for.

A breakup is painful, no matter what side of the ball you were on. Even if you were the one who did the breaking up, the thought of finding someone new could feel insurmountable. An escort is there to help to shepherd you through these emotions and allow you to see what could be possible if you open up.

3. "Just Sex" is Too Complicated

If you're not in a place where you want to have a relationship, you might just want something sexual with no strings attached. As "uncomplicated" as this is meant to be, we're all human and it's easy for things to quickly become complicated even with someone who wants the same thing.

Sometimes a relationship that's "just sex" can be too complicated.

If you need a relationship that's mostly physical right now, you should put your trust into someone who does this kind of thing for a living. An escort is a sex worker who knows how to keep things professional. Whatever conditions you agree on when you contact them, they will abide by.

An escort won't have expectations of your time. They understand that you're busy and have things to do on their own. Your relationship can have as many limitations as you want and need.

If you don't have time for dinners, baby showers, and events, an escort allows you to have your relationship a la carte. When it's exactly what you need, make sure you leave them a tip.

4. You Need a "Refresher"

If you're recently out of a relationship or you feel like you've fallen into a routine, an escort can help you try out something new. Escorts specialize in the full range of experiences. If this is your first time calling an escort, they know how to help walk you through the process of being with them.

For someone who fell in love with a college sweetheart and never spent another night with another partner, a refresher course could be a good thing. If you don't feel confident in being with another partner, an escort will help to warm you up to the idea. You can get the review of how things work that could prepare you for your next partner.

Not everyone is born as a passionate lover. If you've been looking for someone to walk you through how to please your partner, an escort can help.

5. You Get a Thrill

Some people hire an escort because it gives them a thrill they can't get anywhere else. Some people are open with their partners while others will do it when they have no partner at all. If you can't get excited about the prospect of dinner and a movie, an escort might give you the thrill you're looking for.

We all have the things that get us excited when engaging with a partner. Some people like roleplay while others need to hear music. For those of us who prefer to be with an escort, it can be anything from the professionalism to the skills they have that get us excited.

No matter what it is, you should do what works for you. Talk to your escort service in advance and make sure they're prepared to offer what you're looking for. No professional wants to have to make an audible on the field when the other party knows what they're looking for.

When You Hire an Escort, You Get Professionalism

Many people choose to hire an escort just so they can shower someone with gifts. Others do it because they like the feeling of the exchange of money and intimacy. No matter what the thrill you get, when you hire from a reputable agency, you should expect professionalism and to get exactly what you've agreed upon.

If you've ever wondered what the appeal is of an escort, check out our guide on why the best sex you'll ever have might be with an escort.


9 Tips for Hiring Your First Escort

9 Tips for Hiring Your First Escort

Being with an escort is something a lot of guys dream about, but few actually get a chance to do it. If you're determined to cross "hire an escort" off your bucket list, here are some tips for hiring your first escort so it'll be a memorable experience.

Keyword(s): Primary: tips for hiring your first escort || Secondary: hiring an escort, first date with an escort, what to expect with an escort, hiring an escort for the first time, how to date an escort

Have you considered hiring an escort? You may feel a little nervous at the thought, but you're by far not the only one turning towards an escort to fulfill your needs. In fact, 1 out of every 10 British men has paid for sex.

Once you've decided on hiring an escort, you'll probably have tons of questions.

Is this legal? How does it work? How do I find a good escort?

The good news is that there are some great tips for hiring your first escort. With a little preparation, you'll be able to go on your first date with an escort feeling confident and informed.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover our 9 tips for hiring your first escort.

1. Go Through a Reputable Company

One of the most important tips for hiring your first escort is to go through a reputable company, like Impulse 247. This will help ensure that you get a high-quality escort and prevent any risk of getting ripped off or overcharged.

A reputable company can also help ensure the date stays legal for both you and your escort. The last thing you want is to go through an untrusted company and have it end up being a set-up.

2. Don't Discuss Your Agreement

It can be nerve-wracking when you don't know what to expect with an escort. While going through a reputable agency will help ensure everything stays legal, you'll want to take your own precautions as well.

One of the biggest rules when hiring an escort is to avoid discussing your arrangement. Don't ask her about her agency, how long she's been an escort for, when she wants to be paid, or how the night will go.

Instead, act like it's any other date. If you want to move things to the next level, just lean over and give her a kiss, and let it happen naturally.

3. Have Your Money Ready

Now, this can get tricky. While you should act like your first date with an escort is just like any other date, you'll also need to have your money ready right away.

Most escorts request to be paid up front. You can talk to your escort beforehand and discuss things like pricing and how to give her money. Sometimes escorts prefer their dates to leave an envelope in the bathroom or to set it on the table while saying it's a gift.

Just be sure to know your budget, don't negotiate the price, and have your money ready to go at the beginning of the night.

4. Do Your Own Independent Research

If you're reading this article, then great! You're probably already in the process of doing your own research. You'll want to learn about escort laws, average prices, and what escorts really do.

A reputable agency will likely allow you to talk to your potential escort and ask her questions. While this is a great way to get information specific to her (and we'll get into this a little later), you shouldn't take advantage of her time.

Don't ask her questions that you could've Googled, and don't ask her tons of questions unless you've already decided to go through with it. You don't want to make her spend an hour answering questions and talking to you for free, and then not book an appointment.

5. Research the Lingo

While you're researching how to date an escort, be sure to look up the lingo. This helps the night go smoother and helps ensure that everything is legal.

Some of the most important lingoes to remember is referring to money as a "gift", not a "payment." Also, call it a "date", not an "arrangement" or "agreement."

There are also tons of code words and acronyms like "DFK and "A-levels." Take your time to learn what these mean, so you can better communicate your wants to your escort.

6. Talk to Your Escort Beforehand

Once you've done your independent research, learned the lingo, and chose an escort, it's time to talk to her.

Now is the time to ask any questions relating to her and your date together. You can ask about boundaries, rules, meeting location, pricing, and how she would like the money to be given.

Be clear about what you want and expect from the date, so you're both on the same page.

7. Think About the Extra Expenses

When deciding on your budget, keep in mind any extra expenses. The escort is charging you for her time, that's it. If you want to go out for dinner or drinks, you'll need to budget for that. Treating your escort to a fancy dinner isn't an excuse to try and pay her less.

Tipping is also an important part when hiring an escort. While you don't have to leave a huge tip, it's important to leave her a little something extra for her good service.

8. Be Courteous

So now you may be wondering what to expect with an escort on your date. We've already mentioned that you should act like it's any other date. This is true both during the date and when you're preparing for the date.

Make polite small talk and engage in flirting during your date. Don't ask her any questions you wouldn't ask any other first date. Just remember: keep it light, fun, and flirty.

Good etiquette also includes making sure you are clean and have shaven any areas you expect your date to go near.

9. Be on Time

It's important to be punctual when hiring an escort for the first time. Not only is this polite (you wouldn't show up 20 minutes late to meet a date, would you?), but it ensures that you'll get the most out of your date.

Don't expect that your escort will extend your session to make up for the time that you missed. She may have another date or plans afterward. You'll still be expected to pay the full price for your session, even if it was cut short due to your tardiness--you're paying for her time whether you're there or not.

The Best Tips for Hiring Your First Escort

Hiring an escort for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. You may not know what to expect with an escort or the laws surrounding the industry.

However, there are some great tips for hiring your first escort that will help put your mind at ease. The best tips include doing your research, learning the lingo, and using a reputable company.

Are you ready to hire an escort? You can view our beautiful ladies today.


The Unspoken Rules of Hiring an Escort

The Unspoken Rules of Hiring an Escort

When you go through with hiring an escort, you have to remember that they are people too! If you're toying with the idea of being with a lady of the night, we'll fill you in on the unspoken rules of being with one.

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Your experience with an escort should be a sublime, sexually fulfilling encounter. If you've never attempted hiring an escort before, there are some unspoken rules you need to be aware of in order to make sure your date is as pleasant for both parties as possible.

If you're nervous about what to expect, familiarizing yourself with common etiquette will help put you at ease and prepare you for an evening to remember.

Ready to learn how to be the best client you can be? Read on for our expert advice.

Do Your Research

When looking into purchasing escort services, spend some time online familiarizing yourself with the lingo and customs of the trade. Many escort agencies have their own websites and will have menus that clearly spell out what is for sale and what isn't.

While the websites may not directly mention sex, they will explain what you're getting with your purchase. Make sure to know the rules and requirements, and follow them at all times. Don't ask the escort for services you didn't pay for or that she doesn't provide.

Pay As Agreed

Your time with an escort will come with an agreed-upon cost. Pay the money up front, in cash, and don't be offended if she steps away to count it. She doesn't think you're cheap, she's just checking to make sure everything is as agreed upon.

Don't try to haggle or talk finances to your date. Once you consider purchasing an encounter, you need to understand that the cost is non-negotiable.

Don't try to get free time or linger too long after your date is over. An escort's schedule is often kept very tight, so she is not yours to hold onto. Be polite and prompt when arriving and leaving.

Remember, hers is a business transaction. While it will be a memorable evening, she still is expecting reimbursement from your encounter ahead of time.

Photographs are Not Allowed

It is safe to assume that you are not to take photos of or with the escort unless specifically told. That goes double for any activities in the bedroom. Her body is her trade, and your photographs compromise the exclusivity of her services.

Not only that, public photos of an escort could endanger her professional or private relationships. Don't try to snap a shot for bragging rights.

Three's a Crowd

When hiring a sex worker, don't try to be sly and bring along your best friend. Unless otherwise agreed upon, your contract is for an escort and yourself. Don't try to surprise them with an extra person for any reason, your friends aren't going to get a freebie and there's a good chance your escort will just leave.

Always Behave Yourself

You should always treat your escort like a date. Just because you paid for it, doesn't mean you purchased her. Only her services.

Provide an escort with the utmost respect. Don't get grabby, and don't overindulge in substances beforehand or during your encounter. Poor behavior can make your escort feel unsafe and even get you blacklisted from escort services in the future.

Pretend you are getting ready for an important date, and always act as such. An escort is a real person with real feelings, just like you, so always follow the golden rule.

Practice Good Hygiene

You can rest assured with a professional escort that she is going above and beyond to make you feel incredible. In return, you should do her the courtesy of arriving at your best. Shower, shave, wear deodorant and nice clothes.

Brush your teeth and hair. Be presentable. An escort is free to turn down a client for any reason, and showing up looking dirty and unkempt is a perfectly acceptable one.

Wear a Condom

This should go without saying, but don't try to get coy about protection. Condoms are for your safety and hers. Regardless of your feelings on the matter, there will be no negotiation about using them.

Be a gentleman and bring your protection of choice. If you forget, you can bet on your life that she'll be carrying her own.

Etiquette for Incalls and Outcalls

If your escort is coming to meet you, make sure the predetermined location is in a safe and friendly neighborhood. Do not be surprised if the agency requests a hotel room number or landline number for a phone call to ensure that you are present just before the meeting.

In the instance that you are meeting an escort at her location, be respectful of her property. She may have a condo or apartment where she entertains, and you should treat the visit as if you are a guest in someone's home. Be polite, ask for permission in all things.

The agency may give you directions to a neighborhood and street, and follow up with additional directions once you arrive. Don't be alarmed, this is for the escort's safety and security.

Above all, honor a code of confidentiality. You should never tag yourself at her location, use GPS services on your phone, or share the address with anyone.

Provide Feedback

If you had an exceptionally pleasant experience, tipping is encouraged. While an escort typically includes the entire cost of services in their fee, a tip is a great way to express your gratitude.

Additionally, it is good manners to call the agency or drop them a letter to inform them of your satisfaction. Your praise will help the escort's standing in her agency, and cement you as a courteous client who is good for repeat business.

There may also be opportunities to write a review on the agency site or the escort's personal site. Leaving a glowing recommendation is always an appreciated gesture.

Ready to Try Hiring an Escort?

Now that you've familiarized yourself with some of the expectations involved with escort services, perhaps you'd like to give it a try?

Hiring an escort is a memorable experience. If you're ready to be treated to the encounter of your dreams, contact a fine agency in your area like Impulse 247 to make your fantasies a reality.


Escorts: The Best of Both Worlds & What You Should Know

Escorts: The Best of Both Worlds & What You Should Know

Interested in the more intimate side of a relationship without the baggage that comes along with it? Escorts could be your answer!

Keyword(s): escorts

Some men and women may shy away from hiring escorts in favor of long-term relationships or even one-night stands. But have you ever had those relationships or hookups go south?

When in a relationship, you have to be considerate of the other person and their desires. If you end it, that partner might turn out to be a little less than sane.

Those one-night stands might stay too long or end up wanting more than you're ready to offer.

This is where hiring escorts comes into play.

No Limits

When in a pub or other area attempting to hook up with someone you find attractive, you are often limited.

You're limited by your looks or your finances. Or limited because you don't find the people there attractive. Maybe you're not as handsome as the guy sitting next to you. Maybe you don't have a private plane. Maybe you DO have a private plane and don't want people sleeping with you just for that access.

Hiring escorts is a way around all of this. The ladies who escort are not in it for your suave looks. They're not after ALL of your money. And they're not looking for a future husband to take care of them.

The only thing they want is for you to enjoy your time with them and receive their compensation.

Escorts Want YOU to be Happy

Just like a long-term relationship, an escort wants you to be happy to see them and enjoy your time with them. Yes, it's their job, but if you're happy, they may have a repeat customer.

It's all about you and what you want.

Unlike a long-term relationship, if you have some fantasies that most people don't know about, or fear they would judge you for, escorts are willing to oblige.

Escorts are people too and have things that they might not be into on a personal level, but are more willing to try to engage in your fetishes or fantasies.

If you are uncomfortable with the experience or think they wouldn't want to go further, you don't have to book with them again. You move on, they move on, all is right with the world.

Luckily, there isn't much many sex workers haven't dealt with or seen. This means that your request might not be as far out as you think and could be met with true excitement, unlike someone who may have a different reaction outside of this industry.

No Shame in Your Game

If you are self-conscious about your body, or features, or even size, keep in mind escorts have seen it all and you are not the worst.

When you are focused on how you look, or how much you're pleasing your partner, your pleasure may suffer. This is not the case when paying for a woman's time.

Of course, you want to be hygienic, but she won't care if you're balding or very hairy. Or if you have a six-pack or are a bit on the rounder side.

When hooking up with someone you've just met, you might be nervous about your appearance. You also may be worried that they're out of your league and might wake up trying to chew their arm off to avoid waking you.

While this is extreme, and you shouldn't think of yourself like that, it is a common "oh no" thought. But there are no such worries with women who only want to give you their attention.

If you do in fact find yourself that unattractive, an evening with a beautiful woman may give you the ego boost that you need. You might learn to embrace the way you look and even somewhat like it, making you a better partner to future lovers.

A Memorable Time

Regardless as to if you've known your partner many years, or if you just met them, every relation has some give and take.

Luckily the only thing these ladies take is compensation for their time. You are on the receiving end of everything else!

Again, they care about your experience, not necessarily you.

No Crazy Hook-Ups

One of the best things about hiring an escort is there is no crazy drama involved. When you have a one-night stand, you intend for it to be just that--one night.

Sometimes the other person wants more or to keep it going when, in all reality, you just wanted to get laid. You didn't find that person THAT attractive or long-term material. Unfortunately, they have other thoughts.

Begin the crazy texts and games. The awkward "happen to be there" meetups where she shows up at a hangout of yours. Maybe shows up at your residence.

That won't happen with an escort. They won't get attached to you, they're not going to text repeatedly or want to know where you are and what you're doing that evening.

Breakups Don't Happen

Possibly the second best thing about hiring a lady friend is the fact that you can continually see her and mimic a relationship, even if you don't have time for a real one.

You can take her out for dinner or drinks, maybe to a show or event, and always know that you will end the night with sex.

If you happen to meet someone that you truly do want to date or be in a relationship with, you can just stop seeing your escort. It's not a relationship, therefore needs no solid ending.

And, like mentioned above, you avoid all of the crazy.

Basically, with an escort, you end up with the best of both worlds of relationships and hook-ups. If you choose to regularly see one girl, it can feel similar to a relationship but with no real commitment, allowing you to see other women concurrently.

And if you want to choose a different girl every time, you can do that too! With no worries of crazy, stalker-like behavior. This truly is a win-win situation. They get what they want, and you have the time of your life.

If you're ready to find a girl to suit your needs, use the information below to contact us or find a girl for you.


Why The Best Sex Is With an Escort

Why The Best Sex Is With an Escort

The truth is, the best sex you will ever have will be with an escort. Here's why fun, inhibition free, no strings attached sex is the best you'l ever have.

Keyword(s): best sex

Are you thinking of spending an evening with an escort?

If so, you're not alone.

In fact, recent studies show that about 1 in every 10 British men has paid an escort to have the best sex of their life.

Not only will escorts provide you with a safe experience, they'll also work to give you an unforgettable evening.

But why is sex with an escort so mind-blowing? And where can you find an escort agency that can help you to turn your wildest fantasies into reality?

Read on to find out.

1. No Strings Attached

Sex is wonderful...except when it leads to late-night phone calls from a partner wondering where you are, why you haven't returned their texts, and when you're coming home.

While relationships can be a beautiful thing, it can also be a real nightmare when you're attempting to play the field casually.

Even if you're clear about your expectations and your lack of desire for commitment from the beginning, the person you're sleeping with may be out to change your mind.

In short, things can become disastrous, fast. Feelings get hurt, egos get bruised, and both parties feel betrayed.

The number-one reason why the best sex is always with an escort?

Because you don't have to worry about calling the next day, staying in touch, and paying for expensive dinners to get what you want.

Instead, both parties are fully aware of the casual agreement. Everyone knows what to expect. Plus, it's a mutually beneficial option where everyone walks away satisfied.

When you're with an escort, you can spend more time doing the deed and less time worrying about whether you're good enough.

You also don't have to worry that the person you're with has the potential to send you long streams of text messages harassing you the next day. There's no guilt involved, just good memories and good times.

Everyone wins.

2. You Get An Experienced Woman

While the majority of Brits lose their virginity between the ages of 16 and 18, for others, things get started a bit later than they would have liked.

Even if you're no longer a virgin, it can be easy to feel as though you're still playing "catch-up" when it comes to your level of sexual experience. This often leads to feelings of insecurity, which means you're even less likely to go after women -- creating a vicious cycle of inexperience.

The good news?

Escorts are incredibly sexually experienced, and they can teach you a thing or two about how to please a woman. You can try things with them that you've only imagined in your wildest dreams.

Plus, visiting an escort is an excellent way to get your own confidence level up. It will surprise you how, in just a single evening, you can pick up enough tricks to last you a lifetime.

3. You Can Feel Free To Try New Things

We know that, as a man, there are lots of things you'd love to be able to try in the bedroom.

However, you may feel uncomfortable bringing these ideas up with a partner, especially if you've been in a long-term relationship.

Or, you may want to try them out in your single life, but are unsure about your abilities to pull them off in the "real world" without any practice.

Luckily, one of the biggest reasons why the best sex is with an escort is because you can let go of your inhibitions. You can do the things you've been dying to try in the bedroom.

An evening with an escort places you in a stress-free, judgment-free zone where it is okay to make mistakes. Without the pressure to perfect a fantasy or position you've never tried out, you'll find you're much more relaxed. The experience is much more pleasant for you than it would be in another situation.

Plus, an escort will also help to turn you onto new fantasies and sexual experiences. They'll do so in a safe environment, where you can feel free to explore your darkest -- or silliest -- desires.

You might discover that you're incredibly aroused by something that you didn't even know existed before your visit to an escort.

4. You Can Pick Your Type

When you're out at a pub or even on an online dating app, you might not always have the pick of the litter when it comes to women.

Maybe you're interested in mostly redheads, but find that it's blondes who are usually attracted to you. Maybe you've always wanted to be with a tall woman, but feel insecure about approaching one in "real life."

The truth is that everyone -- men and women alike -- has a specific "type" that they're attracted to above everything else.

Another reason why the best sex is always with an escort?

Because you can choose the type of woman that you're the most interested in. If you like foreign women, they're available. So are women of all shapes, sizes, and sexual proclivity.

No matter what you're into, an escort agency always ensures you go home with your dream girl.

Ready To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life?

We hope this post has worked to convince you of just a few of the numerous reasons why the best sex you'll ever have will likely be with an escort.

Not only are escorts stunningly beautiful and experienced, they're also incredibly patient -- and very sexy -- teachers.

An evening with an escort can expand your sexual horizons without putting any pressure or expectations for a relationship on you.

Ready to meet your dream girl?

If so, we invite you to spend some time on our website to learn more about the unforgettable escort services we offer.

We can't wait to help make all your fantasies come true.


Walking the Line: The Difference Between Hiring Escorts vs Prostitutes

The Difference Between Hiring Escorts vs Prostitutes

Hiring escorts and hiring a prostitute are two very different things. Learn the difference between the two so you get the exact experience you're looking for.

Keyword(s): hiring escorts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hire a professional sex worker?

Just under 40% of men fantasize about having sex with a prostitute. Little do they know that a call girl can show them a much better time.

If you're not sure how hiring escorts differs from paying prostitutes for sex, don't worry. We'll tell all in this post.

From the way they look, act, and service you to how much they charge you, there's a world of difference between these two professions.

What to Expect When Hiring Escorts

Find out whether a call girl or a prostitute is more suited to your needs by exploring the many differences between them.


An escort has a much more glamorous look than a prostitute.

Escorts put more effort into their appearance. They invest in makeup, hair treatments, and lingerie, all in the interest of making themselves more attractive for their clients.

A prostitute isn't obliged to put in the same amount of effort, and it shows. That's why many men consider escorts to be generally classier.


A prostitute offers a straight-forward service. You pay, you have sex, and then you leave.

Men who hire escorts are often looking for a more romantic, sensual experience. You can relax, have some conversation, and let things flow naturally.

Many escorts offer a 'girlfriend experience', in which they act more flirty, playful and affectionate. This allows men to feel more at ease, as though they're with a down-to-Earth girl they know, rather than a sex worker from the street.

There's also a 'porn star experience'. This service is all about having wild sex and making your kinkiest fantasies a reality. You can expect to have more rough, passionate sex with this service.

Let your escort know what you're looking for, and she'll cater to your needs. However, each girl will have a list of things she is and isn't comfortable doing. Be sure to go over this beforehand.

With an escort, you can let them know in advance exactly what kind of experience and what kind of sex you want to have. Whether it's a girlfriend experience, a porn star experience, BDSM, a naughty role play, or group sex.


Some men who hire escorts do so purely for sex. However, sex isn't always part of an escort service.

Believe it or not, many men begin hiring escorts simply for the pleasure of their company. Some find it therapeutic to be able to talk to someone completely anonymous, who has no connection to their personal or professional life.

Since an escort is getting paid at an hourly rate, they're happy to spend time having conversations with clients. Prostitutes are much less likely to do this, as they're paid per service. Generally, they aren't as willing to chat before, during or after sex.


An escort doesn't have to be just a woman you have sex with. She can be your date, too. Invite her to join you at any social gathering, and you can enjoy having a gorgeous woman on your arm.

An escort can be hired to accompany you on a night out, a weekend away, or even on a long vacation. Of course, you'll have to negotiate these trips with the right girl, first.

Prostitutes don't offer this kind of service. They're simply there to have sex.


A prostitute advertises sexual services at a price, with different rates for different things. For example, they might charge a certain amount for oral sex, but full intercourse would be more expensive.

When hiring escorts, this isn't the case. Escorts charge simply for their time. What you do during that time is entirely up to the both of you.


You can expect to pay more for an escort than you would for a prostitute, since you are getting a better, more inclusive service.


You won't find an escort on a street corner looking for customers. You can't visit them at a brothel, either.

They often operate out of hotel rooms or apartments, so they have their own private space to work. They can also come to you, if you prefer. Just ask for an outcall appointment.


One of the most important differences between hiring escorts and a prostitute is the law.

It's not illegal to buy or sell sex in the UK. However, there are laws surrounding prostitution that make sex work a criminal offense under certain circumstances.

For example, pimping and running a brothel are both illegal. These laws are intended to reduce abuse and human trafficking in the industry. However, some sex workers have argued that they make their work more dangerous, as they restrict them from working together in groups.

Certain ways of advertising sex are also illegal. This includes posting ads in phone boxes and soliciting sex from passing cars on the street, which is also known as 'kerb crawling'.

Before hiring any sex worker, make sure you understand the laws for escorts, prostitutes and Johns.


When you hire an escort, you have more of a choice. You can take your pick from a selection of girls, browsing through photos and descriptions of each one. Different girls offer different special services, and will list what kind of things they can and can't do.

Have the Time of Your Life with an Escort

While you'll undoubtedly enjoy mind-blowing sex with a call girl, there are numerous other benefits of hiring an escort.

As well as exploring your sexual fantasies, you can enjoy the company of a beautiful woman and push your boundaries to try new things, all with no strings attached. With an escort, there's no romantic commitment whatsoever.

At Impulse 24/7, our escorts can come to you. That means you can enjoy all of these benefits in the comfort of your own home!

Depending on where you are, an escort can be with you within just 45 minutes of booking. Browse available girls in your area and see what they can do for you.


Proper Etiquette When Using An Escort Service For A Date

Proper Etiquette When Using An Escort Service For A Date

Have you booked a date through an escort service? If so, there are some things to know. Read on for proper etiquette when using an escort service for dates.

Keyword(s): escort service

When using an escort service, it is essential that you treat the lady as a proper gentleman would.

Always remember that an escort is a professional. Her job is to entertain, please and satisfy her clients, but she also expects to be treated respectfully in return.

The rules of proper behavior around an escort are simple and basic, but failing to live up to these rules could result in a bad experience for yourself and the lady, and any future dates with the lady could be turned down.

Make sure that you read the following guidelines and pay attention to them, in order to ensure that you both have an enjoyable time together.

Consult an Escort Service

When deciding that you want to spend time in the company of an escort, the best course of action you can take is to consult with a professional escort service.

There are countless benefits to using a service like this, but the most important advantage is that this is a safe and convenient way to find the right lady for an enjoyable, intimate date.

An escort service allows you to browse through the photos of many beautiful ladies, read reviews, policies, prices and much more, before making a final decision. This makes the process of finding a suitable lady incredibly simple and fast.

When you see the photo of a lady who attracts you, you can click on her profile to view more information about her. This will show you a short introduction of who she is, her name, age, nationality and other information that you might find useful, such as the size of her bust or her hair colour.

Furthermore, it will show you the time and date when she is available so that you can decide if that fits into your schedule.

At the end, you will be able to read reviews from previous customers. This is a great way to find cues about whether this escort is your type of girl.

When you have found a suitable lady, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page, where the contact information of the escort agency will be visible.

First Contact

When deciding to contact the escort service, you have the option of calling a dedicated telephone number or writing an email.

If you choose to phone the escort service directly, your call will be answered by a professional receptionist, who will listen to your request.

If you already have a specific lady in mind, you will be permitted to speak directly with the lady of your choice. If not, the receptionist will help you select a lady based on your preferences and desires.

At this stage, it is very important that you are clear about what you want. This will make it much easier for the receptionist to help you find your perfect lady.

If you have any specific wishes regarding the girl's age, height, hair colour or anything else, this is the time to mention it.

There Are No Judgements

This is also the time to mention what acts or fantasies you want to experience with your escort.

Remember that some ladies may have restrictions on the type of acts they want to carry out with customers. If you want a girlfriend experience (GFE) or you want to indulge in anal sex (also referred to as Greek), communicate it clearly to the escort service.

There are no judgments here. The escort service exists to fulfill your deepest desires, but they cannot help you if you do not communicate those desires clearly.

The benefits of an escort service are many, but you need to be prepared to give some information about yourself and your preferences, in order to ensure a pleasurable encounter.

If you are talking directly with a lady over the phone, tell her a little bit about who you are. Be respectful. Give her as many details as you are comfortable with.

The more comfortable she is with you, the more likely she is to open up and tell you about herself.

Don't leave out any details about how you want your meeting to progress. Tell her what you expect to get out of your encounter, and things will go smoothly.

Take Care of Yourself

The escort service has certain requirements that all of their ladies need to meet. This relates to how they dress, how they talk, what they talk about and how they act, as well as what they do in the bedroom.

These requirements are in place to ensure that every encounter with a customer is successful.

And along the same lines, a certain etiquette is required of you as a customer, in order to ensure a successful and pleasurable meeting.

For example, it is important that you look clean and decent, so take the following steps to ensure that your hygiene is good:

  • Make sure to shave your beard or mustache, but also any intimate areas that you expect the lady to put her mouth on.
  • Make sure to shower and apply cologne and aftershave.
  • And lastly, make sure to brush teeth and use mouthwash.

In addition, it is advisable that you dress up nicely for your date. When your lady arrives, she will be dressed very classy and very beautiful, so you don't want to look like you just stepped out of a trailer park.

When You Meet Your Lady

When you finally meet your lady of choice, make sure that you act like a real gentleman. Do not ask her questions related to her profession, unless she brings it up herself. Do not ask about any previous customers, and do not ask her for unprotected sex.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when meeting your lady is to act like you would on any date where you expect to have sex.

Be gentle, be courteous, ask questions, share laughter. This will ensure that both yourself and your lady have a great and intimate time together.

If you are ready to take the next step and bring your fantasies to life, call or email our escort service using the contact details below.


Live A Little! Understanding English Escort Laws

Live A Little! Understanding English Escort Laws

Live A Little! Understanding English Escort Laws

Are you unsure of what English law says about escorts? Read here for an easy to understand guide on England's escort laws for more information.

Keyword(s): escort laws

Traveling to the United Kingdom and looking for a little fun? You don't need to settle for bar or strip club environments in this part of the world.

Spend a little time with an escort, and treat yourself to a night of fun and relaxation. Unlike the majority of the United States, there are escort laws, making the profession legal.

Read on to discover the important facts about engaging with an escort in the United Kingdom, and stay on the right side of the law.

Understanding the Why Behind the Women

Escorting offers young women (and men) a way to earn money while working a minimum amount of hours. It is popular among college and graduate students, offering them enough time to study.

Escorts and other sex workers are independent contractors. They get to set their own hours and choose which clients they will engage with.

The flexibility and freedom attracts many young people. Some view it as a way to earn extra money, while others make it part of their lifestyle.

Understanding Escort Laws in the UK

If you are considering an escort for the first time, or are not from the area, be aware of how escort laws work. This will prevent you from running into problems with law enforcement.

All escorts must be at least 18 years of age. If you are found with an escort younger than that, they will be charged with prostitution, and you may face sexual assault charges.

Understand the Language

While it is legal to spend time with an escort, it isn't acceptable to have rates for certain services. Most providers speak with their customers in code words for sex acts.

Some common terms are:

  • GFE-Girlfriend Experience
  • BBJ-Bareback blowjob
  • DP-Double penetration

Be aware of what you are looking for with a provider. Using code helps in understanding what she is comfortable with, and what you're willing to pay for.

While remaining conscious of escort laws, offer the agreed upon rate in a discreet manner.

Be Aware of What Is Illegal

Some factors specific to escort laws in the United Kingdom outline what is illegal. Avoid using the services of anyone who does these, since you put yourself at risk of being targeted by police.

Illegal factors associated with escorting are:

  • Advertising (such as in newspapers)
  • Controlling an escort (escorts managed by pimps)
  • Escorts who solicit customers (such as streetwalkers)

An escort who conducts business above board values discretion and working with her clients individually.

Know How To Contact a Provider

Providers work two ways: through an agency or as independent escorts. Seeking a provider through an agency is the ideal solution.

This is because:

  • You'll be able to pick from a variety of women, knowing what they look like and what you're getting
  • The agency acts as a third party in connecting you
  • You'll have the ability in choosing an incall or outcall situation

Providers either bring you to their hotel room or residence (known as an incall), or they will come to you (referred to as an outcall). The choice is yours, although some only offer one option.

Escort Laws in the UK Prohibit Brothels

Although brothels are not illegal in all countries, they are in the United Kingdom. A brothel is defined when two or more women live and work in a room or building that offers sexual services.

For the purposes of engaging with providers and following escort laws, only engage in one-on-one situations. Doing so prevents problems with police for you and the woman you are with.

Escorting Involves a Variety of Situations

When engaging with an escort, it doesn't have to lead straight to the bedroom. Time with an escort offers a variety of situations such as:

  • Having a meal or otherwise enjoying social companionship for a night out
  • Taking time with her to practice your skills on women, such as making conversation or kissing
  • Experiencing something you've never indulged in before with a partner

There's no limit to what you and your escort can do together. Plan out what you'd like your time together to consist of before you book an appointment.

Maintain Discretion While Out

If you have an outcall appointment, remember to be discreet for the sake of your provider. Don't make your presence know through loud actions.

Treat her as you would any other lady you're going out with for an evening. Escorts treat their clients as the priorities they are, but being mindful of their feelings is something you should practice anyway.

Have an Idea in Mind of What You're Looking For

Before you set foot in an agency, plan out what type of woman you're looking for. Decide if you would like her to have a certain hair color or live in an area that is close to you.

Providers appreciate it when customers are upfront with them about what they're looking for. This prevents time from being wasted.

Your provider wants to meet your needs as much as possible. Be honest and let her know what you are seeking, rather than playing guessing games.

Doing so allows you to get the most out of your experience.

Make Time With the Provider of Your Choice Today

Now that you understand the laws as they pertain to escorts, you're ready to have a session with the provider of your choice.

Check out the areas we have escorts available who can meet you today. Select a lady that catches your interest.

Get ready to have your own adventurous (and perfectly legal) evening with an escort.


No Strings Attached: The Benefits Of Hiring An Escort

No Strings Attached: The Benefits Of Hiring An Escort

Are you on the fence about hiring an escort to fulfill your needs and fantasies? Don't be. Read here for the benefits of hiring an escort.

Keyword(s): hiring an escort

Many men dream about walking into a room with a beautiful woman on their arm. But if you're shy, or work a lot or are in a committed relationship, you might think it's impossible to make that dream a reality.

You may be surprised to learn that it's actually quite easy. Entertaining an escort for the evening is an exciting way to fulfill your fantasy of having the most beautiful woman in the room all to yourself.

As exciting as it is, we understand that beginning a no strings attached relationship with an escort can be nerve-wracking for some. If you're on the fence about hiring an escort -- or if you think it's not right for you -- you may not know enough about the service.

Below, we're exploring the benefits of spending the evening with an escort. Read on to learn why hiring one could be right for you.

1. Indulge In Something New

One of the most common curiosities men share is that of spending the night with someone who isn't your committed romantic partner. Even men who are happy with their wives or girlfriends often imagine what it would be like to be single for an evening.

While this fantasy is perfectly healthy, it can be a tricky one to fulfill. Most men don't actually want to have an affair or give in to a temptation that could hurt their partner.

Hiring an escort gives you a safe, no strings attached, zero consequence way to explore being with someone other than your partner. And since you're in control of which woman you end up with, you can choose someone who provides you with the variety you crave.

If your partner is blonde, you can spend the night with a brunette escort. If you want to be with someone of a different nationality, that choice is your to make.

The possibilities are endless, and spending the night with an escort can allow you to fulfill your fantasy while still preserving your romantic relationship.

2. Get An Ego Boost When You Need It Most

We all have days when we don't feel good about ourselves because work or our relationships or our finances are causing us stress or making us feel insignificant. In those moments, hiring an escort is the best thing you can do to turn your mood around.

Imagine how great it feels to get a compliment from a beautiful woman. Now imagine that you're getting those compliments all night, one after another. Being with an escort is an opportunity to feel valued, and to let someone else shower you with praise.

While this can be the boost you need on any given evening, it is particularly helpful if you have an important event to attend. Consider bringing an escort as your date to a work function, school reunion, or other social outings.

You can face the room with a beautiful woman on your arm, who will be there to give you the confidence you need to handle even the most stressful situations.

3. Practice Being Comfortable Around Women

If you're new to dating or don't have a lot of experience with it, you may not be very comfortable spending one-on-one time with a woman. London's social scene can be difficult to navigate, and it's hard to gain confidence when you're in competition with every other man at the bar.

When you hire an escort, you're guaranteed the undivided attention of one woman for the entire night. And since your escort is there to be at your service, you can ask her questions and get an honest opinion.

Try out different topics of conversation, or practice casually touching a woman as you talk. You can even explore more ambitious moves and get a truthful sense of whether or not a woman would enjoy them.

Particularly if you are recovering from a divorce or just moved to the city and don't have a lot of experience with the women there, hiring an escort is a way to gain insight.

After spending a night -- or several -- with an escort of your choosing, you'll be ready to approach the social scene with courage and confidence.

4. Explore Sexual Fantasies Without Judgement

Men think about sex almost twice as often as women do, so it's likely that you have fantasies that your wife or girlfriend has never imagined.

Some men don't feel comfortable sharing their true desires for fear of being judged or misunderstood by their partners. Or they feel that their fantasies could be degrading to the person they love and don't want to risk that type of situation.

With an escort, all of those worries can disappear. Escorts are professionals who are open to exploring any type of fantasy you might have. They may have even engaged in your particular fantasy already.

When you spend an evening with an escort, you are in control of the experience. You can ask for exactly what you want, without fear of hurting anyone's feelings or changing the way your partner looks at you.

5. Improve Your Relationship

It may sound counterintuitive, but spending the night with an escort can actually help the state of your romantic relationship.

Many men go through a rut or rough patch in their marriage, wh they feel as if their wife doesn't appreciate or can't understand them. Or maybe you prefer not to burden your partner with the stresses of your day.

Being with an escort is a chance to get all of your issues off your chest, and to get the kind of stress release you may not find at home.

You can return to your partner free of the worries that usually weigh down your time together, and more appreciative of the intimacy you share.

Ready To Explore Hiring An Escort?

Though they may not talk about it, there is probably someone in your circle of friends who has already discovered how great it can feel to spend the night with an escort. Now is a perfect time for you to realize it too.

For more information about our services, please explore the areas where we operate. To begin your booking, call or email us today.


Take me on Love Island

When an escort by the name of Sabrina mentioned love island at the escort agency the other day I asked her which one? I then began to reel off a list of places where I had enjoyed a sexy holiday romance. These included Cyprus, Majorca, Ibiza (three times) and the Isle of Wight to mention but a few. Of course sexy Sabrina just laughed and then explained that she was talking about the television series which returns to our screens on Monday on ITV2. Apparently it's funny, sexy and there's plenty of bitchy gossip, what's not to like?

Sabrina is a bit of a television addict. She's a really popular escort though so I don't know where she gets the time to watch tv. She's always on a date and when a guy enjoys an evening of passion with Sabrina you can bet your bottom dollar he will do anything to enjoy an intimate experience with her again. The girl is truly talented where it matters most! And unlike any television show this girl is all reality and no illusion. Check out her stunning, saucy pictures on the escort agency site and you will see what I mean.

Anyway, this love island programme has been going for years she says and it's hosted by Caroline Flack, she of alleged fling with the much younger Harry Styles. Thirty seven year old Caroline is said to enjoy romping with much younger men. Personally I prefer an older guy with more experience. I find the confidence of an older man, one with a saucy twinkle in his eye, a real turn on but each to their own I always say.

The new series will feature lots of sex according to its hostess. It will be 'raunchy' and every bit as controversial as the last series when various contestants had sex on screen, and it was dangerously close to the watershed when broadcast. In fact, Sabrina says that one girl was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after she stripped off her clothes for some hot sex with one of the men on the show.

The format of Love Island seems to be quite simple. A bunch of horny guys and sexy girls are placed on the eponymous island and of course nature takes its obvious course! And when it does, there's a camera on hand to capture the moment for posterity!

A much better format would be to ship off a bunch of muscled males and eager escorts to the island. Now that I would watch. In fact, better still, that's a show I would take part in ? as long as there are some older, distinguished gentlemen for me to seduce of course! Or make that a nice round half dozen. I mean, the show lasts a fortnight and I am a very active girl if you know what I mean.

To finish with a quote from Caroline Flack when asked if there will be even more sex on the new show. ?Can they have more sex? There can't always be more sex can there?? says Caroline. Now that sounds like something of a cop out and a let down if you ask me ? like you are already being prepared for disappointment. What they are in need of is a plane load of beautiful, fun loving, sexy, hot model escorts to rescue the new series from being something of a sex free damp squib. And then Paspartout can shout 'the plane, the plane' as we come in to land... And then, with blonde, brunette, busty escorts on board it really will be a whole lotta love island rather than out of love island. Part 2

After the traumatic experience with the fat Brunette I was on the phone to South Mimms Escorts booking the women of my dreams, I chose an 18yr old called Candy probably not her real name but a nice name to match her picture. Candy was a slim dress size 6-8 tall, leggy with long blonde wavy hair and striking blue eyes, unfortunately she was rather flat chested a 32a, this was going to be a first for me as every woman I have been with has been very busty.

Within 20 minutes my intercom buzzed and a vision of beauty was standing in my door entry monitor. I quickly buzzed her up, I opened the door to Candy and the first thing she said to me was "your hot" well ding dong I'm sure it was me that was supposed to say that to her.

After sorting out finances and a quick chat I felt that Candy was my best friend, so this is where it got interesting Candy had only been working for a month and she said there was a new girl who started that night and she was stunning, she said I should book her and get her round for a three some, I thought to myself here we go I'm being fleeced here but then Candy said if you book her I'll pay, I really want to see her naked.

I just couldn't comprehend what's going on here, my lottery ticket has really come in tonight so I agreed but there would be conditions, Candy was to have her all to herself for an hour and I could only watch with no touching either of them. Game on, I rang the agency, 20 minutes later a mixed race stunner called Ina was at my door, yes, she was stunning and what a body, never seen nothing like it. I told Ina what I wanted (well what Candy wanted as I was told what to say) and within 15 minutes the 2 of then were on top of my bed touching feeling stroking licking orgasming. The hour came and went so quick and Ina left so I had to book Candy for another hour.

Candy was on another planet she told me that was the best night of her life.

At this time, I had spent nearly 40 minutes watching this and I was ready to explode and explode I did. Unfortunately, it only took 7 or 8 seconds, the minute Candy put her tongue on the end of my cock it was all over, e feeling that I have never encountered before in my life.

After I said my goodbyes to Candy I spend the next 3 hours on my hands and knees looking for dark hairs, washing bedding and hoovering every inch of my apartment. Even though I hate housework this was a chore I really enjoyed. A quick text to my Fiance telling her I missed her and loved her then of to bed to start planning my next meet. I was hooked!

My fiance decided to have a girly week away with her friends in San Antonio, Ibiza. I wasn't very happy but I suppose its Tit for Tat, as me and my mates are planning on a week away in Marbella, Puerto Banus. You could say Pot kettle and all that.

This will be the first time we have been apart since moving in together 3 years ago. Before we co habitated our sex life was fantastic and very dirty but after living together things started to slow down a bit just 6 months into living together. I just can't understand why as I'm up for it all the time and so was she until we got the front door keys to our new home.

So, the old saying was when the cats away the mouse comes out to play and I really am the mouse in the house. It's definatly not me that wears the pants in this relationship.

When I dropped her off at the airport she said to me 'oh I best just check to make sure I have no items in my handbag to clear customs' she then rummaged through her bag and pulled out a folded knife about 3 inches long and handed to me to hang onto it for her, I laughed a rather nervous laugh then said to her 'what the fuck you doing with a knife in your bag', she replied ' it's for you, if I find out when I get back you been a naughty boy I will use that knife to cut your cock off'.

I got home later that night from dropping her of and thought fuck it, she can't control me like that. I popped the cork on the bottle of champagne I had chilled earlier on the day and flicked open my Mac and done a search for sexy young blondes to show me a good time. I wasn't expecting much but I was inundated with sites that had just what I was looking for. I switched the simm card in my phone (one that I had bought earlier) and rang a number that had the perfect blonde on the screen.

I wanted a blond as the love of my life is blond and I thought I wouldn't get caught out with hairs lying around. Having spoken to the bird on the phone, not the best English in the world I booked her for a home visit. Exactly 1 hour later the intercom went and my paid for date had arrived, unfortunately the blond was brunette, she was a size 16 not a size 8 and she had no tits, not the 34DD's I was expecting, how can a fat bird have no tits. I told her at the doorstep to do one.I wasn't going to risk getting my manhood cut off for shagging a munter.

When I done a second search I came across some reviews from the company that just sent me the hostess with mostess love handle, there was a warning! don't book as all the girls from this agency are Munters.

My next call was to South Mimms Escorts. This is a story not to be missed and will follow in a couple of days


Slave to the phone

I, like most of the brainwashed technology sheep must have the new updated iPhone, I now also own a collection of scratched battered cracked damaged iphones, I have the 3 the 4 the 5 the 6 you get the picture. As an apple techno freak, there is one thing that is very important to me, a screen protector and not just any screen protector but a privacy screen protector. The beauty of the iPhone screen protector is that I can look at what I want without the prying of anyone's eyes, especially the prying eyes of my unstable, insecure girlfriend of 6 years.

Me and my girlfriend have a very turbulent relationship, hence the need to keep what I look at, or what messages I send, private, hence the privacy screen.

While writing this it's now only sinking in how much I should protect my privacy from my girlfriend, all my devices are password protected, with passwords that are longer than, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

So back to the phone, I took receipt of the new iPhone 7 red special edition the other day and never had a chance to put a new privacy screen, or indeed any screen protector on my new iphone and this was a costly mistake. I was having a laugh with one of mates over a whatsapp conversation and I was telling him about an encounter with my girlfriend's sister, how she kept brushing her big tits past me at her parent's birthday bash. I wasn't sure what was going on or whether I was imagining it but I sent my mate a few pictures of the said sister-in-law from her Facebook page with a caption, "I would love to wank over her face" at the time of writing I was sitting in a airport lounge waiting to board for a trip to the Maldives, my girlfriend Bianca had just nipped out for some duty free, what I didn't realise was that she had forgotten her boarding card and just nipped back and unbeknown to me she standing over me reading my texts.

So, I'm sitting in the Maldives, very bored and very much single. I became a single man in the Virgin Lounge at Heathrow T3 due to my carless message to my mate. I suppose if she really did love me then we could have talked this through, the sister who I thought was teasing me sent me a text telling me what a perverted loser I was.

The ironic and funny thing is, if they both new that I actually wanked over their mother's face when I booked a Harlow escort and she knocked at my hotel door, they really would have something to be upset about.


Escort girls in Harlow

My name is Shelly this is my real name and not my chosen working name and I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work as an escort. I only work 2 days a week being a Friday and a Saturday, mid week I work part time as a book keeper at a main dealer Jaguar garage. I am 5?11? slim size8 with long brown hair and fantastic 32 D natural bust. I have never had a problem getting a boyfriend and I have been told that I am stunning ( past boyfriends words not mine) I have my own house my own car and due to huge financial hand outs from my father a very healthy bank balance. I am 25 years old and have been an escort for 2 years.

So the question is why do I do escorting? simple I love sex , I love meeting people and love the thrill of walking into a strangers house. I absolutely love my job.

How did it all start? I was out with a friend in Essex one night and she was telling me how she was balancing a secret life by working for an agency, she told me that not only does she make decent money, meet some lovely guys but it has also become part of her social life, my best friend who I went through school with since the age of 9 has been working for a year and she never told me and I would never have know a thing until she told me. What shocked me even more was that one of her regular clients was a woman, you could have knocked me over with a feather with that bombshell so I thought if she could do it why not me. The following day I rang the number I was given for Escort girls in Harlow. Within a matter of 3 days I was walking through the doors of my first client who happened to be a couple, a fantasy of mine fulfilled and I got paid for it. It couldn?t get much better than that.


There are no snakes

I have been single for 4 years now having spent the previous 6 years married to a control freak. I decided to get out when she said she was heading to Marbella with her work colleagues for a weekend away. Thatís not too much of a problem but her work colleques are all male and to keep the cost down they were sharing a room.

In the 4 years that I have been single I have had 3 failed short term relationships, Iím easy going but I suppose imp probably too much of a drip as my wife puts it. I have a good job as area manager at a chain of Bookmakers. I spend 6 days out of my life in they Gym and run or cycle every morning at 6 am with out fail. I might be a drip but I got a real mans physique.

Rather than spend time in the bars trying to chat birds up I went the other simpler route, I book visiting escorts any day any time, 1 hours of fun sometimes 2 if she really hot then its goodbye baby, shut the door then Iím back on my own.

I was being sent to Gibraltar for 3 weeks in June for company meetings as this is where our head office is, free holiday as for as I was concerned.

Here I was lying on the beach on my first weekend of when this black bird came over and started to talk to me, she was tall I would say dress size 6-8 and a DD, she was beautiful and as she was standing in front of me, I was sitting in the perfect position to stare at her camel toe, howís this for her opening 1 liner ď Hey man I was told to go to Greece to find an Adonis yet here you areĒ Jesus what a confidence boost.

That night we met up for drinks and as a coincidence were both staying at the same hotel, she was taking 6 months off on a world tour and Gibraltar was her first stop, she wanted to see the Monkeys at the top of the rock. Conversation and drinks flowing the night flew by and we heard them fatal words when your having fun. Drinks up were closing.

We started walking back chatting as we knew each other for years when all of a sudden she dragged me into a shop doorway and started to kiss me, deep tongue action, I must admit she took me by surprise then she started to tongue me ear, never had that before, it was not long before she had her hand rubbing my shorts over my cock. She was whispering to me Let me see your Anaconda; I want your Anaconda, what the fuck! My Anaconda, this is not good.

I told her if she was referring to my cock then she going to be a bit a disappointed as there defo no Anaconda down there, unfortunately I might have the body of Adonis but I was at the back of the queue when they were handing out cocks. It seems that women automatically expect me to be hung like John Holmes just because of my muscles and my six pack. I think I killed the moment.

We headed back in a sort of silence but still holing hands, She was on floor 8 and I was on floor 3, I told her my room number was 333 I was never going to forget that. We had a kiss in the lift then I got out, she said she would see me tomorrow and that was that.

I got undressed got into bed and started to search for visiting escorts in Gibraltar when my hotel phone rang, it was Denise she said Iím lying on my bed naked, legs wide open and fanny dripping with juices, I want you, I want you now.

Dressing gown on up to her room and there she was as described, I jumped on the bed and I found myself suddenly inside her fucking for England and it was good. Our session lasted for 2 hours and she was a right dirty fucker, anything and everything.

The following morning at breakfast she told me she was checking out and heading to Barcelona that was a real shame since I found my self a great fuckpiece. We never exchanged numbers and said our Goodbyes and that was that. Good result on my behalf.

When I got home the first thing I done was to book an escort, this time I went for Black girls and I wasnít disappointed, three months down the line sitting waiting for the door bell waiting for my new £125 per hour conquest I started to feel the need for love and affection, I was ready to started a new a relationship so I reached for my phone to cancel my visiting escort from impulse247 when the doorbell rang. Fuck it one more time I suppose.

The Shock on my face, I was speechless, jaw hung open and eyes in shock. Denise was standing in front of me .She looked amazing but I just couldn't work out how she found me, tracked me down and what was she doing here, I had an escort due to arrive any minute how embarrassing would that be

She broke the awkward silence. Hi Simon my name is Sapphire "You better get that Anaconda out I need a fucking a real good fucking"


Rags to Riches

When I was younger I always wanted a metal detector, you know, the though of finding hidden treasure, the romance behind it, the fame and fortune with finding that Saxon or Roman haul.

So I decided to buy my self a top of the range metal detector and shelled out nearly 3 thousand pounds, my parents my brother and my mates thought I was absolutely nuts, but that them and I was determined to have the last laugh.

After a bit of research on the internet I found out that all was not as easy as it appeared, in the glossy magazine for the idetect3000, what they didnít mention was that you had to have permissions to go around with a metal detector and if you did find a bit of treasure you have to share your haul with whomever gave you the permission. There was no way I was sharing anything I would wait until it got dark then start detecting. Thankfully the idetect3000 had led lights on the base for those who chose to take their hobby from dust till dawn.

I chose a night when the fewest of people would be around, Sunday night with a cold bitterly wind and a slight drizzle, the drizzle was a bit of inconvenience but the cold was no problem as the idetect3000 had a heated handle and heated headphones. My first port of call would be Enfield common, the park opposite my house. I crept out of the house at 11pm and switched on my idetect3000 and within 30 seconds of swaying the head left to right my headphones were beeping away. I had found treasure! Wealth fame riches, women were all coming my way. I started to dig with my little garden trowel and found an old lighter. At 4 am I decided to call it a day or should I say call it a night, I did happen to find £11.52 and a small earing so at least the idetect3000 was starting to pay for it self.

I slept in Monday morning and rang in work sick, told them I had been up all night, no need to lie there was there, anyway I was sick of my job being an accountant was no fun. Not now I was on the road to riches.

11 pm came and I was out again on Enfield common, I decided to call it a day at 4am again having only found £1-50 being 50p coin and a 1pound coin. I slept in again and rang in sick again with the same excuse. As I was on the phone there seamed to be a lot of commotion on the common there were council vans police cars and 3 vans with special mole unit written on the side. It was only then that the penny dropped, Enfield common was infested with moles, they probably churned the grass up that much that any treasure would buried by the moles that deep my idetect3000 wouldnít pick it up.

New tact tonight, tube down to Hyde Park, I bet the queen at some point in her life has dropped some crown jewels.


modern love

When it comes to sex has anything changed since Victorian times? We tend to have this idea that in the past people were less sexually adventurous, didnít cheat on a partner and had intercourse in the dark. But actually most recent studies of the mores of the Victorian age reveal that monogamy may have been held up as the norm and something to be practised but in reality many affluent Victorian men had mysteries, visited escorts and had children to women other than their wives. The women on the other hand in such households were far more limited in what they could get up to. Indeed the one irritating thing about Downton Abbey is that it does not present an accurate picture of the sexual relations between upstairs and downstairs.

So what is different? Well, access to the internet has changed just about everything. If you want to learn about a particular sex act or practice it will only be a few clicks away. If you want to meet sexy people then you can do so online. If youíd like a sensual massage in your home or luxury hotel then an escort agency is only a Google search away. Being better informed about sex, love and relationships means we are more open about what we desire and more prepared to enjoy an adventure or two. We donít have to hide like the Victorians behind a veneer of so-called respectability; we can be honest and upfront. Today men and women exchange erotic photographs, make their own sex videos, indulge in fantasy play, use sex toys and even have sex with the lights on! And the world is all the better because of it!


how to be a great lover

It would be easy to begin this blog with some straightforward advice as to the most pleasurable acts, positions or toys. But I am not going to. As a woman with a very healthy appetite for hot sex I want to talk about what really makes a man a great lover Ė his listening skills. Men who are good in bed are good in bed because they listen to their woman. A truly great lover is not a man who has discovered some mystical and mythical g-spot, or someone hung like a horse, or a guy who can go all night though I am sure there are girls who would be happy with one or all three of those things! A great lover listens and responds to his girl, learning even as he pleasures her, what it is that drives her wild with excitement. And then, with a repertoire of sexual acts at his disposal he is able to play his woman like a musical instrument, eventually knowing her stops as Hamlet once said.

So, an accomplished lover will never make love the same way twice. He will be different with each of his conquests. And more to the point, he will celebrate what it is that makes each individual girl special. Of course having a silvery tongue doesnít hurt. A woman is aroused as much by what she hears as what she sees. Make her feel good, set the tone, the mood. Help her to realise her fantasies and give her what she is dreaming of. And as anyone who has truly satisfied a woman knows there will be ample reward for your efforts when she fully gives herself to you in the climax of her passion. So listen to your lover and put into practice everything you learn.

In the same way a high quality escort will listen to her clients and will respond accordingly. A top escort will never go through the motions or assume that one approach, one type of attitude, one set of actions will suffice or satisfy. A truly great escort will be able to almost intuitively know what makes a client tick and she will do everything she can to make him happy.


the mathematics of sex

Before you get your hopes up I am not about to write a blog about the number of sexual partners, marks out of ten for performance, whether size matters or any other numerically linked thing! This is a blog about how to be successful when it comes to hitting on someone. Now, to be clear, I am an escort and I have the looks and sex appeal to go with it and so this blog isnít about how a super-hot chick like myself goes on the prowl, sharking or whatever it is you men call it. If I want to meet someone for a casual fling then I have to say it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for me. I just put on one of my sexy outfits such as my skin tight satin jumpsuit and I go to the nearest pub. If I donít have at least three guys chatting me up in the first ten minutes then I donít consider the evening a success. No, this blog is aimed at men. Basically I am going to give you guys the inside track on how to be successful with women, the mathematicianís way.

When you are out and about and looking for some hot sex on an evening, as you do, what strategies do you put in place? Thatís right I said strategies. Because if you are hoping to get lucky without thinking through how to maximise your chances of success then that is poor planning and I bet you are less lucky than you would like to be. According to a recent study if you are an average looking man then you will probably avoid asking out the best looking woman.

Apparently ordinary guys tend to go for women that they think they will have a better chance with, fearing that if they approach the hot babe in the high heels they will get knocked back. But there are two things to think about here. First of all many men will be intimidated and so the girl in question might be open to your advances and give you more of a chance to show you are the kind of guy she would like to make sweet love with. Secondly, if she chooses someone else then you can move on to your second choice girl. The theory goes that everyone will end up with the Ďleast badí option if they follow this method.

If you use a dating site then the maths tells us that you should play up to what makes you different. We all try to conceal what we consider to be our less attractive features but actually you should celebrate what it is that makes you, well, you! So, girls who follow this rule actually get more men contacting them Ė see our first suggestion as to why that is. Being quirky can work for a girl and again as a guy you should remember that the prettiest girls may not be getting the most attention Ė opportunity therefore knocks.

The penultimate suggestion is to speak your mind if you want someone to be interested in you and also if you want a relationship to last. The research is very clear on this: people who talk about issues are 90% more likely to stay together than people who complain about issues.

The final tip Ė book an escort!


kiss and tell

I had this friend who spent a night with a celebrity and then went public with a kiss and tell tale in a tabloid. She got well paid but I was mortified and even angry about it. I mean, how can you be intimate with someone and then betray them like that. Worse still he was married. I say Ďwasí because when it all came out in the papers his other half upped sticks and left him. I didnít think of her as a friend after that. I mean when do guys do Ďkiss and tellí stories? When I have been intimate with a man I treasure the memory and move on. Even on those rare occasions when a boyfriend has dumped me I have never been tempted to try and humiliate him. I think being discrete about your love life is important. And actually my former friend has suffered because sheís not welcome at the high class clubs she used to frequent any more. The guy was a celebrity Ė he had friends!

If you are wondering what a kiss and tell story is, it is when a woman has sex with someone famous and then tells a reporter about it. It will usually have lurid headlines and the girl will have given the guy a mark out of ten for his performance in bed. In the really sleazy ones she may even mention the size of his equipment. Itís bang out of order in my opinion.

Escorts are the soul of discretion. What happens on one of my dates is between me and him, or me, him and the other girl which happens now and then. The details of any sensual massage stay secret. I guess this is why you will find a lot of men who are very loyal to their favourite escorts. I actually meet up with two celebrities myself and I am sure they are happier being with a professional escort than meeting some random girl in a club and not knowing what she is like and whether or not she has an ulterior motive.


getting a bikini body

Is it too early to be thinking about summer holidays? Not if you want to get in shape and have that perfect bikini body it isnít. The thing is, for a woman, the idea of a beach holiday is a double edged sword.

On the one hand there is the anticipation of great weather, soft and sandy beaches, warm water and of course a possible holiday romance or three. On the other hand there is the idea of cavorting about on a beach in nothing but the skimpiest of bikinis. I keep myself toned Ė itís important to me as an escort as many men are first attracted by an escortís body in gallery photographs before getting to know the girl more intimately and personally. But even for me there is a fear factor around being in a bikini. You see there are so many hot women and you feel a pressure to measure up against them. Iím completely natural which I am proud of and my figure is hot but when you see some of the surgically enhanced girls with massive boobs it can be a little intimidating.

The solution is to get a great bikini body and that means a lot of exercise, especially the abdominal muscles and thighs and a controlled diet. I donít go crazy when it comes to food Ė I donít want to be a nun or anything as I enjoy food. Itís just about cutting down on snacks, switching fully leaded to diet fizzy drinks and doing without deserts. And yes, it is only February and Iím not going away until June!


how to dump a grump

Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel trapped and unable to breathe? With someone who grinds every time they open their mouths. A relationship where you feel stifled and where the last drop of fun has long since fallen onto a sandy floor? Where your companion is a real grump and the honeymoon period is a distant memory?

There will be some readers thinking whatís the problem, just split up, move on and go swimming in that heavily populated sea. But what if you are too timid to call it a day? Thereís always the Dear John letter (probably an email in this day and age) but it lacks class. And one should never ditch a lover by text message! That would be seriously sad! So, you are the sort who struggles with confrontation: how can you dump a grump and make them feel it was their idea?

Well for starters you have to pick the right moment. Telling someone you hate the sight of them and want to separate in the middle of a blazing row is never a good idea. But, if you wait for that chilled moment, say the right things, and even spend the night you can be amazed at how easy it is for a girl to dump a guy without him even realising it. What to say? Well, this is all about growth, moving on, going in different directions.

This is all about how you are holding him back, have no more love to give, and the classic itís your fault and not hisÖ Before you think I am one duplicitous so and so remember that I am the kind of girl who likes a single life. I am an escort because I like no strings attached encounters with men who make me laugh, who appreciate my sense of fun and adventure and who love to enjoy intimacy with someone who is not going to nag, moan about their day or who see the whole thing in economic terms Ė you know what I mean, those individuals who Ďrewardí their man. I like intimate experiences as much or more than any guy and in any physical encounter I give as good as I get.

Thereís a reason why I am a much sought after escort and if you are ever lucky enough to have me give you a sensual massage you will no doubt join the list of admirers.

Right, one last piece of advice and this time for my male readers Ė if you want to split with your girl just let her catch you ogling an escort on the web Ė thereís nothing like a sexy escort to make a girl feel she canít compete. She will then dump you Ė job done!


why escorts are more fun

Letís face it you are looking at an escort site because you appreciate hot women. You like the idea of a naughty girl who enjoys having intimate fun. You like the excitement of meeting up with someone knew, someone who knows how to give you a good time. And you appreciate the fact that your time together will be stress free, relaxing and satisfying with no strings attached.

If someone asked me what I liked about being an escort my answer would be multi-faceted I think. For starters I have always enjoyed the effect I have on men. I am slim, petite, with long dark hair and sexy legs. My pout dominates my face though many men have commented on my pale blue eyes. I dress to impress and make the most of my firm and toned body.

Then there is my personality. An escort canít be downbeat! One has to be effusive, friendly and really, genuinely up for a good time. If Iím ever feeling under the weather or just have the winter blues then I wonít meet up with any clients. When I meet one of my special men I need to be the very special girl they know and love.

Being an escort isnít for everyone. This goes without saying really. When I walk into a room there is a buzz of excitement. I can feel menís eyes on me and it gives me a sublime thrill, a feeling of confidence, power and sexual allure. I love being wanted and have no problem with being a sex object Ė when a guy engages in seduction he soon finds out that I am more than just a beautiful body and he will appreciate my other qualities, especially as my focus is always on physical pleasure. Being educated helps me to engage with a client, sharing intimate and flirtatious moments, conversing about all sorts of things though usually it is a kind of dancing with words, the idea being to arouse and stimulate the other. The average girl isnít built like me and I donít just mean in respect of my perfect figure. The average girl is just that, average and mediocrity isnít my thing. As an escort I stand out from the crowd and I bring pure excitement into the hotel bedroom: men appreciate and value that quality.


how to make a woman orgasm

Male friends often ask me about how to make a woman orgasm. And I think straight away there is the problem. If a man has to ask then he hasnít put enough effort into finding out by trial and error what it is that makes his girl tick in the bedroom.

Part of the problem is that some guys think only of their own pleasure when it comes to sex. Then there are other guys who think of themselves as studs and just assume they are doing it right. Yet others will have watched a trailer load of erotic films and will mechanically run through a litany of positions and moves and think all is well. I once had sex with a guy like this and I could almost hear his thoughts as he ticked off one sexual position and another from some list in his head.

The thing is there is no right or wrong way to make a woman come. There are a variety of things a man can do to get a woman in the mood to orgasm and in fact some of them have nothing to do with sexual contact at all. Begin by making sure that the moment is right. I love it when a man seduces me in an unusual situation, such as in a lift on the way to a hotel room. I love it when a guy shows me that he is desperate to have me. I love it when a man whispers naughty things in my ears. But you see, thatís me and another woman will be entirely different. The thing is to know your girl, to listen to her, and to ask her what it is that turns her on. Donít be afraid to talk to your lover when having sex Ė in fact that can be a big turn on in itself. A confident guy who takes the time to please is very attractive.


the first time

Nervous, excited, skin tingling in anticipation I began to undress for him. It was my first timeÖ

Can you remember the first time you had sex? I was seventeen, young and innocent and he was an older man I had met at my first job. He was married, though he had a reputation as something of a player. The other girls warned me about him. They even told me how he would try to seduce me. But all the warnings did was make me more interested. In fact when he didnít hit on me I was a little disappointed.

Still a virgin at seventeen! That was the reaction of my friends. They couldnít understand my reluctance to have sex until I felt it was right. I was almost eighteen when I began work at the accountancy firm. It was boring work and I wonder how I stuck it out as long as I did. I was there two years. When I think back it really does seem like a different lifetime. I mean, now, as an escort, I enjoy a fun filled existence. I meet cool people and have a really great time. And I am well rewarded for my efforts though my main motivation is lifestyle rather than riches. At the accountancy firm I enjoyed neither.

I suppose that might be why I got so wrapped up in the company director with his reputation as a bad boy. Most of the girls had been in one compromising situation or another with him, usually at office parties, which he organised often. His wife even attended some of them and I got the impression she didnít mind his philandering, perhaps it even aroused her to think he was cheating on her. Or maybe she was cheating on him Ė who knows?

John was a young looking fifty year old with a twinkle in his eye and a saucy way with words. He could make you feel special even as he was pouring filthy suggestions into your ears! I once hear him propose a threesome to two secretaries. They didnít know I was in the ante room about to do some photocopying. I tingled with the thrill of the situation and even more so when the girls giggled with delight and asked him what he was doing later. Booking a deluxe hotel suite for the three of us was his reply. I often wonder if it was just playful flirting or if they did in fact hook up. It was nearly three months before he propositioned me Ė even though I was acting shamelessly in his presence, leaning over so that my cleavage was exposed, wearing short skirts, standing very close to him when taking dictation. But then, one afternoon when I was doing some filing in his office I felt his presence behind me and turned to find him looking at me, a slight smile on his face. I didnít waste a moment and immediately kissed him whilst caressing his body. Later that evening we made love on his office desk after all the other girls had gone home. My first time had been naughty, erotic, sensual and ever so hot. How was yours?



Why do women wear lipstick? The whole make up thing is a mystery to most men but actually itís very simple why girls put on lipstick and blusher Ė to attract a man. The psychology of make-up is all wrapped up in the idea of finding a mate and procreating. In primitive times a man would be interested in finding a sexual partner who could bear his children and perpetuate his genes. That was more likely if the man had sex with a younger, ripe woman of child bearing age. Itís simple biology really.

Of course nowadays it is not all about having babies. Sex is fun and having sex for the sake of it is perfectly normal. But subconsciously women still feel the need to send out the same signals to attract a man and that includes the appearance of youth. Even when we appreciate the talents of a more mature woman Ė mature escorts can be very popular Ė the appeal of looking young still has a firm hold on our psyches.

But why wear bright red lipstick? Well, that colour is popular because when a woman is sexually aroused the blood flow to certain parts of the body increases, including the lips. Bright red lips are a sign that a woman is sexually interested! Of course the trick fellas, is to know if itís just the lipstick or if indeed her actual lips are bright red! No one said seduction was easy!


suspenders and stockings

Whenever I have a hot date lined up my first inclination lingerie wise is to go for sexy suspenders and stockings. They are not always the most comfortable of things to wear and not the warmest on a winterís night but I know that they will definitely be a sure fire winner with any lucky guy who gets to enjoy my company in an intimate environment. Iím not sure what men find so erotic and saucy about suspenders though. To me a pair of tiny silk panties and a skimpy brassiere is far more alluring. And whenever I wear a sexy baby doll I feel like sex on a stick. But no, if I ask a man what he likes to see on a woman when she is stripping off for action then invariably I am told suspenders and stockings. I understand the appeal when it involves a striptease. When stripping naked for a man, dancing provocatively to some suggestive track the stockings add an element of delay as I peel them off ever so slowly. This increases the delicious anticipation of my man and makes him fit to explode by the time I am standing naked before him in all my glory. But surely it canít be for that reason alone otherwise a woman could just wear extra layers of clothing?

Has it got something to do with the idea of bondage and submission? Is it suggestive of some kind of kinky sexual practice involving ropes and control? Is it the fact that stockings give a framed glimpse of thigh? Is it the connection with courtesans of days gone by? That canít be it because there must have been a reason to dress in that way back then.

Perhaps Iíll never know why my men friends like me in suspenders and stockings, but then who cares? I will continue to give my man what he wants and if that involves the thrill of watching me undress down to iconic sexy lingerie then thatís just fine by me.


a sexy striptease

A good striptease is all about timing. OK, I know what youíre thinking Ė male readers! Ė that a good striptease is all about the hot young woman getting her kit off but youíre wrong! As someone who has often pleased a man by undressing in a provocative, erotic and beguiling manner I know exactly what it is that makes undressing more than the sum of its parts Ė careful rehearsed movement, anticipation, satisfaction delayed to the point of frustrationÖ to the point of and never beyond mind.

Another element of an erotic dance that cannot be overlooked is the lingerie. I mentioned earlier that rehearsal is an important part of a good striptease. There is nothing sexier about getting your panties caught in your high heels! So, itís important to know your moves and to choose your sexy undies well.

Getting in the mood often involves mood lighting and mood music. No man is going to get all hot and bothered watching a girl dance silently under a bright fluorescent tube Ė though with my body I might just be able to get away with it! Being an escort means I stay in great shape and I often work out by pole dancing Ė itís a fabulous way to tone and when I am feeling horny I might even treat a guy to a naughty performance. Anyway, soft lighting in sexy tones, purples, pinks and reds work best along with the right choice in raunchy music and a man will definitely be Ďin the moodí!

So, weíve covered moves, mood and lingerie. Is there anything else to consider? Well I like to add a few accessories to the mix. This can involve fantasy role play Ė dressing up as a saucy secretary complete with black rimmed glasses for example. Add a riding crop or if dressed as a French maid a feather duster. A pair of handcuffs will always do the trick.

You add all of these elements up and you come out with an experience that most men would die for. Just donít get your clothes off too quickly, take your time and watch him rise to the occasion.


candlelit dinners

Boyfriends often ask me why women find candlelit dinners so romantic. To be honest I hadnít really given it much thought. When I started to intellectualise my instinctive responses I realised that the question isnít as straightforward as it at first appears. I mean, there are lots of situations that are romantic so is it the situation, the companionship or the fact that what all of these moments have in common is that they are a prelude to sex and as such there is an intrinsic excitement.

Think about it. An evening with a hot young woman in a luxurious hotel suite, drinking champagne and eating strawberries on a fur rug in front of an open fire, frolicking in the surf on holiday at an exclusive singles resort, having a picnic on the banks of the Thames Ė all of these examples are romantic in their own way. So, a meal at a nice restaurant, eating gourmet delicacies and listening to a waiter serenade you is sexy, but why should it be any sexier than any other hot and sexy encounter?

I mused over this for a while and even did a little reading up on the psychology of romance and what I discovered was quite interesting really. The thing is, eating and drinking are associated with sex. More specifically it is about a mate providing sustenance. In our primitive minds there is a link between eating and feeling that someone is capable of providing for us. So, there actually may be something in the idea that a meal is a more romantic activity.

Think about that next time you are wondering where to take a girl on a date! (I still havenít worked out the candle thing yet, unless it is as simple as making a prospective partner look more attractive as the room is in shadows and the candle casts a warm glow.)